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Call an ambulance, I'm laughing too hard.

  1. This feature saved my life. I was in a head on collision and T boned by a semi truck at the same time. It all happened in less than a blink of an eye, completely crushed my vehicle, and knocked me unconscious. By the time I came to I was already surrounded by emergency services as well as my family (notifies your emergency contact). This isn’t an iPhone ad, but good lord am I grateful for it.

  2. were there no bystanders who would have called EMS?

  3. With crash detection the automated message normally states you have been in a car crash.

  4. wow thats actually amazing. if we add an apple watch to monitor some body signals + send some relevant health history details, it could change everything

  5. Helicopters flying by my window sure as shit feels like an emergency to me.

  6. and you need to use your common sense and realise that tens of thousands of yours are also experiencing that "emergency". and you calling 911 is just making things worse

  7. Who are you to decide for me what is enough to be considered an emergency? Obviously you don’t see it as one, so don’t call 911.

  8. I fear nothing substantial will be done about it though. It doesn't help that most people I know wouldn't have a clue what's going on with this royal commission.

  9. depends on the reccommendations that come out of the commission doesn't it.

  10. The quality of the top comments on this post has dipped down way below what I'd expect on here. There are people who are roleplaying as defence experts and they seem to think that their "ideal" response would be better than the response of the US defence/intelligence communities.

  11. its because this is a boring subject and doesn't deserve 10% of the coverage its gotten. there's nothing to really discuss here

  12. professional designer or not, this looks clean. did you look at different architecture firms websites for inspiration? knocked it out the park

  13. Why is it you disagree? What does anti semitism mean to you?

  14. a muslim doesn't get to define what is Islamophobia either. your identity isn't a license to be a subject authority

  15. Fun fact: Elizabeth Holmes’ dad was a VP at Enron.

  16. funner fact: kinda rude to her dad to not mention he was not involved in the scandal

  17. yet you just did. so clearly its not "no shit, sherlock" and you needed it pointed out

  18. alright, you've proven you're not an AI. move along

  19. I'm not 1/2 as concerned with that. As I am with how Netflix knows if I login to MY home router.

  20. I don't think people understand: over a decade ago, Netflix split its DVD and streaming subscriptions into two services. Their stock price plummeted, they kept going.

  21. All the situations I can think of that this would fuck you over:

  22. you are assuming you can't change your address, which is a pretty strange assumption to make.

  23. Correct. It's below everyone's "line". That's shitty to say out loud, and I'm sure people care from an emotional standpoint, but no action. (And slacktivism doesn't count.)

  24. the only reason it was got as much political attention as it did in the US was because of the China-US relations at the time. It was just a political tool

  25. don't export your dickish-ness on the rest of us. in some cultures, 'not a bad idea' is a very obvious compliment

  26. Ohhh I’m a fool! But yeah essentially saying “your idea won’t necessarily make things worse, but they certainly won’t improve the situation”

  27. in australia, it could very well mean 'that's a great idea'. I think we (and the Brits) are very euphemistic. I'd probably avoid saying 'not a bad idea' if I didn't like it because of the confusion it would cause

  28. A computer can also never be "bought" or corrupted by promises of riches and fame.

  29. who do you think writes the code? Or gives the data?

  30. Really? I found it a little embarrassing. Is it really actually surprising to you that prefacing your statements with qualifiers about your identity might come with overreach?

  31. and she was pushing him to explore the overreach, because it is a very common practice. Anyone who has spent time in those lefty circles has experienced this issue, and the line gets blurry at times

  32. Again, why is that surprising? It’s been obvious since day one that it would result in that, as it invokes status games.

  33. i dont understand why you keep bringing up this idea of something being "surprising". who cares whether it is surprising or not, there is an issue and it should be discussed

  34. Because half of LSF watches twitch with porn on their second moniter. Its easier to put themselves in his in his shoes because being caught watching porn is something they can relate to.

  35. half this sub who was around during 'The Fappening' probably looked and used those leaked pics. And that was a significantly worse violation.

  36. because people have opinions and want to share it?

  37. I realllllllyyyyy want to believe this is the Bank of China headquarters in NYC because under that building is a replica of the “bean” from Chicago if I am not mistaken. Passed by this building many time before and I remember what the facade look like.

  38. went to a company end of year event where each department had to put on some type of show when i was in China. this just looks like them practicing.

  39. Yea that anecdote doesn't ring true in my circle. I've been to many "proper" weddings and those couples are all doing great with no regrets that I've heard. The one couple that did divorce still think their wedding was kick-ass lol. That one was a destination too. My wedding fed just north of 100 and I'll never regret that weekend.

  40. its as easy as sticking within a predetermined budget. which is hard/impossible I'm sure

  41. Sure it can be, the definition of tradesman is very loose. If you are using "tradie" to specify people practising a "trade" then it can fall within that too. From Oxford; a trade is a "job requiring manual skills and special training".

  42. do technical definitions really matter? Words are for communicating

  43. Professors are there to teach a topic at the skill level of their course - that includes ability to understand english. Just like a calculus teacher can expect you to know algebra. And all teachers can expect you to be able to write a proper essay.

  44. No, because if it’s only a small minority that are struggling to keep up then it’s clearly possible to understand the teacher, the students just are not doing well enough. Similar to how if he sets a test and most people pass but a few fail; the test isn’t the problem, the student who fails is. If that is the case then the small minority of struggling students need to do better. This isn’t nursery school.

  45. obviously it depends on how many students are struggling. I thought I made that clear

  46. Are we planning on pretending Turkey has elections, then? I thought we'd moved past this.

  47. Erdogan's party lost the 3 biggest cities in the last election, so yes, they "have" elections

  48. "Have" is entirely correct, take my updoot for excellent use of quotation marks.

  49. i don't see how this is any different to what happens in the US with all their crazy antics. having an election is a binary, true or false.

  50. Going back to when these vaccines came out, everyone was very pro vaccine, I remember JCal getting a third before boosters ever came out. Sacks was full pro vaccine as well. So, I don't think this has any roots in the vaccine being ineffective, etc. It certainly gave us the permission to go back to normal.

  51. I don't think they'd disagree with you. As with all probabilities, the (unconditional?) probability you bring up only tells you the odds of something occuring over a long enough timeframe or sample size, not when or who it will happen to. Given that the vaccine does little to prevent the theorized externalities of being infected with the virus (i.e., does not prevent spread), people should absolutely have the choice to opt-in to being exposed to the known and unknown short and long-term second-order effects of receiving the vaccine, the same way one has the choice to be exposed to potentially life-altering side-effects of potentially life-saving drugs or procedures. As Friedberg acknowledged, the nature of the pace at which the vaccine needed to be developed means that there's a host of long-term side effects that short of achieving time travel, scientists can't and won't know about until enough time passes, and there's similarily a host of pre-existing conditions it may interact with in unpredictable and unknown ways (and not for a lack of trying). You only brought up one, and one that's still not well understood for a host of reasons.

  52. outcome oriented vs process oriented is the very basics of business / startups / life in general, and its amazing that they can't apply that to covid.

  53. People also seem oblivious to the fact that the RBAs "monetary policy" is EXACTLY the same as the Reserve Bank policy in the USA and the UK. This is a global phenomenon and squeaking about the RBA here will achieve nothing.

  54. and those central banks have also gotten lots of flack. putting some blame on the RBA isn't about "achieving" anything, its about learning from mistakes and avoiding this situation in the future

  55. There are 500,000 job vacancies in Australia right now. The idea that this is as you put it, which is basically the union's politically motivated take, requires people to ignore a very strong reality about what the pandemic's done to our labour market.

  56. it can simultaneously be both though. Bus driving isn't too difficult to learn and I guess you'd have to compare NSW to other states.

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