1. I gave it three chapters, and I realized after the third I was looking up chapter synopses to help comprehend what the hell I’d just read. I’m too dumb for what many of yens consider the finest novel 😔

  2. Ulysses is not a typical novel; each chapter is representative of a mode (and more) in English literature. It requires a reader to switch bandwidths; I liken it to switching from Richmond Lattimore’s Odyssey of Homer to Cecil Day-Lewis’ Aeneid of Virgil.

  3. When I was in London recently I saw a bunch of private buildings with signs warning people not to sit on the steps which had

  4. Thanks to Mick and Jamie, for sharing their vision.

  5. On technologies for blind and low-vision people.1,2

  6. Linked paper1 lists 31 references including Banerjee’s classic on herd behavior.2

  7. Brexit border checks cross-Channel travel:1

  8. As captains of industry court China, institutional investors up-anchor.1,2

  9. I apologise unreservedly to Besanko J for any point where I may have made fun of how long it was taking him to draft this judgment.

  10. Reasons are in pages 7-607, bookended with covering pages and annexures.

  11. I spelt judgment the seppo way in the title. Please admonish me here.

  12. PwC is the auditor for the ATO, the Treasury, and the Reserve Bank.

  13. Kennedy is a public servant with over 30 years of experience across several portfolios, so he is likely more familiar with legislative exceptions than most.

  14. I kind of wonder if this is reversing cause and effect? Perhaps people with depression at ages 17-20 are far more likely to consume alcohol.

  15. From the linked content, that I quoted in-thread:1

  16. Findings by Hammerton and Lewis et al. suggest signs that public health interventions could target.1,2

  17. Fire hazards are the latest building violations among allegations amassed since 2009.1

  18. Shangri-La Dialogue (SLD) is a defence summit hosted by the International Institute for Strategic Studies, that has offices in Washington, Singapore, Bahrain, Berlin, and London.

  19. Kenya judge rules that Meta Platforms Inc. and Meta Platforms Ireland Ltd. are the primary employers of content moderators in Nairobi, because content moderation work for Meta was contracted by Meta.1

  20. UK thought leader suggests that people cannot differentiate WFH employees “from a robot”.1

  21. Some universities respond to boycott action by deducting pay.1

  22. What kind of credibility is that? It’s really hard to take what he says seriously. Especially when a lot of google engineers and officers keep saying that the AI is actually conscious and that the equation for emotions and consciousness is not so complicated to apply with parameters.

  23. FT’s title truncates an insight infrequently expressed, emphasis mine:1,2,3

  24. 5,100-word essay on assembly theory, “a causal theory of physics.”1

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