1. Ha ha. Mine was at a huge international architectural firm in 2003 or 2004. Couldn’t understand anything. Cannot believe there are companies that are still using switchboards like that 20 years later!

  2. I'm confused as to what a switchboard even is.

  3. Well back in Mary poppins days there were actual cables where someone would call the main number then switchboard operators would connect that line with a cable to a different line. The board that I worked on was a number system, so the caller asked for Jones then I had to figure out they were line 92. It was a nightmare and people were angry at me for being slow. Oh well.

  4. But I don't understand why people didn't just type number 92?

  5. Common courtesy really. If you’re cold you can put on more clothes, if you’re hot you’re just uncomfortable. So if you like it warmer inside than 67, bring a sweater. Also these are marketing strategies as well- especially in grocery stores. The cold temps trick our brains to buying more food, kind of like how squirrels gather nuts for winter. Our brains want to consume more when it’s colder. I used to work at a well-known grocery store.

  6. I wonder how we'll explain to our grandchildren who are completely fucked over by climate change that our ACs were running so strong that people were wearing sweaters inside.

  7. Yes, At that point of the war it was either the US ends up with potentially millions dead in a full scale invasion of Japan or the atomic option. The bombs were a necessary evil as I have no doubt an invasion could have easily doubled the civilian casualties and caused a massive loss of soliders' lives. People just assume the US was evil for what they did without knowing much about the pacific war. In Australia our WW2 Unit is primarily focused on the Pacific War and Japan's actions. Imperial Japan is, in my opinion, the cruelest regime to ever exist. It is no stretch to call the bombs deserved.

  8. Probably an unpopular opinion on reddit, but things are not as clear-cut IMO. Can you really not consider that murdering 105,000 civilians and injuring about as many in a day is a war crime of an insane scale if you're being objective? Surely if it was Japan (or any country from the losing side) who did it, it would be considered one of the worst war crimes of WW2?

  9. I'm pretty sure that everyone who has ever worn a tie has hated it. Why do we still insist on wearing them if absolutely zero people like them?

  10. They are less and less common. I've worn one maybe 2-3 times in my life.

  11. Right but there are several instances of that, and I think that's what he was referring to. I know, colonialism etc etc. And agree for the most part. But this is a specific reference because they were told several times they had moved into the area and had no idea about these old structures. And it is true they did not even know their own history! Pretty fascinating actually. I'm part Cherokee so I found it interesting. There used to be a group of people that were surmised to have been priests and supposedly there was an uprising where they killed them all, but they have basically erased all mention of them so not even sure of that amongst themselves.

  12. I really don’t get how some think that Catholic ≠ Christian

  13. I think it depends where you're from. I'm from a historically Catholic country (France) and people tend to use Christian and Catholic interchangeably here.

  14. Y'a une super rando sur un chemin de halage creusé dans la falaise longeant le Lot pour y aller. C'est sympa et il me semble que le parking est moins cher (a la journée).

  15. 6 euros de parking ça paraît pas énorme ?

  16. It's just that it's implemented and there is no reason to remove it. No need to see dumb stereotypes everywhere.

  17. La patente (trucmuche/bidule), la patente-à-gosse (un bidule compliqué et inutil), la gogosse (un truc sans valeur ou importance), la nanane (bonbon), niknak ou nique naque

  18. That sounds 100% québécois.

  19. In Europe it's a perfectly fine thing to do even today, so...

  20. Just take care of your little corner of the world.*

  21. Nah it's just getting exciting. Who'd watch it if it was all about everyone getting along. Although it is becoming increasingly difficult to suspend your disbelief.

  22. Fixing the hole in the ozone layer involved replacing some chemical we used in a handful of things, it didn't involve replacing most of our energy production. It's great that we managed to do it, but it was much easier to address.

  23. To be fair a lot of Parisians hate American tourists the most (for a good reason) and will go out of their way to be extra rude to them.

  24. Maybe it's more frequent in belgium tho because in France i've never heard bonhommet, the only exceptions that come to my mind is mignonnet and blondinet, and it applies only to little boys. And it's kinda outdated. But in belgium maybe they use it more

  25. Bonhommet definitely sounds weird. It works better with some words than others. French is not like Spanish or Italian in which you can use diminutives with most words. We have -et/-ette diminutives, but with most words they don't really work.

  26. Any idea what this is called in French?

  27. A scam that’s pretty harmless against common sense and reading a contract or a FAQ.

  28. This isn't even about Salt mobile... Of course there is a FAQ about moving for a home connection.

  29. Attends, « teuf » et « à donf » sont démodés ?!

  30. Je pense que c'est très variable selon ton entourage. Teuf me paraissaît déjà un peu viellot dans les années 90. Mais ça depend qui le dit.

  31. I was born next to Fréjus, in Southern France and what they did to the Roman amphitheater is so sad:

  32. The Swedish word ö ("island") is roughly in the shape of an island

  33. Aren't there islands of all shapes?

  34. The German word Bett is also roughly the shape of a bed and - surprise - translates to bed.

  35. Both that one and the English one are pretty far-fetched.

  36. Apparently it is because W.C is the initials for water closet which is the name used in Japan for the bathroom. Got that from reading the linked thread.

  37. Not only in Japan, WC is pretty widespread.

  38. Completely agree. People can change - opinions can change. It just has to take the right conditions and a willingness to hear another side of it and think about it.

  39. It also depends how old the bf is. If he's 16, he might just not have paid attention in history class. If he's 75, it's a little harder to explain.

  40. En plus, l'Evian et la Vittel c'est dégueux. Tant qu'à payer autant que ce soit de la Volvic.

  41. Vittel peut-être mais Évian faut pas exagérer...

  42. What’s the name of the village?

  43. Saint-Paul-de-Vence is the village. OP's title is phrased weird.

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