1. It really depends on how intense your workouts are. You should definitely feel a better pump with the bands on though. There is no specific amount of time but they definitely do help to some degree.

  2. Not at all buddy but thanks for your input!

  3. I guess placebo's can work if people truely believe in them.

  4. I mean, the katana devil arc is next and people will still see her capabilities. I know her potential might be squandered later down the line, but the fact that she literally can do something competent shows that Fujimoto probably has something in store for her. In part 2 of the manga, perhaps?

  5. Speaking of that. Any word on part 2? I haven't been looking at anything.

  6. Oh part 2 is out then. That's what I was looking for haha, thank you. I'm sure kobeni is just trying to gain enough popularity to beat her car at this point.

  7. In general look at why it's so hard to go. Maybe something in your life is preventing you from doing it and a routine change is in order. For me waking up earlier and going earlier has helped tons. Also more frequent and not as long also helps me personally. Instead of 2 to 2 and a half hours I'll only do 1 or 1 and a half hours in the gym and go twice as frequently.

  8. While I'm only 30, constantly pushing plus 1's isn't sustainable. Like others have said, warming up is huge. Warm up the kneese on elliptical bike before squats and some light hip addictions. Light lat pulldowns and cable rows before benching. Plus foam rolling and other stretches before the workout. Also doing things like paused squats and paused bench really helps strength and is humbling as you can't beat your body up with extremely heavy weight.

  9. Your weights confuse the crap out of me. You're side lateral raising with 45's and also overhead pressing with 45's? If you can do a proper side lateral raise for 11 reps with 45's you can probably overhead press at least the 70's if not 80's or 90's. Also with a barbell only 90 lbs. Something's off with your weights I think.

  10. This is the main problem people have in programming ppl. It's by far the most popular trending routine right now but in my opinion it's the most difficult to program proper. I would rather see people doing any combination of upper/lower, full body or single body part bro split days instead of ppl. If you want to run ppl an easy work around is adding a "junk" training day. Don't mistake the name for useless, just program in the missing gaps through an extra day. That's one work around. But to me ppl is the least intuitive training split.

  11. Looking good there champ. I honestly cannot see anything wrong with your form. Best advice I can give is make sure the feet are flat on the floor, especially for incline press, helps recruit a bit of leg drive as the reps get more challenging. Also as the weight gets heavier, make a habit of using your legs to kick the dumbbells from your quads to the starting position. That's going to be the best way to get the weight into place, especially once you start using 50 lb or heavier dumbbells. Great range of motion and great intensity. You will go far training like that!

  12. All lower back flexion and no quad worked throughout this movement. Also looks like collapsing of the chest. Check out squat tutorials. Alan Thrall has a really in depth squat tutorial out there. Cheers.

  13. Agreed. Not great form. Definitely needs work.

  14. Yea my plan was supplementing my upper body calisthenics routine with weight training. I'm just unsure which exercises to add.

  15. I don't know your sets and rep schemes. Bench, chest dips and push ups all weighted is kind of overkill. If you do weighted dips and weighted push ups every upper day then it's hard to put any pressing movements in alongside them. I would switch between push ups and a pressing movement. Flat bench, overhead press and incline press all have insane amounts of value for upper body strength. Weighted push ups are a good training tool for the bench press, but doing them isn't a good substitute to the bench press. If we're purely talking about upper body strength. It really depends what your goals are. If you're just looking to have fun and stay fit you could just do dips and push ups. Add in the curls and add in maybe a barbell row variation of some kind. But if you're looking to bodybuild or gain mass and strength you're going to need to start doing movements like bench press.

  16. I guess you are right, I am going to switch out push ups with bench press so I can scale it more easily.

  17. Looks good to me. I would do bench press before dips just because it's going to be your heaviest movement. Happy lifting!

  18. So a lot of discrepancies you make about delt and chest focused are really no different. A delt focused chest dip is probably the same as a chest focused chest dip. Unless you're doing tricep dips and taking your chest right out of the equation just do regular dips on both days. Nice far stretch on the pecs at the bottom position. Also "focused" flys on chest day seems redundant. Don't divide delt and chest apart, there is no need for this.

  19. This is alright. I'd like to see less Smith machine stuff and more free barbell work but I'm assuming you're at a planet fitness or something. Also I have no idea what a behind the back cable curl is or how you would manage to curl something behind you. Seems goofy and I would just stick to traditional cable curls. Anyways this looks fine.

  20. i have one smith machine exercise and i am training for hypertrophy so trying to cut out any variables that could inhibit the directing muscle group i am trying to hit that’s including stability so that’s why i have no barbell stuff

  21. That doesn't make sense. I mean use isolation machines to cut out getting other muscles involved. But when it comes to a compound like a squat, you're always going to build more muscle and get bigger doing a barbell squat over a Smith machine squat. If your goal is strength and size then barbell movements will build better stronger muscles than trying to isolate on a Smith machine. Isolations have there place and you use a lot of them, which is fine. But if we're talking hypertrophy we're also talking strength right? They should be one and the same. Unless your goal is to lose weight and become smaller. Then I would say the movements don't matter, all that matters is you are in a caloric deficit. If it's hypertrophy and strength you want then there are better movements. A barbell squat is always superior to a Smith machine squat. You're doing traditional bench and lots of free movement overhead pressing which is great. (I'm assuming with dumbbells.) I would also point out the value of calethenic movements. Pull ups, chin ups and chest dips. And being able to do a high volume of reps with additional weight to each of those movements can also be more beneficial then a lot of machines. Example replacing one of the many machine rows you do with weighted pull ups. Just something for thought.

  22. Honestly it's not that bad. Wayyy to much tricep work. I'll save you some time. Only do one tricep exercise instead of like three of four. Pick one you want to keep and keep it. Get rid of front raises too. On leg day either squat or deadlift. Switch between the two. If you have to do both then do a Romanian variation deadlift after squats. And do flat bench press before close grip bench press. That's your main movement. But yeah get rid of a ton of the tricep isolations. You're just going to burn out on that.

  23. I would say split your leg days up for sure. And forget about frequency. If you're hitting the gym often you have nothing to worry about. If it feels like to much volume take it back. You do have a lot of pressing on chest day and a ton of volume on back day. Split leg day up and just run it. No overthinking.

  24. It does not matter what split you do. Either is effective. I would say if you're hitting tri sets and super sets to save time a lot, you're probably not training with enough intensity. The problem with tri sets and super sets is you exhaust your muscles to quickly for the end exercises to be that effective. Super setting chest press, with shoulder press and skullcrushers just makes each exercise kind of dog watered down. You're getting more calorie burn than you are benefit of the exercise. It would be more beneficial from a muscle building stand point to do each of those exercises by themselves with enough rest time in between so you can train with more intensity.

  25. This is not the solution to gaining weight. Train yourself to be in a caloric surplus. Download myfitnesspal free app and input your bodyweight and set it to give you a caloric goal based on gaining a lb a week or every two weeks. Then eat set amount of calories every single day. Try to eat good foods as much as possible. I've been on bulk shakes and occasionally still use them to hit calories. One scoop in a day is all I would ever take, which nets me 300 to 400 calories before counting the milk I drink with it. Using it by taking four scoops and getting say 1400 calories is ludicrous. Not only would you gain weight in the worst possible way but you will also feel like absolute dog shit. If you weight lift it certainly won't help your strength relying on that. Seriously just be in a caloric surplus eating good foods and calorie tracking. That's how you gain weight the smart way.

  26. Looks fine to me. Could be the slow motion you are using. Not to say slow controlled movements aren't good but because the weight is pulling down on you, you will feel your neck tense up. That's fairly normal, especially in general with the front raise. You could do the motion faster, that may help ease the tension. With front raises I always recommend people don't even bother with them and just focus on bench pressing and overhead pressing. That being said it looks like you just workout from home so there is some merit to doing this exercise.

  27. It's not a dumb idea at all. But you need to answer what your goals truely are. Are you just wanting something simple like lose weight in general? Or are you looking to gain muscle? Your answer determines where to go from there.

  28. Looked at your post. Ideally you just forget about front raises and do bench pressing instead. Side raises if the dumbells bother you, use cable machines or side delt specific machine to train. That being said you look like you're working out from home so you're kind of stuck just fighting that weight. That or you get lighter dumbbells.

  29. Bent over barbell rows, seated close grip cable rows, barbell reverse hypers or back extensions, T bar rows.

  30. If you're looking for things to drop you could drop side lateral raises from both workouts and dips from your workout B.

  31. Other comment is basically the just. If you are new it's normal to be extremely sore for days. Your muscles will get better at dealing with that. Eating good and sleeping 8 hours a night will help. Muscles build when you sleep, not in the gym. If it's really bad try foam rolling. I foam roll a lot and it helps a ton.

  32. Unfortunately my gyno doesn't have small increments, the smallest they have is 2 kg increments. I am not in surplus or deficit, I am scared of going on a surplus as I am already skinny fat

  33. If you haven't been able to progress weight up my only suggestions are just keep at it, or even take weight down and hit more reps at lighter weight before going back up. Besides that eating well and sleeping lots plus drinking lots of water will break you out of this sticking point. The biggest factor is being in a surplus. If you're training hard then being in a surplus isn't a bad thing. In fact it's the number one biggest factor to gaining strength efficiently. I don't mean bulk and eat shitty foods. Being in a 200 to 300 caloric surplus with clean foods is the way to do it. Use myfitnesspal free app to track what your daily intake should be and keep the foods relatively healthy. Chances are you just might be eating below maintainance which absolutely stifles progress.

  34. Thanks but One more question since I am skinny fat should I go for more carbs or fats (healthy ones)?

  35. Both are fine. And you need both. Just try not to have everything carb heavy. Also make sure to get a decent amount of protein as well.

  36. This isn't sustainable due to the overwhelming amount of sets. I would do 3 sets max of each of these exercises.

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