1. This picture is fake. They added Michael's face to someone else's body

  2. Sure you can like it but it's not a picture of Michael in the beach

  3. Easily one of the best MJ's songs in his entire discography.

  4. This guy has been a godsend, his Japan shows were amazing too. Hopefully he's having a blast following the guys around on tour as much as possible

  5. As people are dispersing the The crew tears it off the floor and hands it out to the crowd. They also throw drumsticks and guitar picks into the crowd. So stick around near the rail after the show.

  6. This is nice, thanks for letting me know. I'll stick around near the rail after the show when I see them.

  7. The episode doesn't come out till April 26th-ish so no fan knows what minute he appears. I think the screenshots that he posted is from a short ad for the episode

  8. You're so lucky. How exactly did you manager to visit it? How and why did the owners allowed you? Did you just want to visit it because you're a fan or did you have another reason for them to allow you? Do you have any contact with the current owners? Would you be able to visit it again nowadays? Is there some place that you didn't visit? Can you share more photos and videos? Thanks in advance. It must've been such an amazing experience. I wish someday I'll visit it too.

  9. Yes, im just a fan, and back in 2011, i was a poor 20yo kid. I eaton lipton soup for MONTHS trying to pay for a flight to California.

  10. Thank you for answering and sharing this amazing experience with us. Do you think I'd be able to visit there if I send numerous email, to numerous people like you did? What did you say in the emails?

  11. Dash to Dock extension. You can shrink the padding and then increase the size, which will scale icons up.

  12. It helped a little but not much, Ill keep searching for other ways, but its already better. Thanks for helping.

  13. If I remember correctly, Ubuntu uses a modified version of Dash-to-Dock (or Dash2Dock, or something like that). If you install the original extension you’ll have access to a config that “tightens” the whole dock area. Combine this with bigger icons (also configurable there) and I believe you’ll get where you want.

  14. Haha welcome to the team brotha! I wish I could rewatch it for the first time as well :( so many amazing memories. Amell was my inspiration to lose weight and get sober.

  15. He's been one if my inspirations to lose weight too, and also to go to the gym

  16. Thriller, my nursery school teacher used to play it on a cassette tape.

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