1. A big concert event where everyone expects a teaser or such to be revealed.

  2. I searched through the art book, but only found the room designs, or something similar.

  3. Hmm okay. Maybe something different from the Kyoani Shop then or not official after all. Thank you for investigating for us!

  4. I think it's from the "Violet Evergarden Visual Collection 2", I may be wrong.

  5. Yea you are right. I looked on ebay and it seems to be the cover image for that collection.

  6. "HK was dark and decrepit while SS is lively and vibrant. HK had slower methodical combat while Silksong has faster more frantic combat. HK had the charm system while Silksong has the tool system, etc etc."

  7. Maybe the japanese naming system is just weird and thats why all the translations kind of guess because there isnt a direct translation for every japanese rank.

  8. Highest quality version I could find is

  9. For every episode they made an artwork. They were used for promotion etc

  10. I might try to improve the quality for some of them.

  11. My lord, do you think you could do your stuff to this pic? Idk why we have to suffer such low-res images in 2022..

  12. Yea I can probably do something. Wont be much work hopefully.

  13. Across the series, Sakuta has shown multiple times that he would go really far to save people. He accompany Mai during her arc to keep her safe and didn't sleep just to remember her even if it meant that he did suffer because of it. He helped Koga because he doesn't want her to suffer like Kaede who is bullied without Sakuta's knowledge. Of course he also helped Futaba and Nodoka as well. He didn't just do all these without a reason. All of his actions lined up perfectly with his motivation. Sakuta's biggest character trait is his extreme kindness. Shoko motivated him when no one even believe him or care to help. Shoko isn't just some character. She's the one that helped Sakuta to get back on his feet. Ironically, Sakuta is too kind for his own good. The stakes in the movie is higher than ever because it involves life and death. It's not that Sakuta didn't care about Mai or his friends and family. It's because he couldn't bare the burden of not being able to save Shoko when he could have. It's easy to say Sakuta was stupid to save her. After all, why would he care for her anymore? Other people probably would have just ignore Shoko but not Sakuta. Not after what he's been through, he is someone who would do everything in his power to save those who are in trouble and help them overcoming it even if he would suffer because of it. He is Sakuta Azusagawa.

  14. Thanks for that answer. I feel like I get it a little more now maybe.

  15. I'll be using some references to the light novel as the movie couldn't adapt everything, including some of the character's inner thoughts.

  16. the upscalling/wellpaper god is back with more amazing work love it as always my dude

  17. Well you can download the MP3 unofficially if thats what you want.

  18. I myself read volume 1 some time ago and while I did enjoy it I lacked the time and interest to join in I guess. Im generally not much of a book guy.

  19. There only 4 books no doubt why they finished it quick

  20. Wani kani is great for learning hiragana and katakana btw, it uses mnemonics to help you memorize the characters

  21. Wanikani is only for Kanji. They dont teach Hiragana/Katakana. Great website though.

  22. Whats the prompt for the first pic on slide 1 and last pic on slide 6? ty

  23. Crazy amounts of talent here in this sub, thank you!

  24. I am 100% sure you did not actually remove the text but found the image somewhere else without text and maybe merged them or something because there are new details that appeared below the text and clone stamp / content aware fill cant do that.

  25. Feels like Im on mobile with these gigantic rounded buttons. Just awful.

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