to block the German autobahn

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TIL about "corner crossing," a legally ambiguous method of entering public land that has otherwise been deliberately blocked off by a private party for their exclusive use.

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  1. Typically, 130-150 km/h (80-90mph) I'd say. 120 km/h (75mph) is the most common limit IF there is one without considerable difficulties ahead (construction, curves, dips). 120 is the most commonly seen speed sign, and often enough you'll see it ahead of stretches that require even lower speeds.

  2. So basically while no limit per se, most rural German freeways are like American rural freeways, most people at about 75 mph in the center/right lanes, trucks in the right lane going 60-65 mph, and 80-90 mph in the left lanes. Late at night or Sunday morning on the toll roads, you’ll find plenty of people going 130+ mph. Speed limits in Texas are 75 on rural highways (even on some 2-lane roads with blind curves and unlimited access). And there’s a toll road with an 85 mph speed limit, and enforcement has been way down over the years.

  3. We stock up when we're down to 2 dozen 😂 for breakfasts alone, we go through 6-7 dozen a week. Cheap and healthy protein. Our 2 kids under 5 eat over a dozen a week alone. It's a pretty common breakfast food really...

  4. Cheapest source of animal protein by far is regular (or 2% or 1%, whatever) milk by the gallon. 128g of protein for $3.39 or about 37g of protein per dollar. Each egg is about 6g of protein, and a dozen eggs is way more than $2 these days.

  5. The common sense solution is an implied “easement of necessity”, where you can’t create totally inaccessible landlocked land. It’s a normal thing, in other countries at least, don’t know if there

  6. Imminent domain. The federal government already uses this to expand interstate freeways all the time!

  7. Before the last 6 months or so. Looks different with the construction now.

  8. Anything that requires an insane amount of waiting in line. Amusement parks, brunches at fancy places, night clubs, etc.

  9. Yep! This is why, while places like Breck, Park City and Whistler are great mountains, waiting in a 15+ minute line for every ski lift just complete kills the vibe. Thus my favorite places are now Taos and Revelstoke, off the beaten path enough they won’t be overrun, but still have fantastic terrain and are well priced for what they are!

  10. Pretty sure that’s the plan (at least with the most recent Senate Bill): go permanently on “daylight” time.

  11. I’m down for that. I just hope schools change their start time accordingly. Kids waiting for the bus while it’s pitch black out doesn’t sound like the safest thing.

  12. I've seen so many shitty tint jobs like this on Golfs, I almost think its on purpose and part of the style. Unless its just really hard to tint a Golf rear window or something.

  13. Na, the VW tint from the factory is just shitty and starts to peal after 7-8 years. Source: own an old vw and my rear windshield looks like this, but it’s my beater and not worth putting anything into it so idgaf.

  14. I rip on lake Austin (a damed up river that starts just west of downtown) a few times a month year-round with a Yamaha fzs.

  15. This is awesome. Thanks for the recommendation. I do prefer the calm waters as long as there is no big rocks that are under water and potential "ruin the day" hazards

  16. No ruin the day hazards until the very end (last 1/2 mile) of the lake (when you can see the dam that holds up lake Travis, slow down a bit as the east side of the lake/river there gets pretty shallow if you don’t know what to look for. When it’s 5 ft or less in that area, you can see the bottom.

  17. Looks like a wildtrak to me. Only the OBX and WT have the black painted grill, and the OBX has the running boards.

  18. If you were really broke, I'd be more understanding, but you're blowing $240 on Jordans and a haircut and then bitching about helping out with $10 or $20 worth of gas for your free rides, dude you are the asshole here. Do you know how much uber's cost?

  19. That looks very reasonable for a coolant flush and brake bleed, but holy shit, decline the spark plugs and oil change and DIY for $80 and 1.5 hours of your own labor. The spark plug change is stupid easy, just make sure you have a torque wrench to not over tighten the plugs.

  20. Qadri hit the nail on the head. Progressive virtue signaling may get you elected in this town but amounts to a hill of beans at TxDoT. Here's what the people need to hear in order to start a movement:

  21. I like how they all cherry pick the poorly designed Katy fwy, and ignore the massively improved 290 that properly designed and expanded the bottleneck areas. Your pants are on fire if you tell me 290 was better before the construction/expansion.

  22. That’s correct, Houston/Beaumont and Dallas area counties are in ozone non-attainment. El Paso is also non-attainment, but I’m not sure if they’re a “sniffer county” yet.

  23. “Am I the asshole” and “you’re the asshole”

  24. For the money I pay to live in my 700 square foot apartment in a walkable neighborhood I could buy a house an hour outside the city. I don’t need a house and my time is worth more to me than sitting in traffic for 2 hours per day and compensating for my depression by buying “toys” to play with which of course I need the space to keep my toys so I need to live outside the city and commute.

  25. As a young, childless, and/or single person, sounds dope! But now imagine you have 2 young kids in your 700 sq ft apartment and have to take them to all the places (school, daycare, play dates, sports, drs appts, etc), then you’re going to want the burbs with some more space. Also, a lot of good paying jobs are also in the burbs - win win for parents (I’m not a parent (yet), but it’s not that hard to imagine yourself in other people’s shoes.

  26. Childless (or at least grown children out of the house?)

  27. I've lived here for 13 years and only seen color change approaching this level once. This is by far the most colorful fall in my memory. I wish it was like this every fall. The trees are definitely putting on a show this year.

  28. 2018 was the other year. That year we had a wet fall (that october lake travis flooded and released lots of water through the floodgates causing water quality issues), followed by a sharp freeze in mid november that kick started vibrant color.

  29. This isn’t the norm. Been here 20 plus years and this is the first time we are getting fall colors. It’s amazing to watch but its an anomaly for Austin. Hope it’s here to stay though, cause it would be great to see these colors every year.

  30. This year is pretty decent, but 2018 was spectacular. We had that very wet October followed by a sharp freeze in mid November, which erupted in color for the 2nd half of November/early December.

  31. Did you sell and lose 25/40%? If not, then you’re not “down” anything. Gains and losses aren’t realized until a transaction occurs.

  32. Eh, you still came out ahead because you locked in a one in a lifetime sub 3% mortgage rate. Even if your home has lost 10% of value since September 2021, a sub 3% rate on a house at X dollars is a drastically lower monthly payment than a almost 7% rate on a house at 0.9X dollars

  33. Aerodynamics and safety regulations don’t actually leave a lot of room to design drastically different looking vehicles.

  34. Ford brought the bronco back and it’s about as aerodynamic as a brick (but still slightly more aerodynamic than a wrangler). It’s nice to have a vehicle that the doors and roof came come off of!

  35. I’m pretty sure that study is complete crap. I can’t prove it cause I don’t have the study but

  36. This is the way. Speed bumps also significantly increase fuel consumption and emissions (think coasting or very light pedal vs braking and accelerating, just fucking inefficient.

  37. I thought homeboy was wasted and about to blow chunks for a second, then came a beautiful moment of pure genius, haha.

  38. Home prices didn’t go up because of shitty loans. They went up because people with money were willing to pay more. Unless they all lose their jobs there won’t be foreclosure and prices won’t drop

  39. People with cheap money (aka 3% or less on a 30 year mortgage) could pay more. Now with 30 year rates in the 6% and higher range, people can’t afford anywhere close to what they were paying for homes a year ago. I would agree with your sentiment if 30 year mortgage rates were in the sub 4% where they have been for most of the past 11 years, but home prices have a long way to fall with interest rates where they are today (and will be if not higher for the foreseeable future).

  40. Advance Auto has almost permanent $30-40 oil change specials. Fluid and filter. My last one came with free injector cleaner.

  41. Except I haven’t owned a car that only takes 5 quarts. They’ve all been 6 quarts, and that extra quart is always $10 or more individually, but yes, lately it’s about $50 total for full synthetic which ain’t bad.

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