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  1. I think my best pull has been the regidrago v alt from tempest

  2. And it’s a prerelease I was so stocked to get it

  3. At my local DG I found some kanto friends tins and a mimikyu tin

  4. I opened four of those tins and got nothing but regular foil cards I felt robbed

  5. Damn making me want to keep it sealed

  6. I haven’t opened it but I wouldnt know this is my first time seeing them

  7. Oh nice. I only just now finished the 6 month period on my first credit card. I got my 200$ deposit back and a credit limit of 1800$. Pft what's the worse that could go wrong. . I never wanted a credit card but I have to make payments on a storage unit that's mandatory so I figured the best way to build credit and pay something mandatory would be through credit card and it worked I guess

  8. Hell yeah nice don’t let that money burn a hole in your pocket lol

  9. Yea I ain't gonna burn out my credit. I may use it for smaller purchases through the PayPal payments

  10. I just bought a rebel clash sleeves booster and a kanto and friends mini tin from my DG. Lol

  11. I use it but like the consensus it’s hit and miss for value I usually cross reference between collectr and price charting

  12. Lame I thought it was a skin or something

  13. afaik the Trials quests only give you XP, maybe the last one will give you something cool, like how the last Syndicate quest gives you that sweet loading screen

  14. Yeah I just got that and the pickaxe for high wire hopefully 🤞

  15. Out for delivery right now is my first graded purchase! A PSA 9 Lost Thunder Moltres… I didn’t pay a lot so I’m happy!

  16. That’s all that matters buying what makes you happy

  17. I picked up a 1st edition fossil aerodactyl prerelease slab 😤

  18. Nice I just bought my first etb it was a fusion strike one at my local game shop they had darkness ablaze but I didn’t get it

  19. I’ve only killed someone who was questing once and I didn’t realize until I’d done it. I felt so bad lol. it’s happened to me many times though

  20. I just recently was trying to finish the odm quest to hit targets and this enemy player in solos had the gear and I just needed one target I befriended him but I had to kill him to get the gear I felt so bad

  21. So depending on the color back of the 1995 topsun Kadabra price may vary if blue which is the oldest and first ungraded like 10$ greenback the second set probably 5$

  22. I’ve been playing on and off since 2016 and I’ve only won this season I’m on my 5th win

  23. I’m still trying to get the hang of my builds 😂 I play battle Royale like zero builds they least expect it

  24. Even though it’s a 1st edition 8, I think the value will only slightly fluctuate with the market. The value is also only slightly higher than raw so I don’t think holding it long term will give you much upside.

  25. This is what I needed to see not the glam and sparkles I lost my last job and I’m struggling to find a new one but I decided to start collecting when I had the job but now it’s like I have set money for my monthly bills and there’s no income I don’t buy a lot any more just like you said a slab or a booster

  26. It should help fuel you to get another job so you can enjoy collecting again.

  27. Yeah I’ve been applying crazy and did some interviews just waiting to hear back

  28. i did fire for ng+ with flame enchant and the only problem enemy is the headless guy with the pike. everything else gets shredded lol fire is the most powerful in my experience.

  29. Currently on ng+ with overpower burst flame weapon engulfing inferno and fire burst . All my armor has burn accumulation and damage to enemies with status plus I get health with every hit and power up off heals . I feel so powerful but any hit I take takes half health it’s very risk/reward

  30. Where can I even find this embedment I’ve only found power up from hp recovery and how recovery on fatal strike

  31. This season I’ve only emoted on final kill victories or if I had to chases someone lol my favorite though is if you don’t join my shout emote and i see the skin again in match

  32. I just play the game ( don't have stw). I open every chest, ammo and fruit box I see. Do every available challenge and am level 26 at the moment. Last season got to 220 with no great effort there is really no rush.

  33. I’ll have to try this out . This is the first season I’ve ever been like I want to get as high as possible because I just genuinely like all the battle pass rewards

  34. the season ends in june not 90 days lol, not only do you have more than enough time just do the quests as they come out. I finished most of the milestones and all of the other quest so far and i’m level 81

  35. Isn’t grinding the milestones tedious I bought some of the levels I’m only lvl 48 and I feel like it’s such a slow grind

  36. Oh, that's what those are for! I thought targets were other players. Thank you!

  37. Also you can slow down on the rails I thought you had to be in motion 😂 lots of zoomin and missed shots for 10 minutes

  38. Snap aka one of the worst customizable skins in the game all the shit that came out for heads and arms were just recolors of the previous head and it had barely any leg or torso styles imo but its just snap

  39. I only got the commando legs the olive head and some octopus arms I wanted all the skeleton like pieces for a smaller frame

  40. Amazing :). Wish I could find those packs at a reasonable price haha

  41. Yeah the pack prices are insane glad I could at least get a green back and a blue back for under 30$

  42. Zard and Gengar only big hitters zard 150 and Gengar 50

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