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  1. I'm always curious at this take. When is the movie ever glorifying their actions?

  2. TBF, film and comics are fundementally different mediums. I'd imagine a movie would and should have some dynamic action in it. But I still read the actions of the "heroes" as being condemned, as was the actions of the world around them, because they're products of their society. Just like the book.

  3. I don't think Watchmen should have more dynamic action because it goes against what Alan Moore intended, these characters aren't made for cool action scenes. If you make the action scenes look "cooler" you're just going to glorify these characters, which is the opposite of what Alan Moore intended

  4. This is literally V for Vendetta, Alan Moore is rolling in his grave

  5. Which movie is the one that Jake Gyllenhaal is in?

  6. I think you're the only user on this subreddit who acknowledges my existence lol

  7. Wow what a funny coincidence! I said the same thing a few weeks ago!

  8. I don’t get why there is this concept that Damian should be dark skinned.


  10. Superman American Alien be so fine then boom! Sexual harassment accusations against Max Landis

  11. Wait wtf, am i popular on this subreddit? I thought no one knew me

  12. I noticed that you made many of the most upvoted posts on this subreddit recently, so I nominated you.

  13. It makes sense, but why was I cast as Damian?

  14. They didn't change anything about Death's appearance besides the skin color, it looks exactly like the comic. Can you explain me what's the problem with Death in the tv show?

  15. This is why Dwayne McDuffie created milestone

  16. Tim/Steph shippers and homophobia is the current trend, a few months ago we were all making fun of racist batman fans

  17. Receipts? I've been looking and so far I see barely anything.

  18. This is one of the top posts of all time on this subreddit

  19. Baphomet the talking horse head, my beloved

  20. Most of them are superhero books, in Vertigo a lot more things got published

  21. It’s cuz, in comparison to like, Batman, Dick is getting shafted a ton. Obviously he gets more spotlight than someone, say Beast Boy? But we usually see him with higher tier characters and compared to them he’s just not really much cuz of the way he’s shown.

  22. Nahhhh dude nightwing honestly has evolved so far past a need for Batman. Like you could have a nightwing series with ZERO Batman in it and I doubt any of them would complain. He’s basically Batman’s peer in the eyes of other in universe characters. He’s friends with Superman (independently of Batman), has lead the justice league more than once, is one of the most liked and consistently respected super people in basically every dc universe he’s in, and is one of the most popular DC properties since like the 90s or early 2000s

  23. Once again Nightwing fans fail the "remember that Dick Grayson is not an A-lister challenge"

  24. Everyone likes Tomasi's run but nobody wants to remember that this arc happened

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