1. JGB Mutron so more like Ruben & Cherise, don’t let go and mission in the rain.

  2. Clearly, there's no shortage of great shows. So, I'm sure that discussion is/has occurred between GDM, Rhino, and other stakeholders. As Bobby and others have said in the past, the music (in one form or another) will continue long after the original members aren't above ground. And, as long as there's demand for the music, the supply will follow.

  3. one of the senators asked why can other smaller companies combat bots but yet livenation cannot ? he didnt even answer bc he knows they let them through !

  4. 9/21/72 comes to mind but iirc its like 15 mins

  5. People that buy Dave Mathew records look like the people that buy Dave Mathew records

  6. id throw her for a loop with all my dead attire XD

  7. love me some suggestive rhythm !

  8. guy would played pink dazed and confused might look closer

  9. fillmore east always a good one ! one day ill find it

  10. theres a few services that will do 320 kbps audio to LP but its like 33-38 per disc

  11. Was hoping 2 from the vault was still left ! They dropped some heat of gd today

  12. also lightintheattic the main source say "ESTIMATED SHIP DATE 06/30/23"

  13. "Why would someone put a damn pick on the grave of a keyboard player?"

  14. katie mae from bears choice its alllll pigpen. so yes he was a guitar player.

  15. honestly love the opener , gets my juices flowing and ready for the rest of the show :D

  16. It’s 6 LP’s of selections from the last 6 shows of their 20 show residency and I couldn’t be happier with it!

  17. gotta remember they did 96 97 98 all at the fillmore High Grass Dogs was 98 iirc

  18. its all bc they changed their system mid year and screwed over the subscribers from seeing past orders

  19. ugh wish i still lived in charlotte id drive down for them !

  20. It’s been here for a long time. Local artist would come out every few years to make sure it didn’t “fade away”. Couple of girls came out to do some touch ups and some cops who obviously weren’t aware of the history made them paint over it with a touch of grey, or they would get charged. I’m glad it’s back though.

  21. tons of us local petition the city to leave it as a landmark 10ish years ago and lost , maybe they tried again and won ?

  22. space your face version from like 2005-2009 best version

  23. I’m usually the last person to get mine so you must live in Alaska or something!

  24. Virginia actually. Just the longest I’ve waited last few time it was 5days after release

  25. He met his now wife while she was only 14 😬😬very sus to me. He openly admits to it numerous times.

  26. she literally waited outside his bedroom or suite door when other things were going on until she was 18 .... talk about grooming.

  27. isnt that the wolf from Pinocchio ?

  28. why do the truck drivers with murica! stickers have the punisher stickers?

  29. sadly none of them read the comics ... his family was supposed to be protected by the govt and the govt failed him so he went and killed his handlers. the exact oposite of the reason they use it so i laugh everytime

  30. tire on the mountain , pack straw

  31. i cancelled my 3 bc i found it in a store. now just 2 to find

  32. There's one still standing on a yard in my neighborhood

  33. but wu tang aint nuthing to f with

  34. Hahaha I’m surprised to see so many pissed off people here. I’d rather see this than $200 Dicks Picks. I bet they could charge $10 for those tapes and people would buy it. Why would you wish ill will on these people? Better to see these tapes in the public instead of a dusty attic.

  35. well if any were commercially technically its illegal to sell copies . so yes very frowned upon in the dead community . they should be traded or given away to a head that will cherise them

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