Only if we are loud enough CD Projekt RED will reconsider resuming the production of Expansion Pack 2 #CyberpunkDeservesBetter

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  1. If we only gonna get only 1 expansion, Phantom Liberty has to be as big as the sum of the two expansion of TW3, But i would rather have 2 separate expansion with diffrent story. 🤘 I fully support this movement. 👍🏻

  2. 🇹🇷cCc 🤘 Eğer bi problem yaşar veya bi sorunuz olursa, Türkçe olarak Mod a yazabilirsiniz.

  3. Pacifica's probably one of (if not my most) favorite areas of the game. The giant abandoned amusement park, the supermall turned Animals hideout, the sunset view from the seaside... its lonely atmosphere (minus the gang violence) adds a lot to the mood. It's abandoned, yet retains a sense of grandeur, of what could've been.

  4. Totally agree, Also i'm %100 sure some parts of Phantom Liberty Expansion will take place in there, We can clearly see in the trailer that AV drops to Stadium in Pacifica, I hope we get to see more 'fleshed out' Pacifica in the future.

  5. dude have you just straight up edited girls kissing into this

  6. No, i have found this clip on youtube, i didn’t even realized girls when editing 💀💀 Now i realized lol,

  7. Even the Badlands full of degenerates, But Aldecaldos still keep it together more than rest of them. :D

  8. Automatically i read this with Male V’s voice in my head.

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