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  1. The libertarian party is about to be overtaken by the Mises Caucus in Reno and these guys are the real deal. Once they have majority control they're going to bring the party back like Ron Paul but 10x harder. I'd suggest looking into Dave Smith's podcast, Apart of the Problem. Yes the libertarians have historically been nobodies but they've radicalized since the COVID lockdowns and it's glorious to see

  2. He’s the most consistent mother fucker I know.

  3. Get some coilovers if you want to lower it. Racelands or solowerks are good entry level suspensions that won’t break the bank. For the interior I’d try to get GTI or GLI shifter cover and steering wheel. Swap the headlights out with the euro style headlights that have black instead of the chrome. Maybe get the GLI grills installed and add fog lights with the automatic headlight kit. Aftermarket wheels like Rotiform or Fifteen52’s. The possibilities are endless.

  4. i’ve been running solowerks on my gti for about a month now, can vouch ride is definitely stiffer but isn’t horrible, also if you plan to do coilovers i would get all new hardware, double check everything is torqued to spec.

  5. Ouch. Yah those axle bolts are crazy high torque. I like to call those kinds of mistakes an “educational moment”. You’ll make that mistake once and remember it forever.

  6. Words connot accurately describe how angry I got looking at that picture.

  7. Lucky for you and your boy these E30’s are great to work on. Especially since you have the inline 6 and a manual. Throwing money at these are worth it.

  8. DM me the last 7 of your VIN and I can look it up for you

  9. Go to the “Smith & Wesson” tab on the right and scroll through. It’s how I identified my model 2.

  10. Looks like it's primitive enough to be early S&W to me. Could even be a European gun in another brand. I just know that after Colt somehow won the early revolver contract over the far superior S&W drop cylinder, they were making break overs too.

  11. It’s definitely a S&W. You can see the stamp on the frame between the hammer pin and the grips. Pretty sure it’s a model 2, 3rd issue.

  12. Just an art piece. Aircraft parts are from a wrecked ultralight called a challenger. It was used in the local parade, all for looks. Still really cool!

  13. Hey I always wondered about it, that’s cool! Do you live around there?

  14. Ha. Well I guess it's unanimous. Just curiosity. A buddy of mine had one he was letting go of cheap and I'm always interested in weird shit. I figured it wasn't anything decent seeing how I'd never heard of it before.

  15. There’s probably a good reason he’s letting it go for cheap.

  16. My wife has a bag like this for when she rides her motorcycle. It’s pretty bad ass!

  17. If it was a hpfp you’d have fuel rail pressure too low faults. Check to see if you have Bosch coils installed, they’re known to fail. Get the upgraded Delphi or Eldor coils and replace all your spark plugs. If you want to be super Gucci you can get the Dinan coils.

  18. It could be a low pressure pump too not supplying enough fuel, from my limited experience a misfire on all cylinders with only misfire codes is a fuel issue

  19. While that is technically possible most of the time if it’s an in tank pump you’ll have low fuel rail pressure faults as well. What you’re describing is on a non high pressure system like an M54 or N51/52 for example.

  20. As far as condition goes they’re ok to reuse. You’ll need a caliper gauge to measure the thickness of the rotor. Take the wheel off and look for the minimum thickness marking on the hat of the rotor. If they measure below the minimum thickness you’ll need to replace them. If they’re over the minimum I recommend getting the rotors resurfaced with an on car brake lathe. You could also just replacing the rotors. Whichever is cheaper or more convenient for you.

  21. Dad rat gang checking in, literally firing up EFT right now. Kids are asleep. Dogs are fed. House is clean. Lesssgoooo!!!

  22. Same here but I've taught 3 people this game, 2 turned out better than me, it's all the circumstances we run into because I've won fights I should have lost and lost fights I should have won. I've had my phases with Chad and streamer hate but they never last. And no I don't drop into a stream to ream someone out, most are simply better than me.

  23. My buddy and I got killed by a Chad one raid, searched his username and found his stream. He ended up being super cool and dropped our rifles in a bush and then went on his merry way, he then promptly died from a scav. I say most of this game is luck but I think that’s part of what makes it so fun. You never know how shits gonna go down.

  24. Alright, I’ll probably just buy 4 of those.

  25. They’re easy to replace if you do mess them up. They just pop out and new ones clip right in.

  26. Yah… not sure if it even matters.

  27. It really doesn’t but it bothers some people. I don’t judge.

  28. I’m moving out of California in a couple months and that’s the first gun I’m buying.

  29. I’ve seen your videos, you can outshoot me with a scattergat any day of the week. Love the humility though.

  30. Yeah, unfortunately I’m gonna have to do something similar because this incident was pretty scary.

  31. Definitely look into something like Pom OC spray. It’s a really good option for situations like that.

  32. As far as I know it’s like the VW Routan where all the servicing was still done at VW dealers. We just had to use Chrysler scan tools to work on them and the parts came in Mopar boxes.

  33. I still get Vietnam flashbacks of the Routan. Warranty work on those would fuck my whole day up.

  34. First, last, and only time I’ve ever dealt with pushrods.

  35. In that case, the trigger group is serialized. In an AR platform, the lower is serialized because there is no trigger group assembly. It's still traceable.

  36. The stupid part of these new rules is if someone steals the gun, they can still just grind the number off with a file or grinder. So many new requirements that won’t do shit to reduce crime.

  37. I actually don’t hate it. If it’s in .45acp then it’s even better!

  38. Have you been in the liberal gun sub? Doubt any of them support no knocks. Maybe blue lives matter folks who lean right

  39. Definitely a lot of conservative who back blue but don’t quite connect the dots with no knocks need to wise up. I meant more of the new left leaning gun owners who never concerned themselves with what they are or how they affect average people. Obviously there are long time left leaning gun owners who are well aware of how messed up these laws are.

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