1. They will only replace the glass. If there’s cosmetic damage to the frame they won’t do anything. You have to really bust your phone for them to replace the whole thing (which has a greater deductible but still worth it imo)

  2. what about in portrait mode? the island must really block YouTube videos right?

  3. It feels like the island will be here for a few years if they’ve developed such strong software support around it

  4. Is it really worth an upgrade? I have the 13 pro max; not against trading it in and paying the remainder for the 14 pro max

  5. I would say no. 13 pro max apparently has slightly better battery. You already have high refresh rate and very comparable cameras. If you do any “professional” content (ex for social media) then yes it’s probably worth the camera upgrade. Otherwise no for the average individual.

  6. Can you specify which messages you should be reminded about or is it all automatic?

  7. This was automatic! Not really sure how it decides which emails to follow up on (maybe based on the context of the email?)

  8. I am also using DB3, but don’t see the menu entries with “Move to…”. Is there a specific requirement to get these? Would love to use these features.

  9. Apple Music needs to have shared playlists before they work on any other feature

  10. Ya that’s correct. Swiping down still brings up search, while for notifications you have to swipe down from the top of the screen.

  11. I’ve just set this up. Also not sure if it’s placebo but it does sound better I think?

  12. Get the fuck out of here with your racist dumb ass, you piece of shit. I can’t wait for you dinosaurs to die out with your backwards ass thinking

  13. It seems like every single time I'm in the grocery store there's at least one group of people doing this. I've finally just stopped saying excuse me. Now I barrel right through them and then turn back and huff "maybe stand somewhere else to talk?" It gives me great joy honestly. Have your conversation out of my way, I've got places to be.

  14. Tbh you can still say excuse me… it still achieves what you want and it’s the polite thing to do. Nobody is purposely trying to make your day harder, but I understand the frustration of them not being self aware of how much space they’re taking. As such I think the appropriate response is a simple excuse me - it makes them realise they’re doing something wrong without pissing them off. Otherwise you’re just asking for a fight by barging through

  15. I bought a new SE for my gf last week. It shipped with the new USB c wire.

  16. In another thread someone posted a “leak” from Hermes customer support which said it would be available to pre order oct 8.

  17. https://twitter.com/ArdavonNazari/status/1441435238706466816?s=20

  18. Any Apple Watch 6 owners who can comment on their experience with performance? Especially with the features that have been added since release (and watch os8 performance if you have the beta?) Kinda sad the chip isn’t updated because this is my first Apple Watch and I don’t want to hold out for next year

  19. It wasn’t major, but it’s really making me contemplate upgrading from my series 4. The only thing I haven’t been able to find is what cpu it uses.

  20. I have a feeling it will be the same as the series 6, otherwise they would definitely mention a new s7 chip.

  21. This looks great! Please make another post when this is on the App Store will definitely check it out.

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