1. Sure. But it doesn't make up for the fact we've had zero source material released. Accepting any of it on its face without source material is a fools errand. Taibbi has a good track record. Her...not so much.

  2. It starts with 54:47 left. I'd reverse engineer the time but I've got a fever and my brain ain't working right right now 😁

  3. So he died, i was wondering what happen to him. Such a big loss to the sub.

  4. Interesting. A mercenary in political lies and propaganda speaking out against his own nest. He is right, but there's basically always a wrong reason for people in politics to say the right thing.

  5. From 2017. Pretty sure he went rogue from the Dems after that time.

  6. Ah, that explains it somewhat, but somebody who's been so deeply embedded for so long is probably a spook.

  7. Dissolve the TSA. Absolutely useless boondoggle that shreds the constitution more every day.

  8. Thanks for tracking this. Sounds like Nigerians aren't buying it.

  9. https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/agk/images/f/f1/UgandanKnuckles.png/revision/latest?cb=20180707171405

  10. The metaphor doesn't quite mesh, but this came to mind:

  11. Worse: Young and old Indiana die, erasing him from existence (allegedly the Ark of the Covenant kills him). The end credits are from all previous movies with Waller-Bridge inserted into Indiana's place.

  12. Are these people related to the monsters who trashed Star Wars in the prequel? The hell. Leave Indy the fuck alone for gods' sakes.

  13. Well, there's a concerted effort in Hollywood to destroy the past. You've got JJ Abrams who now has a whole slew of "mystery box" acolytes - I mean Bad Robot alumni - that have spread this mission damn near everywhere. Kathleen Kennedy, defying all logic (because someone responsible for deep six-ing a $4B franchise would normally be blackballed out of the industry), remains at Disney Lucasfilm who seems to only be there to destroy everything Lucas created. Personally I think she's pissed a Lucas for marrying a black woman instead of her. Anyway, if you start digging into the entertainment industry you'll basically find the culture war part of the globalist bullshittery - the part that is in charge of, well...

  14. Kennedy dated Lucas? Or why would there even be a marriage prospect?

  15. It's sad that apparently Bari Weiss is involved with Taibbi's effort. Not sure how that collaboration got started.

  16. I wanna see her in a cage match with Tulsi. Whomever loses has to wear the toady hat.

  17. Swifties would die for TayTay. Fuck around and find out.

  18. You have learned these lessons and acted on them but the masses have not.

  19. All the more reason to encourage third party votes & discourage voting blue. Voting green/other ·might· get some change. Blue sure won't.

  20. Boycott msn links. They are anti-labor. Fired their human editors in favor of using AI. The irony here hurts.

  21. Aye; more noteworthy that they're punking her worthlessness.

  22. And it only gets better! Wait and see!

  23. You had told me you were still just a few episodes into Season 1. Season 2 is even better, and Season 3 is just about the best television I've ever seen. The season finale is simply extraordinary. Unparallelled. Just you wait.

  24. Aye, just wrapped season 1. My watch partner got confused thinking these ten eps were it. Oh no, hon, there's three more seasons!

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