1. im gonna wild card with beatrice/beatrix bc of ramona and beezus

  2. Are wedding stones a common thing? I don’t think I’ve heard of those

  3. i think they're referring to the center stones on their engagement rings

  4. i don't see enough yellow gold solitaires !!! that stone is a sparkler 🧨

  5. im in the minority but i like 3! 2 is gorgeous as well ofc

  6. I love my princess cut! Having it as a kite setting makes it seem bigger to me, and it’s more interesting to me. ☺️

  7. was hoping to see a kite set in this thread 🤩

  8. this is great! i would love to participate but the high control group i was in was not really an NRM and i did not feel as though the questions pertained to me. if you do a broader research group in the future i think that would be really cool to participate in!

  9. my septum piercing was more painful than my nostril piercing. the piercing didn't hurt on my septum but putting the jewelry in did cuz it pushed on my cartilage. ive had my nostril repierced multiple times and it felt the same even with the scar tissue, it was honestly just a little pinch like a vaccine.

  10. the pear was made for you! i love alexandrite 💙💜

  11. For those downvoting OP for this comment, you should know that people in the LGBTQIA community are reclaiming sayings like “gay” or “gey” in common conversation. Reclaiming words is a powerful act for people in underrepresent communities can do (like the work that has been done to reclaim the word “queer”). OP is a self described member of this community (specifically a “lezbean” so keep that in mind before downvoting!)

  12. also i think they literally meant being gay in this context rather than as just a jokey adjective,,, like they're making all the traditional stuff gay

  13. lots of great suggestions on here already but i'll add Stag and Finch, Midwinter, Hiddenspace, Point No Point Studio, and Catbird.

  14. im a teller and this is HIGHLY illegal. it is drilled into our heads to protect customer information. at my institution we won't even take someone off an account, we will close it and open them a whole new one. i could get fired for giving information to someone who is not an account holder. i can tell you that any teller worth their salt won't go flinging the information around. the Gramm Leach Bliley act is a big one that requires banks to protect that info

  15. im a fan of that natural lighting personally 🤩

  16. i would be SO nervous about dropping it 😭 i was just looking at an antique ring like this earlier! it is STUNNING!!!!! congrats :)

  17. happy birthday shirley! your legacy shines through your grandchildren and great grandchildren. your love lives forever. 👼💌

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