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  1. I'm asking cause those sounds seems to be from trackmania turbo, maybe it's the track

  2. ohh my bad i do have the turbo announcer plugin, it's on openplanet

  3. Are there any good prebuilt tkl keyboards that dont cost a kidney to ship to the UK? budget is 200-300£

  4. keychron are decent see ur region vendors

  5. when I do play keyboard which is rare, i use wasd and space for breaking. right hand is only used for aks

  6. armee der Tristen by rammstein, pandemonium by gothminister and might as well throw in super idol hardstyle remix

  7. I am Christian. Unless I've totally missed something no one's ever said the Bible is proof God exists. I can't even fathom what the op's beliefs/intentions with this is

  8. almost every Christian friend i have says the bible is proof that god exists, but might just be the area i live in

  9. How do you like the GMMK pro… I’m on the fence between it and Keychron Q2

  10. I would recommend the Q2, I haven't owned it but I have a pro and I really dislike it

  11. Just migrate. No one has been banned for java chat messages and it's exageration from yters for clicks

  12. while yes they should migrate, it is not an exaggeration lots of people have been banned for swearing on a realm that they were paying to use.

  13. rammstein fans are definitely up to some freaky shit

  14. Good map, didn't play it in cotd but hunted it for ~1.5 hours after and it was pretty fun to play. Big ++ from me

  15. Personally I found it easier to hold 30% on controller as it was less distance to move the stick

  16. Open task manager, find Ubisoft connect in it click on it and end task. Reboot TM and it should work

  17. looking at their post history I sadly doubt it. Just some butthurt republican I guess

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