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  1. At first I thought CBT was CBD and I was very confused. (Im drunk)

  2. Yeah, how dare they scam that mechanic into taking more money than originally agreed upon to effectively do less labor!! What a terrible scammer! Come on people. It’s someone that cares about their car and is asking for someone to take special care of it. That’s literally it

  3. I think you missed the joke. Most phishing emails and online scams usually include the word kindly. It’s usually the first tip off that it’s a scam.

  4. I “missed the joke” because there wasn’t one before you edited your comment.

  5. Hold on, how exactly does this information benefit those companies?

  6. Could you take yours elsewhere? Just cause you don't agree doesnt give you the right to downvote. Shesh

  7. That second sentence is hilarious. That is the literal point of the downvote button; to express your disagreement. Even if that wasn’t its purpose, I would have the right to downvote for whatever other reason I wanted; it’s a public website.

  8. Bruh. Come on. Nobody follows that part of it; even if the purpose of the button isn’t what I described, it’s what nearly all of the 500 million daily active users of the site use it as. Don’t know why you and these other people have your panties in a bunch about this; they’re friggin internet points. They don’t matter. None of this crap matters

  9. Holy moly! OP drew a girl! That’s just so NSFW amirite? How DARE they draw a GIRL on a forum dedicated to a game for CHILDREN?

  10. Are you just gonna go through this thread and reply to all of my messages as if you’re a part of this already ended conversation

  11. I replied to 25% of your comments. I just feel like your position is kinda weird. You’re offended over someone drawing a girl. There’s nothing sexual about OP’s drawing, unless you want there to be. Do you go out in public and scream at random women for being overly sexual?

  12. My profile is marked NSFW, as I talk about and post things occasionally that might fall under that category. The fact that it translates to 18+ doesn’t matter to me and has nothing to do with my age

  13. You don’t. You’re born with a dick and that’s the one you’ve got

  14. some people have sexual trauma and i want to respect that.

  15. Dude. You serious? Anyone that’s triggered by such a benign statement about something that’s a normal part of our actual biology as humans should probably take a break from the internet and reevaluate their mental health

  16. Dude why are you getting so pressed over me trying to be respectful? if you dont like it just block?

  17. but that kind of proves my point, u agree with the main idea of PETA bc u care about animals

  18. if you disagree with the main idea of PETA i would argue you don’t care about animals at all. you don’t have to be biggest advocate to be supportive of something

  19. I have five dogs that I would die for and completely disagree with the practices of PETA. The basic moral values, yes, I agree with- which are that animals are to be loved, protected and cared about. However, they take anything outside of that to the absolute extreme and I do not support those endeavors.

  20. I knew the reason when I typed that lol. My point is, it doesn’t matter if you buy it strictly for fun or commuting or whatever, you’re going to end up wanting more and more of it. Purchasing a wheel that has a wide margin of speed, range and capability will allow you to ride without ending up feeling like you want something better. Trust me- you’ll end up riding farther than you ever thought you would. I remember when I first started out, 70 miles seemed like a ridiculous distance, and now I do that in a day and a half on one charge. Also, you’re most likely gonna want to do distance riding on your EUC too- they’re extremely comfortable to go far with once you’re accustomed to it.

  21. I agree with you completely, thank you for taking the time to lay it out for me! Do you recommend a specific wheel?

  22. And one more thing I forgot to mention is, if you get one of those wheels you’ll have $600-700 extra dollars to upgrade your gear and look like an absolute badass

  23. hat's...not what I meant? wtf

  24. It’s a meta joke lol, I’m not saying that’s what you meant

  25. I'm gay...to some extent (more like bi at much),and my uncle (who I live with for you information) is gay

  26. Have been on it? It vibrates when I am going over 30mph. Did you paid for it? Cus that money didn't have any issues

  27. He'll no dude. Those vibrations will drive me insane. I'm planning to use this every day as my main form of transportation

  28. Those vibrations won’t occur when you’re riding it, dude. That’s how physics work

  29. I’ve never seen this scene and it makes me kind of angry

  30. I’m so high I thought this was a fuckin possum with no eyes

  31. Awful. I don’t understand why people just HAVE to add the reverb for every single song

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