Shoal creek construction discharge killed all fish in the creek

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  1. But if you’re cutting oaks any time outside of October-February, make sure to immediately spray the fresh cut with latex paint to prevent oak wilt (that disease doesn’t fuck around), and then you’ll kill your neighbors tree.

  2. I mean, you can drink while operating the boat if you so wanted, but if you’re the guy in charge, don’t be .08 or over on the water. In other words, if your a decently sized male who’s pacing yourself with some lone stars mixed in with water after every beer (you’ll want to hydrate anyways), you’ll be fine. The problem comes when your buddies want to shotgun beers and take shots, and you’re gonna have to turn that shit down if your captaining.

  3. I was in this exact dilemma when ordering. I went with a bd sas. You’ll regret no getting sas. I had a BL at the offrodeo, and while the stabilizer bar disconnect did smooth things out a bit, it’s 100% completely unnecessary. A BL does unlock the higher packages for the high or lux, but since you want a standard package, get the bd sas and save that $1k.

  4. My sync4 module failed day 2 of owning the vehicle and took 5 months to replace…. That fucking sucked, but it was still drive-able at least. (Completely black screen, no music)

  5. This doesn't look cheap, but it doesn't look well put together to me. The coffered ceiling seems too low, the dining room looks like it was shoved behind the stairs, everything just seems a little, not right.

  6. My house was also built in 2008, and I swear, every house built from 2005-09 has that same exact bathroom/shower tile. (We have the same style of tile and cabinets.)

  7. Get a couple sticks of JB Waterweld for a redneck diy fix that’ll at least keep water out and have fun with it. It’s gonna look far from mint no matter what, so fuck the haters, JB Waterweld what you can and have fun!

  8. No. No trucks at the site. But you can see poorly set silt fence and an area that was recently washed off here. If i was a betting man, this would be the source.

  9. That’s definitely it!! Especially if the water was clear north of 2222, slam dunk! Nice!!

  10. Boat setter or a local rental company. Rates are usually hourly. Expect to pay $1000 a day if you keep it overnight.

  11. Need more rain, especially west of town is the real answer, but someone will always convince you it’s money.

  12. I’m sure chat gpt could spit out 3 bs reasons so the fed can feel “supported” In their decisions.

  13. As someone who has lived in both “Gulf Coast” and “Texas,” it makes perfect sense to me.

  14. With that said, as someone who has done lots of contract work for lots of refineries/petrochem facilities, Freeport, TX all the way to Lake Charles feels the exact same to me. I guess lake Charles has two big Casinos, but that whole refinery/petrochem region might as well all be called Beaumont to me.


  16. I had a job when I was 16 and 17, I don’t see the issue with a 16 yo who can drive to and from work working wherever. But yeah, employing a 13 year old is fucked up!

  17. I removed audio because it has a lot of static and it's just me honking and cursing anyway. This street, with everyone knows who drives thru here frequently, will take a confident manner or be a little timid, and the way they approached the double right with turn on red allowed made it clear they were a regular. Another quarter mile or so past the incident the right lane ends and most people know this but ether A. selfishly wait to get over to try to pass as many as they can on the right first or B. Also has the option to split to a curved right turn, just before the right lane ends and it's literally a coin toss which of the two options those still in the right lane at that point will take. The way we both happened to accelerate at the same rate on the right turn and then how they just sat there made it appear they were taking option B. Then out of nowhere without any blinker they just start going right into my lane. On top of that, you can see the mirror is adjusted way too inward, and they made zero attempt to even look. The way people just assume they can confidently just change lanes without looking when I was right there turning right with them just seconds before is mind boggling!

  18. And your zero defensive driving skills are incredible as well….. fuck almighty OP, you gonna camp out in someone’s blind spot forever?!? Get the fuck ahead of the truck or stay behind him, but don’t drive exactly in their blind spot the whole time.

  19. It’s oak season, my car that’s been sitting for a week in the driveway is super green with pollen.

  20. I’m no expert on hair or nails, but wouldn’t wildly changing humidity (or high humidity in general) not be a good thing for hair or nails drying? I think it would make things quite difficult for them.

  21. It’s kinda the only way, Wranglers and Broncos look natural as two doors. The four doors always looked like a mini limo. Especially since the broncos front end is significantly bigger.

  22. That dented the door? Tesla needs to step up their panel thickness I guess.

  23. That’s what I said in the Tesla sub comments. I bet I’ll get downvoted to oblivion there…

  24. Randall's off of 620 in Lake Travis

  25. Technically Steiner, but I didn’t know this! (I haven’t been since they redid their gas station).

  26. Also, sorry yes, duh, the Randall’s across from H-E-B in lakeway, never been to that gas station, but I’ll take a peak next time I pop in for a small item at Randall’s.

  27. Fuckin-A, they making teslas out of aluminum foil. That barely looks like a small boop from the plastic part of the other door. If it was a hard slam, I’d totally get it.

  28. I met a black female welder/iron worker at a mandatory California training deal (osca). She was kind of a badass and chill af. I didn’t think much about it at the time, but I guess she’s a unicorn.

  29. This is why it will be the summer of the flo for me…. I’m going for the Kenny fucking powers on a jet ski look 😎

  30. I don’t think that place will meet their requirements unless they get married on a Tuesday, that place is $$$$$

  31. Good to know! You just saved me a lot of money!

  32. Some of the best breakfast tacos in the city are sold out of the gas station across from Lake Travis High School in Lakeway. Who da thunk that?

  33. TIL! Since you're familiar with the area, how do they compare to my boy Jefeberto in Apache shores?

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