1. I'm presuming these 3 buildings are just part of this "model city" and not the whole thing. But you never know.

  2. "how dare regular people be allowed to make decisions on where their own money goes with transparency on how their money is managed" --people who own yachts

  3. This bill would’ve just effected federal managers of social security, though.

  4. It's from the AP. And I meant to say "retirement plans" instead of social security. I apologize for the error.

  5. Now we get to watch the slow slide into states like Idaho and Alabama making birth control illegal and states like Florida making even discussion of periods illegal.

  6. To be fair, the Republican sponsoring the period bill wants periods to be discussed, just not when the kids are too young. You could make an argument for how “too young” is too young, but you’re making it sound like Florida doesn’t want periods to be discussed EVER which isn’t true.

  7. The viability standard was immediately expanded to allow abortion on demand via the rhetoric of Casey and later case law. Thus, viability became an obsolete measure once the right to privacy, defined as a private decision between woman and doctor, became the new standard, allowing for abortion at any point in the pregnancy. Now the pendulum has swung back the other way with states making incredibly restrictive laws, preventing abortion after 6 weeks. Both examples seem to have missed the “centrist” mark which would be viability (20-21) weeks. Imho this strikes a much fairer balance between a woman’s right to choose by giving ample notice for the woman to make a decision and an unborn baby’s right to life and right to avoid unnecessary suffering. Such a restriction would need to come with exceptions for the risk of grievous bodily injury or death to the mother, suffering for a born i.e.(or faceless baby), rape and incest.

  8. This asshat spoke at CPAC and is fine with charging taxpayers $1000s of dollars an hour for his “wisdom”. I don’t need any additional information. He’s an asshole.

  9. The Senate can just override his veto anyway. Can you imagine what would happen if we didn't have that ability?

  10. Regardless of what happens, there's going to be a book about this and how the Knights managed to do what they did.

  11. Even if the Knights don't pull this one off, this is the closest a 16 seed has ever gotten to the Sweet 16.

  12. Because if I view myself as an individual and not as a group, then it doesn't make sense to say that white people are to blame for black people's problems when the issue is so much more complicated (take for example the high illegitimacy rates among blacks, which blacks have pointed out is a huge problem).

  13. I agree with most of this. But… we still have to be honest about history.

  14. White people do not benefit from discrimination of the past. No one really does and never did. Even if they got money from it, their characters were made worse by it. A good character is the greatest asset anyone has, more than money or security. And those pushing CRT have bad character.

  15. There is no way possible anybody could come back from 16 points with less than 2 minutes to go in the game.

  16. The way I see it is that both sides are wrong on this topic. They have weaponized people racial and gender identity for their benefit, and made it into a political topic. The reality we have been dealing with this issue for a long time. Racial segregation was identity politics on steroids.

  17. I understand what you're saying. But when you ask supporters of either party about identity politics, the only party that's gonna say it's a problem is the Republican Party.

  18. No, there’s MANY democrats who say it’s a problem too.

  19. But the Democrat party leaders and board members can’t say the same. Republicans do it all the time.

  20. Still don’t think he’s gonna be able to make a political comeback. He’s got too much baggage on him, regardless of if you believe it’s fair he has said baggage in him or not.

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