Girls, what’s the downside of being a female?

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Heatwave: Warnings of 'heat apocalypse' in France

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  1. I mean, peace deals have been on the table since formation, and many world leaders including Bill Clinton have tried to broker them, but Hamas must have all or nothing apparently. The stupidity would be hilarious if it wasn’t so dangerous.

  2. They really are talking a lot. But what really worries me is if I’m in an American forest, lost and needing help, and call for help, everyone will run because they’ll think I’m a crawler. So I’ll say “help me! I’m not a crawler!” and then I’ll automatically sound twice as suspicious.

  3. Dual Brads?! I wonder what he'd have said if you explained that you saw him in the back. I understand not wanting to seem crazy, but my need for answers far outweighs my need to maintain a reputation for having it together (which, in terms of me preserving that image, I think that ship has sailed).

  4. And in my case, having doctors shit all over me for wanting to discuss my fertility as a single woman wanting a child. Apparently that’s a no-no and they like to make my mind up for me. Ahhh can we ever win?

  5. The complications that come with a vagina. BV again? Uti? Yeast infection from the uti antibiotics? BV came back cause of the yeast infection that you got treating your uti? Such a pain sometimes

  6. Being slowly impaled by a growing bamboo. It was a form of torture probably used by the japanese during WW2 against Allied prisoners.

  7. People tend to underestimate the speed at which fire spreads. Whether a house fire or wildfire, it's almost unimaginably fast. Hard to believe until you see it for yourself.

  8. Yeah that sounds awful what he’s doing. You’re not bad at all. You just don’t want to have your day ruined by that.

  9. Not saying these Jews don’t exist but are we sure he’s Jewish Israeli? In any case, appeasement is gross.

  10. Umm the zombie hands on the right worry me more than the spider dust on the left.

  11. My car often records 47 degrees out in an Australian summer plus we usually have like 50-80% humidity to add to that. I hate the heat but it’s weird how an average Aussie temp is considered so special overseas.

  12. I do want kids. I’d be sure that she’s serious about that statement, and then say something to the effect of “I’m sorry, but we want different things in life and this will ultimately fail, so we shouldn’t waste each other’s time” and then wish her all the best.

  13. This sounds exactly like what I’m copping in journalism.

  14. When dudes think they’re switching it up by doing that weird circular grinding. Yeah please don’t do that.

  15. Mind reader: ha! I'm gonna know everything he's thinking!

  16. I think in sentences and I’m still very confused by the weirdos who don’t. Like how do they actually function? What goes on in their brain?

  17. The pubs in my area: we don’t know why we can’t get kitchen staff, sob sob no one wants to work sob. Also pubs in my area: Let’s pay kitchen staff peanuts while raking in hundreds of thousands on poker machines!

  18. Yikes. Like do they really if all the workers die of exhaustion that there won’t be any workers at all?

  19. I was sent on leadership training and they used the DISC model. I was told the outcome wouldn’t affect anything. Well it did. I was a DI and it came out they passed me over for a promotion because they wanted S types. I was told “Trump is a D”.

  20. "she tells me I’m the right guy just wrong timing…"

  21. I’ve had people use the timing excuse on me before and it’s honestly soooo lame.

  22. Best thing you can do is move on! I’ve learned the hard way that lingering on someone who doesn’t have time for you is a huge waste of life. Put your energy into meeting a girl who wants to be with you.

  23. This must be where my 1% Norwegian DNA comes from lolololol.

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