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  1. As an old guy I can only think his knees will feel that in 20 years

  2. God damn. I’d marry that guy and I’m not gay. Plus my wife would have a problem with it.

  3. In the USA it’s actually legal to fly over 120m when flying around a tall object such as using a drone to check out a tall building or radio tower. So I’d imagine DJI won’t track. Plus privacy laws would require DJI to disclose that info could be shared

  4. except it isn't "authorities with the appropriate device can sniff the signal and get all the info"

  5. oh interesting. I need to research that. thanks for the tip.

  6. the mini 3 camera is awesome. i bet that taking same shot with both cameras and asking random people to compare 99% of the public wouldnt notice the difference

  7. I had to look up old orchard beach. Can’t speak to that. I feel that wildwood is very much the same as it was 35 yrs ago. (I was a teen). Moreys has Two large piers with rides. A third has a wooden style coaster and thrill rides. Two water parks at the end of the piers. A third on boardwalk. The piers have legit amusement park rides which will make any child happy.

  8. They legalized alcohol a few years ago literally to boost the mall. Mall bought was sold like 4 licenses at a million each. Go check out Yards Ale house in the mall

  9. To be fair I think your local approach is better than the broad tent approach. Because if you started off with the broad approach you'd have to cover way more and it wouldn't be as easy to get into details.

  10. Thank you. So many ways this can play out. I’ve been wracking my brain for 2 years. Paid $1000 for a new broader based domain name and was going to change site name and do regions as one. Got twisted when mediavine gave me a slightly strong suggestion that there was likely going to be some issues with changing the name.

  11. Nothing wrong with having multiple sub sites AND another bigger site (or three) covering down on the same subjects…nothing like owning multiple top 10 slots. Buuuut that is harder to pull off without organization and a good team.

  12. Team. Right! It’s me. Ha. But setting up a framework and getting early traction before building a team

  13. Omg this is officially the best news I’m gonna hear all day, thank you OP!!!

  14. Got tbt pics Friday. Then went back Saturday to eat. My first time eating soup dumplings. Everything was delicious. I followed the instructions but feel I need more practice… I may have spilt more soup than I ate. Ha

  15. Just went there around 6pm, order a bunch of soup dumplings, pork buns, crispy noodle… waited almost an hour for them to tell us “we ran out and are making only the 2 basic type by hand”. Wouldve been nice if you told us 45 minutes ago! Will try back later, hopefully better experience

  16. nice positive outlook on things. to give them another shot. I'm sure they are a bit overwhelmed by the initial response.

  17. why do all of this amazing work and then have a very half assed camera solution

  18. not sure why but I really like the island village aspect. one of my fave seeds

  19. Thanks, Does Adthrive pay a good amount of money to the publishers?

  20. was looking for something else and stumbled on to this older thread. One thing to consider with ADs for news sites is.. the $$ model for the ad networks are geared towards longer form content. BUT many folks starting news sites (say in their community) are geared towards very short "just the facts" posts. "Chick-fil-A planned from Main st" and then 100 words on the post.

  21. Cubiomes app is the answer (well at least a better answer than chunkbase)

  22. At this point Kanye couldn’t get a job cleaning the inside of a septic tank truck.

  23. My former company did it that way all 19 years I was there. And they are a big Wall Street firm. Actually for several years it went as late as June!

  24. In south jersey we have Gloucester City and Gloucester Townships both in Camden county, and then a separate county called Gloucester.

  25. NJ taxes are batshit. They blame it on NJ Transit. But honestly it’s like 20% NJ Transit and 80% corruption.

  26. No one blames it on NJ transit. I’ve never heard that and I’ve lived here 50 years. School costs are 50% of most town taxes.

  27. Every state has property tax in the US, and it varies from 0.3-2.05%. It’s misleading to say “it depends” in a conversation about Europe because the “explained variance” is largely US vs. Europe thing. At absolute best OP’s tax burden would quintuple in any location in the US.

  28. A company in Ohio has started making again. Morey's Piers in Wildwood is getting one for next season. they used in a variety of attractions for years

  29. I don’t get Alaskan cruises. So many people tell me it’s their dream one day. I’ve never been so maybe someone can explain…. I absolutely love the idea of seeing nature but I have this feeling ya walk out on deck for 5 mins to see the beautiful mountains and then walk back inside cause its cold. No pool or sun. And then for 140 hours straight you’re mostly looking at the inside of a boat? What more is there?

  30. I check the weather, control my home automation and very occasionally ask a question of Alexa. She’s actually very good. I really only need voice for home automation.

  31. Considering where webers is (was?) and the mini golf, where was this physically located?

  32. Facing the property the mini golf course on left going back a bit, over to the building. That back building was developed for the skate park. Had a skate store, snack area and a decent arcade with about 10 pinball machines and 6 arcade games. Evil Knievel and Eight Ball Deluxe are still two of my faves pinball machines

  33. I am mostly an introvert in dealing with people closely, but an extrovert to strangers where there is no permanent connection needed. I have a local website that people know me from, I was a singer in a local band that got me some attention… but when it comes to closer relationships i prefer to be alone.

  34. Even today ($7.25) you can get a cheeseburger ($1.79) and most drinks (frozen drinks are $1.79 as well, soda is $1.39) for about 30 mins of work.

  35. Factor in today in New Jersey minimum wage is literally double federal. I think it’s 14.13 on January 1

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