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  1. fair points but not all insurance companies have digital stamps. Also you can only register via drive if your a Mass dealer, OP is talking about registering a car bought from out of state. I work and live in Mass but wouldn’t wish our registration process on anyone given how clunky it can be.

  2. Funny thing with all the changes due to COVID, Mass has gotten marginally worse to deal with but the RI DMV has improved substantially. I think I'd still rather deal with Mass though.

  3. wow that’s surprising to hear, some of the stores in ny group still won’t sell in RI because of registration headaches.

  4. They still do some dumb shit (there was a lot of cursing when they reinstated vin checks), but it's still a lot better than it was.

  5. The bottom line remains that the salespersons said OP would receive it via mail. There is no excuse for failing to deliver the goods as agreed.

  6. So we should all sit here blowing smoke up OP's ass instead of telling him the truth that he's probably not going to get it without showing up?

  7. In the scenario where OP goes in person, OP has spent their time, effort, and money to accomplish a goal which may not be possible. The salesperson has spent nothing, so they are not vested in providing a resolution beyond getting OP to leave.

  8. Wrong. If OP won't show up in person he will be ignored and not taken seriously. The salesman has already stopped wasting his time on a customer that he doesn't believe will ever come back.

  9. This is why everybody should use Gentoo! It works out of the box!

  10. When I decided to set up a spare computer as a dedicated Linux rig, a friend of mine insisted I use Gentoo. Got it booted and enabled SSH and he did the rest. I don't see myself as a Linux expert, but I've managed to rebuild and maintain a Gentoo/Funtoo rig multiple times on my own over about 20 years now.

  11. But I will have to pay taxes twice (to buy this car and trade it for the new) no?

  12. Most states give a tax credit on trade-ins, that you won't get if you sell it outright.

  13. Buy it out now. Then you can trade it in anywhere you want.

  14. Can't they just call it a day and turn it into condos? It makes me sad every time I drive by.

  15. The irony that the mall is failing because it's too upscale and at risk of getting converted into condos aimed at the very people who could afford to shop there.

  16. A lot more convenient for Convention Center access as well.

  17. The quality of their product is bad and the service is worse - they never get my order right. I order ahead on the app so it will be ready. Doesn’t matter if i wait 20 minutes to go pick it up - it’s never ready. I refuse to go there anymore

  18. This is not drive thru. Im ordering on the app and walk in to get it. It’s ridiculous

  19. Dealers will have a car for you to drive home today. Online ordering will have it 6-12 months from now. Time or money, either way you're paying.

  20. Timing belt. I’ve had serpentine belt replaced before and had to go under engine cover and in the timing cover thing to get to it

  21. I bet you any money that the buyer is the one who doesn't know the difference between the two. He probably saw the serpentine belt and thought you were the idiot. Then proceeded to try and start it and ruined the engine himself.

  22. What? If the light is green, you pull forward and wait in the intersection for a chance to turn.

  23. Yes and no. If the light is green and your path to exit the intersection is clear (but for oncoming traffic), you can go. So if you don't know you will be able to exit the intersection on time, you should not go.

  24. Twice I had someone try and do this to me. First time I was in my Mustang, they were trying to use the right turn lane to cut infront, I floored it and they ended up hitting the curb and badly damaging their bumper.

  25. I hope for your own sake you're just trolling us.

  26. everyone who remembers 38 Studios: “ah shit here we go again”

  27. Being constantly stuck with the bills is why we let the Pawsox go too.

  28. I fail to see the problem. Nothing else seems to be going on that makes this obviously unsafe.

  29. Virtually everywhere on the world your SUPPOSED to stay in the right here until the actual block or merger is needed.

  30. You're not wrong, but there's also something to be said when you're the only one doing it.

  31. Nah, that driver knew. They sped up right to the side of the bus and hit the brakes to match speed.

  32. I didn't notice that, but I'll take your word for it.

  33. I was going to point out the same thing. We were lucky if there were even seatbelts in the vehicles we grew up with.

  34. I remember riding in my best friend's dad's truck. 4 of us 6-8-year-olds in a single cab with a bench. Would have to take turns with one of us sitting on the floor.

  35. Reminds me of a time I was stuck in traffic (right lane) and my lane started to move. Lady to my left must have caught me moving because she moved as well, right into the bumper of the car 2’ ahead of her. We made eye contact as I drove away.

  36. I see people start going straight when the left turn lane gets its green almost daily. Most of the time it's just a little jolt as they notice their error, but sometimes.....

  37. Here the only legal right on red is from the rightmost lane.

  38. Whoever set that intersection up that way is the biggest idiot. If they wanted you to turn in front of the cones there should not have been a break in them.

  39. Why a pic of drywall ceiling and a pic of a drop cieling in the floor? Not saying your tricking us but did you break the drop ceiling over your shower and blame it on the water leak in the other room?

  40. Who has drop ceiling over their shower anyway....

  41. Slumlords. I fix this shit all the time in Appalachia. Even better is the exhaust venting into the space above the ceiling, which is probably similar reason to what happened here. I moved into my 200k house and the bathrooms were vented into the cieling/floor above nowhere to take the moisture. Appalachia is wild sometimes lol.

  42. Gonna feel so cheap when we find out the whole show so far has been just another simulation.

  43. I think the fact that so many consider his a failed presidency says more about our warped and unrealistic expectations we have of the presidency than it says about Carter himself. We love to have a tough, John Wayne-like character in the White House (both parties!). Not sure that’s always what we really need.

  44. Unfortunately with the stuff going on at the time, a decisive President is what we needed. It didn't help that his advisors took the opportunity to blow smoke up his ass either.

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