1. I had to get permission from my advisor when I took 20 credits to graduate, I believe 19 is the limit

  2. If you don't vote sunrise you don't know what you're talking about

  3. Well, I think I speak for most deadheads when I say that any song from yesterday's poll could be a winner. American Beauty is clearly thoroughly loved by all who voted, because this was the widest the votes spread. After the dust settled, Ripple took home the crown. Brokedown Palace (75 votes) and Box of Rain (69 votes) were contenders to start off the poll, but just halfway through the poll, Ripple took a healthy lead that it kept till the end. Another 347 votes yesterday! Let's keep up this great participation and make sure to send the poll to your friends so they can have their opinion of studio Grateful Dead be heard! Thank you all! Have fun listening through Wake of the Flood and as always, good luck to your pick!

  4. Around UB north campus late may early June, all the villas (rensch, chestnut and Sweethome) residents start to move out. Last year I walked by a dumpster and saw loads of very useable stuff.

  5. Im the trash man! I come out I throw trash all over the ring, and then I start eating the garbage

  6. I failed classes left and right while having c's and d's as my best grades in my freshman and sophomore year. I was a business major and found that I wasn't even remotely interested in business and that was the reason for my failure. Since then I changed my major and classes suddenly became a lot easier and going to class became easier.

  7. Where's the device that slows down or speeds up time?

  8. We're gonna move into a song about tragedy narrowly averted it goes like this

  9. Jerry, Bobby and Pigpen also played that song with their jug band in ‘64!

  10. Wow I love the beat it down the line. Great find, thanks!

  11. I could pay you back with one good hand(y)

  12. My mothers pregnancy (I was premature so it was bad execution too)

  13. "Am I dreaming?" I asked myself while rubbing my eyes. I look outside and see the streets of New York City frozen, people who were walking, pigeons in mid flight. I throw clothes on and go outside to explore a little. It's not long until I notice a massive wave that is noticeably taller than the Empire State Building, frozen in space. This wave had to be over 2500 feet tall. I rapidly pack my cat and my belongings into my car and begin driving west. When I reached Buffalo, NY, the cars around me began moving. I got a hotel room and turned on the news, they are giving updates on this tidal wave that has devastated New York City, and that they're unsure what could've caused it, but there are many more coming in the near future. I went out of my hotel room to get dinner when I noticed once again nobody was moving, and everybody was still. When I went outside the tidal waves made sense but I don't know if moving cities is going to solve this problem. It appears the moon is much larger and almost certainly approaching earth.

  14. Floorboard made him turn into a cartoon character

  15. Only thing I can think of when someone mentions the omicron variant

  16. Nah that's a picture of my dad going to school every morning

  17. "I'm sorry I'm on the way out of the house right now, give your number and I'll give you a call when I get back." They obviously said no. "Oh so you don't want random people calling you at your house? Now you know how I feel."

  18. Wake up to find out that you are the pies of the world

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