Probable Cause Affidavit has been released to the public.

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  1. I like it with straight Hamilton black pot still rum. But I arguably love that stuff too much.

  2. Do you think there is a difference between the following situations?

  3. I get your point but equating classified documents relating to Ukraine/Iran (as cnn just reported) to a pack of gum is a bit ridiculous.

  4. Its the difference of quantity, severity of classifications, and multiple requests to turn over documents in their possession.

  5. But the reason intent matters is BECAUSE they’re classified documents.

  6. Yeah, but again that'd be a good bit of drugs to get to that point, and no one just does that by themselves at 4am.

  7. Depending on the drug, it could have been 4 hours maybe even more. Plenty of people take them with others, freak out, and want to get back to a safe place alone.

  8. I agree on what you're saying on the other styles but trust me, when you try agricole you'll see what I mean. It's an acquired taste.

  9. Totally. I thought something was wrong with it the first time I made a 3 dots. Now it’s by far my favorite.

  10. It’s hard to one-up professing love for Hitler, but I have total faith in his ability to pull it off…

  11. He already did. He publicly professed his love of Hitler.

  12. Why not force everyone to only bowl right handed then too? Or no backup ball rotation. Or only a 5 step approach.

  13. Considering all the welds I’ve seen come out of China, one good foot kick and that door should open

  14. Isn’t this how they killed that Dallas shooter a while back?

  15. Given what’s in this document, can anyone explain to me why they didn’t even want the redacted version released?

  16. Witholding from the public, gag orders, etc, are not uncommon. I'm an attorney, and there are a million reasons why certain things are redacted or witheld before trial.

  17. I’m talking about keeping the PCA sealed not the other stuff. And not even wanting the redacted PCA released.

  18. I hope we get to hear more questions from that Ee-rahnian reporter.

  19. So why did they want this sealed so badly? I really don’t get it. Is this all there was?

  20. I agree? Has to be, the redactions get redacted out as in the blank spaces

  21. I still don’t get it. Why would they not even want the redacted version released? Why would they argue for something so rare when this is all there is?

  22. I sincerely appreciate your acknowledgment of the timeline.

  23. Because most of the time you can. This is not the normal. There might be very good reasons for it but it’s definitely not normal.

  24. I guess I'm one of those weirdos that thinks we are really backwards with how we look at this. If someone actually wants to die, I don't know why we think it's our right to tell them no. What more basic right do you have. Meh. I don't want anyone to kill themselves by the way, I've talked people out of suicide before...

  25. I think the reason people have a problem with this is because knowing whether someone with a mental illness actually wants to die isn’t as simple as asking them

  26. It’s fucking stupid. But it seems pretty clear that’s how it’s written.

  27. This post is a Form Check I put up of myself close to New Year's.

  28. If the shot is different AT ALL, always throw one ball at each corner pin. A lot of people just try and line up their strike ball, only to flag the first corner pin they leave. Not as important if you throw straight at them.

  29. This sounds like good advice. At least for left corners.

  30. Y…o…u…r……………f..o..r..m………..l…o…o…k…s………………….g…r…e…a…t

  31. It’s definitely not good or right but it is understandable. People get into fights all the time. Try spitting in someone’s face at a bar. Most likely you’re getting a fist back to the face.

  32. How long is a short while? The smoke still coming out of the gun?

  33. Been bowling for fun the past 3 months, started really enjoying it. Go maybe 3-5 times a week and started subbing for friends team in league. Wanted to get better so been getting coached by Mark Baker! Just wanted to share my story! Can’t wait to be as consistent as everyone in this Reddit forum

  34. Worth it? I’m in LA and have been thinking of booking a lesson as well.

  35. Is it possible the 11 jurors were frustrated with the holdout and that played into reporting him to the judge for the priest convo? Sort of seems like they all had their mind made up and were all too happy to get a new juror they could persuade. I feel bad for the alternate. And for the priest-juror who was removed and had to watch this all go down. Ugh.

  36. I think you’re on to something there. I bet that juror didn’t just bring it up like we previously thought. I bet things were getting tense in their with arguing back and forth and then it accidentally slipped out.

  37. Phaze 2 would probably fit pretty well. Earlier hook and more angular. Also an amazing benchmark ball just like the hy-road.

  38. I’ve got a hyroad and a spare ball too. Got my phaze 2 as my second ball a few weeks ago and I love it. Smells really good too.

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