The 2000s were worlds better than now

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  1. Chile not people already downvoting you for speaking facts. This is hilarious

  2. Agree. To the people who say "all the money will go to charity" Babe, he already had money to begin with he could have gladly given those. It's a cash grab. It is what it is, get your flowers boo

  3. What happened? I only saw glimpses of 22. I'll be honest, wasn't a fan of Bella the first time, but rewatching it again she wasn't in the wrong many of the times.

  4. From what i understood production got their drama from Bella and Devin but didn't push it any further resulting to Bella getting eliminated eventually. Bella also had some drama with another girl but i don't remember the rest. Haven't watched the season in ages

  5. Mikey was a mess. So was Devin and the entire squad of theirs. The edit did them no favours at all

  6. The folks in here born in the late 90s or in the 00s waxing nostalgic about that era are just nostalgic for their childhood. Everything seems better as a kid. You didn’t have any responsibilities or obligations.

  7. Exactly. I'm sick and tired of people saying "these x years were better, this decade was better". Man none of those were "better" you were either a kid unaware of how the real world is or you simply decided not to understand that.

  8. his name is Griffin Barrows, he has an Only Fans (or maybe something similar - not a subscriber personally). From what I've seen of him, he seems to "specialize" in giving enthusiastic blow jobs

  9. girl i- 👁👄👁 they just talking about hoodies what you do that for?

  10. Id just point out that one of the safe queens brought a scooter from home and get her disqualified

  11. Yo don't come, trans people here are not living the best of life. trust.

  12. The legends look like a motorcycle cosplay from a RuPauls drag show episode ... wth lol

  13. Why would I bother faking it for a substandard man 🤣 if your shit I'm gunna make sure you know your shit I ain't stroking no ego ☺️

  14. Seriously how the hell is she still not played by someone on snatch game?

  15. Απο σεξιστικα στερεοτυπα. Εχει γεμισει ο κοσμος και πρωτα απο την τηλεοραση. Πλεον ολες οι οικογενειες με παιδια ειναι ιδιου φυλου Μετα στα ζευγαρια λευκη γυναικα(συνηθως ξανθια) μαυρος ανδρας Ή μαυρος εραστης

  16. Αν αυτό κατάλαβες, δεν έχει νόημα να συνεχίσω.

  17. Τι προσπαθεις να του εξηγησεις ρε συ; Αφου φαινεται οτι το παιδι δεν παιρνει απο επικοινωνια και δυστηχως ουτε ευγενια.

  18. Ο τροπος που εκφραζονται καποιοι σε αυτα τα σχολια εδω ειναι αισχρος. Τοσο μισος για το τιποτα. Βεβαια τι πιο συνηθες, σεξισμουλης και ομοφοβια παντα κολλημενα.

  19. This is the cutest fucking post of the day ❤️ these kind of images give me so much hope for the LGBT+ community across the world

  20. I love Still Corners! I get why this song spoke to you 😁

  21. Pink helped me so much. "Don't let me get me" spoke to me in such deep level. Pink is such an amazing artist 🥰

  22. The one on the right is definitely the spicy baddie 🤪🤪 we stan

  23. You’re not exactly doing much to dispel the condescension…

  24. In the interest of being a better person I’m not gonna say what I want to say lmfao.

  25. You can just type it out, it's not like we have to fight yo! Relax it's just a simple conversation no hard feelings 😩

  26. Φωτογράφοι του Ίνσταγκραμ που έχουν το ίδιο feed με αδιάφορες και empty φωτογραφίες της πόλης απλά τραβηγμένες με ακριβούς φακούς (4,567 followers - 4,235 following).

  27. Ότι το pride και όλα τα συναφή LGBTQ παρελάσεις και λοιπά είναι αισχρά και θα έπρεπε να απαγορεύτουν εχθές. Οπως εγώ δν μπορώ να βγάλω έξω την πουτσα μ και να κάνω ελικόπτερακια έτσι και ο καθένας δν έχει δικαίωμα να τρίβει τη σεξουαλικότητα του στη μούρη μου,απλά επειδή είναι διαφορετικός,κάντε ότι θέλετε σπίτια σας. Το ίδιο και με το όλο θέμα αντιρατσισμου/inclusiveness,έλεος πια.

  28. "να βγάλω έξω την πούτσα μου να κάνω ελικοπτεράκια" "δεν έχει δικαίωμα να τρίβει τη σεξουαλικότητα του στη μούρη μου"

  29. Αντιθέτως,ήμουν παρόν και αριστούχος.

  30. Αχού είστε και stand up comedian. 😍🥰😃🤪🤩

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