1. How should one cook/prepare one? I’m fascinated!

  2. Probably not the healthiest method, but I'm a fan of chopping them up, tossing some olive oil and seasoning on them and dropping them in an air fryer.

  3. 350 ish for somewhere between 17 to 20 min. Depending on size of slices.

  4. They need to fix their matchmaking first.

  5. Hell no I've got no bitches or a father figure. That's why I destroyed your ass. Distractions make you weak.

  6. Best response would have been "no, I only have a daddy"

  7. The core ideas they stressed they're going for are so important to me, that makes me really happy.

  8. All 3 of those points are things every fighting game dev will say about their own game. The devs saying it means nothing.

  9. I've heard/read that the majority of classified material isn't stuff that's highly insidious or problematic, but rather stuff that's mildly embarrassing.

  10. Honestly I'm fairly certain thst a majority of classified info is just so mundane its not worth the effort to declassify.

  11. dunno, havent brought it into campaign yet. in practice, i play more like a hammer than a scalpel, its not meant to chase.

  12. But most ships try to keep their distance. Its not like you can roll up on them and take them by surprise.

  13. House may not be good, but its advantage is that its never bad. You won't hurt yourself by taking it.

  14. crafting is, functionally just buying things but slower and with more hoops to jump through. the only situation it is beneficial is when you are flatly unable to buy what you want, but can still afford it, and also have a blue print for it already from somewhere and ALSO have a few weeks of down time to spend making it.

  15. Creating things with crafting is essentially earning income at your level, which is meant to be an uncommon opportunity.

  16. Tsa has probably stopped people from getting stabbed if were being honest. Mostly from stopping crazy people from getting on a plane with a knife. They also fairly regularly stop people getting on a plane with a gun, which could turn jnto a larger issue.

  17. Necro romancers. Necromancers, if you will.

  18. Not to be confused with vampires, or neck romancers if you will.

  19. So basically there are two things we're talking about here;

  20. A super computer and a few hundred years is such a hilarious understatement.

  21. I do like thst we have weapons that you design your shop around.

  22. After seeing extensive footage of what had just taken place in the Indian Ocean I was never going to venture out that far, and believe me I had my eyes on the ocean the entire time looking for any disturbance in the distance that resembled an incoming wave.

  23. Cannon rushing reminds me of that ancient curse: "May you live in interesting times". My real anger, however, comes from the fact that even a sloppy cannon rush, as long as it has a clean transition, instantly gets the opponent ahead in macro.

  24. Unfortunately, I'm in high silver so my response is NOT clean, and thus even if he has only 2 cannons and 2 pylons I waste around 5 minutes trying to clean up with siege tanks.

  25. We are already on the downward spiral. "people like you" you mean someone who sees what has to happen. Humans are a species in the overshoot of their ecological environment. This is commonplace. Species go into overshoot all the time and from the point of view of nature, it is a feature and not a bug because overshoot introduces creative disruptions. This may however be the first time that a species has gone into overshoot globally rather than locally.

  26. Cynicism is not productive, it does not make you enlightened. Its just another form of gullibility.

  27. Building a human like ai is unbelievably complex.

  28. Using scapegoat to take the perfect dating profile picture. I could pose myself like a mannequin

  29. You would also have the best real doll

  30. every kof player is old bro these new games failed to get younger players interested

  31. Honestly if matchmaking could make me some matches I'd be all in on kof. Thats really all thats holding people off kof15.

  32. Same, add more types of problems to solve.

  33. I feel like boiling any leaf will have beneficial effect it’s just that tea is more popular and this many more research under its belt.

  34. He said boiling any leaf would have a beneficial effect, with the implication of drinking it as a tea. My point was that his comment was false, some leaves will be fatal even in small tea drinking doses.

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