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  1. Hey, does the clicking go away eventually when the pneumothorax recovers fully? Also how long did it take?

  2. It went away every time it healed a bit, then reappeared each time I relapsed. No more clicking once fully recovered.

  3. Oh shit sorry, surgery is on the cards isnt it! You're the OP of that other post. My bad x

  4. IAPMD is the international association for premenstrual disorders. It's the ultimate PMDD resource.

  5. I've just used Hello Blue for prints and they were excellent. They do prints for alot of the well known Bristol artists which is why I chose them. Quality is excellent - I'm really pleased with them! Based out near Ashton Gate.

  6. Ah that place looks great and it's down my end of town which is super helpful! Just checked out their website, I'm seeing printing but not scanning. Have you done scanning there? Also is it pricey? I don't mind paying properly for good quality, but I'm not exactly loaded

  7. - she has an A2 scanner she uses for her art and might be willing to do it for you, she's near Gloucester rd

  8. Wicked thank you, I've popped her an email

  9. I would love to purchase this to hang it up in my home if you ever make a print.

  10. I'm going to get it scanned on Thursday! Will post here about where to buy prints when I have it sorted xx

  11. Thank you so much for the kind words, everyone! I'm totally blown away! I'm really happy that it's resonating with other people with PMDD!

  12. walk off the left-hand side of the screen, you reappear on the right

  13. I'm super glad that you're seeing notable differences!

  14. So although our hormones tend to test out as normal. I find the shifts very bothersome so I find using food to manipulate all that to be very useful.

  15. Fair enough! Glad you're finding a balance that works for you xx

  16. Hey! Congratulations and condolences on getting your diagnosis.

  17. Not diagnosed but i relate to everything people say here and its pretty obvious i have pmdd even if no doctor diagnosed me yet. I think many people are selfdiagnosed bc pmdd is not well known everywhere.

  18. I agree, most people are self-diagnosed as most doctors have never heard of it! Unfortunately it's the only way for me to be sure people definitely have PMDD, without asking them to show me two months of symptom tracking data.

  19. I'm breastfeeding. Can I do the study?

  20. If you're back to your typical symptom pattern then yes xx

  21. Nah I don't think so, more the east street end of north street. Seems to have finally stopped (🤞). Cheers though

  22. I had a small pneumothorax on the left last July. Took a while to heal, about 2 months until the "leak" finally closed and it was fully reinflated. Lots of back and forth with xrays.

  23. Came off BC a good 3 months ago to see how I’d “cope” off it with my PMDD, so yay was able to partake!

  24. Thank you!! How are you getting on without BC?

  25. Whoo fellow PMDD master's student. I did my thesis on monitoring calcium in women with PMDD, I made a post with my results.

  26. That's awesome! I love how so many people got sick of how little research is out there and just went... well I'll bloody do it myself. I'll have a read of your research!

  27. Both jabs, second shot taken between two episodes of small pneumothoraces! Totally fine

  28. Well, it was going great! I was feeling amazing up and walking around pain was managed super well and I’m just taking Tylenol now but I was actually just about to make another post…I was discharged yesterday and didn’t notice anything and X-rays were fine. Felt as good as you possibly could 4 days post pleurectomy, but this morning Ive had hammans sign again and the bubbling sensation when bending over that I’ve had with all my pneumos :( I called the hospital and they said only to come in if I’m having shortness of breath but Ive never had that with any of my previous collapses. I’m hoping some air just got in when they took out the tube yesterday but I lm worried cause I didn’t feel it yesterday and they didn’t say anything from the X-ray that was taken 2 hours after the removal. It also shouldn’t be an air leak because the whole time the tube said 0-10ml/min air leak and never went higher than that. I hope it’s not a collapse and just residual air from the tube but the bubbling is becoming more and more noticeable, no pain but I am taking a ton of Tylenol. Gonna call the surgeon tomorrow I guess 😪

  29. I feel like I've read other people on here say they had the bubbling/crackling sensations for a couple weeks after their surgery, and it turned out to be residual air just not yet reabsorbed. I haven't had it happen to me so definitely make that new post and ask the people!

  30. So glad it went well! How's the recovery going?

  31. Yea it really sucks :( I have blood work Friday at the hospital for the surgery, doubt I’ll see the actual surgeon but I’m gonna definitely ask a lot of questions. Hopefully someone can give me some answers .

  32. Hope you got some answers yesterday? Xx

  33. Yea I did! I posted a little update under the original post! Honestly everyone I talked to yesterday was great and reassured me that a lot of ppl go through this and the surgeon doing it is great. They all seemed super knowledgeable about the issue and said they’ve done thousands and thousands of these surgeries. I think I’m just gonna go ahead with the pleurectomy and hopefully put this behind me. I still meet with the surgeon the day before to ask my questions and from what I’ve heard she’s very informative and goes into as much detail as Id like (unlike the other guy which they also mentioned lol). So I’ll definitely ask her a bunch of questions but I think I’m just going to get it over with.

  34. That all sounds good and like they've done a much better job of putting your mind at ease! Very glad to hear it xx

  35. My need to help you makes me say that.

  36. Thank you for that! I appreciate the advice. But I meant to ask: why do you think vaping is the cause? I have read a few studies suggesting a link, but nothing too concrete.

  37. I don’t mean to be rude, but no matter which way you look at it, you’re inhaling hot, foreign substances into your lungs. That’s why. Your drying up the tissues, you’re increasing the pressure due to heat, and you’re also over working the lungs. I’m sure you’ve felt a warm chest expansion sensation in your chest sometimes from hitting your vape. Is like when you grab your clothes from dryer and they’re warm and sturdy. Your lungs are supposed to be moist and flexible. It is a very complex system, the way you have natural negative pressure in your pleural space and the way the lung expands within that space to deliver oxygen to your blood, is very complex. You’re adding an irritant, this being the hot vapor/smoke, you’re slowly damaging its function.

  38. That's not rude, that's fair enough. I'm on day 5 of cold turkey today! What you've said will help curb cravings 👍

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