1. Currently I am only blocking ads while browsing the web, this can easily be done by using a different browser like Firefox or Brave. If you like to block ads system wide you could use the VPN solution from Adguard which allows you to enable ad filtering for each app individually.

  2. It's a tough one. I like the easy system wide DNS solution (just enter dns.adguard.com in Private DNS Mode), but I have had occasional ! mark disconnects.

  3. Adguard VPN acts like a VPN to intercept all network traffic and block ad URLs, but it is not a real VPN because all the filtering happens locally on your device and no traffic leaves your phone. Therefore, I think you can not combine Adguard VPN with another real VPN if you want to achieve privacy and security as well as ad blocking.

  4. I think a better approach to the "lock" could be the "backup and restore" maybe?

  5. I think I heard somewhere that Niagara automatically backs up settings?

  6. How U get the horizontal row of icons for like Facebook Twitter etc?

  7. Use KGWT widgets and then adapted one. Can share it if you want it

  8. Yeah that would be nice, thanks πŸ‘

  9. Do you mean the phone is totally powered off, or just the always on display is turning off?

  10. Yes the phone will completely power off. I was able to replicate it by just using two fingers to press on the phone screen lightly and the phone shut off.

  11. That is weird. Maybe a custom gesture on a launcher?

  12. you can individually change the apps in there to have a black icon (or brown. I think it would look nice with the background.). Painstaking, but I'd say if you want the aesthetic go for it.. but uh, yeah, really sucks that you can't like, specifically change the colours of the pop up folders with a specific setting oof. Slightly inconvenient innit...

  13. Thanks. The Dark Mode option in Niagara settings seems to be the only real fix.

  14. You can put niagara launcher in dark mode on the settings

  15. So this operates separate from the rest of the system then? If so then that might be the way to go.

  16. It seems, there have been a couple of weird instances before, like a user that found their Niagara purchase was blocked cause google marked it as a suspicious transaction or something like that.

  17. Yeah well it seems my only option to pay full price, but I don't know if I can justify $36. I'm sure it's a great launcher, but I could probably buy half a dozen launchers over the next few years, and still have change.

  18. 36$ is a lot. 10$ for me, but the payment is not possible. At least you may buy it lol, I can not.

  19. I managed to get the 7 day trial to work, not sure what changed to make it work though.

  20. I see your network is down (!), Let me guess, Pixel 7/Pro? 😞

  21. Pixel 7 correct. Network is working but can't get rid of the exclamation mark 🀣

  22. Yeah my 7 Pro has been having this issue occasionally too.

  23. What r all the widgets etc above the media player?

  24. It's from Desaturated KWGT. Specifically H5. I then added the battery and calendar icons as komponents in KWGT.

  25. GrapheneOS allows you to remove network access for apps too which is not only an extremely powerful privacy feature, but saves battery quite a bit. On either stock or GrapheneOS you can also set an app to "restricted" in settings so it doesn't run constantly in the background. I highly recommend you do that for all apps you don't need push notifications for.

  26. But how would you know what apps to restrict, and/or remove network access without causing detrimental effects?

  27. 5g connection drops out every few weeks, have to turn off 5g and Goto 4g just to hope it reconnects.

  28. Yeh it's these little things that from my experience, are better on iPhone. Headset connected flawless 100% of the time over 6 years of using an iPhone 8 plus!

  29. That's weird. My XM4 connect instantly to my 7 Pro every time. Was your phone connected to a different Bluetooth device before you attempt to connect to your headphones? If so that would explain it. The 7 Pro will try to connect to the last Bluetooth device before looking for another device trying to connect.

  30. Thanks for the reply. I forgot the device and reconnected it so it was the most recent, and it still has this issue πŸ˜”

  31. Did you ever find a solution, or even explanation, for this? I've had my pixel 7 pro for about a week, never had problems on my super old pixel 3, and this is driving me crazy!

  32. Well kind of. I was primarily using Tidal music app, and it just wasn't loud on my headset vs iPhone.

  33. I have the official pixel 7 pro back case and it is only raised above the screen on the top and bottom but not the sides.

  34. Maybe the cache itself was the gift? lol

  35. I think it has something to do with the brighter higher quality screen. Either that or the 7 had a faulty sensor.

  36. I got so sick of my Pixel 7s unreliable fingerprint scanner, I upgraded to the 7 pro, and it's nearly flawless. Much much better on the Pro vs Vanilla.

  37. Unfortunately I went through the same thing as you, and the same results. Many people suggested to turn on Legacy mode in Wavelet but this didn't work either. Tidal doesn't support audio processing so it won't work with Wavelet.

  38. I've been away for a while from Fortnite, and have returned for this new season, and am working towards the Phobos skin. last time I played I don't think it had the bonus missions/levels.

  39. Damn bro, you got any tips? Every day I run out of BR challenges, Creative afk for 3 hours, and play an hour or so of random STW missions but I’m only just reaching 85

  40. I bought STW hoping I could use it for EXP for the battle pass, but I find the mode is boring and also confusing as heck. I haven't unlocked daily missions yet, I think it's level 3 something?

  41. That’s pretty much what I do too, minus the creative afk. I farmed battle royal and tried to have a victory crown the entire time. Good luck πŸ‘πŸΌ

  42. Once you get level 100 on the battle pass, how long does it take/how many levels to get the Phobos skin?

  43. Sorry is that an app or a launcher etc? I searched on App Store and quite a few options appeared so not sure. I'm using Nova ATM.

  44. it's Android skin for realme phone like miui or oxygen OS

  45. Ah sorry I don't quite follow what you mean. I'm still new to Android, this Pixel 7 Pro is my first 😬

  46. Hmm? Is it only me or it looks a bit shorter than it should be?_? I like the colors combination though :D

  47. I think it might be caused by the longer fin on the front centre peg of the halo on the side-on view. It looks awesome but the real halo is much shorter and doesn't look as cool.

  48. The negatives of a curved screen for me are:

  49. Just don't forget to turn off the auto updates in the Google Play if you're using the Root version.

  50. What about the YouTube Vanced app itself, will it auto update by itself? I can't seem to find an option for it anywhere?

  51. Remove accessibility permission from lawnchair. Go into settings > accessibility > lawnchair.

  52. When I go to remove accessibility permission for Lawnchair, it says it will Stop Lawnchair. Is that right?

  53. Is lawnchair your default launcher? If it is, don't disable the accessibility settings.

  54. Yes, rooting will make all the difference in Bluetooth volume. You can use either Viper or JamesDSP to raise the post gain (output volume).

  55. Thank you very much for replying. I will definitely take a look at XDA, I've visited it quite a few times and it has heaps of useful stuff for Android (this is my first Android phone btw).

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