1. New years is celebrated at every bar. There is a huge beach party in Kaohsiung, at cijin Beach.

  2. Get a dart oche roll out carpet, to roll out when you need

  3. Wulai is a short drive depending where you are starting.. It only takes about an hour to get to yilan.. If you go north, you can get to fulong in an hour.. Weather will not affect the major roads

  4. There are only 2 terminals, so I think 3 hours should be plenty of time.. But I haven't left since before the pandemic, so... Not sure now

  5. I love the black and gold of the RVB's, I would like to see what you consider the 3 best as well.

  6. I highly recommend the movie about this, it's called PROJECT GRIZZLY

  7. I have always painted my number rings.. Even if it's just a flat white on a silver ring. Cuts out the glare and it just gives a crisp look. I do like the rings on the HD and even the B6 DC. The Aspar ring is cool with the correct orientation of the numbers. Might try to get that next

  8. I use Phil taylor power 9fives, gen 8. I love everything about them.

  9. My work used to pay me to "volunteer" for the heart and stroke foundation. It was my job to count the ducks before the race in the Detroit River... 25,000 ducks... Me and one other guy.. Counting ducks... All day.... After counting, and washing, then other volunteers would tag them with numbers. Fun stuff 😕

  10. Hey friends, I designed and 3dprinted a stand for my darts. Any opinions or suggestions? If anyone is interested in having one, I uploaded the files to thingyverse (link:

  11. Could be a nice idea, but I honestly can't think of a good way to integrate the darts into a dart. Do you mean like an oversized barrel with holes in it?

  12. Yes, like a giant dart with holes, maybe the point is a chalk/whiteboard marker holder, the flight could have a way to hold spare flights

  13. Best to state some interests, or what you are interested in learning about, perhaps

  14. Does that surround have an out chart on it? I have never seen one like that.

  15. I'm not in it, but it's called looking for roommates in Taipei, or something like that.. My gf has used it before

  16. FB group is best for shared apartment, 591.com for a place of your own

  17. Hoapa is a small stick manufacturer out of taiwan.. They only do custom stick orders.. Maybe send them a letter of interest, they might be looking to grow their company.

  18. Grew up there... Have lived over seas for the past 20 years... I miss all the great concerts that came through Detroit... All my money as a teenager went to concerts

  19. I had one, but I didn't keep it up all the time. Not useful when playing against friends. Eventually it just ended up sitting in a box and I gave it to a guy on my team who is much better than me. I think he uses it exclusively.

  20. I had the Wayne Gretzky overtime hockey.. With about 17 nhl teams. I also played in tournaments with a friend who was a model train guy that got into this. He ended up putting names and numbers on all my teams. Each of my good friends got their name on their favorite team. What a blast. I moved to Asia about 20 years ago and left it with a friend. He put it in storage at his house, under the stairs. He then passed away, and I can't bring myself to ask his widow for it

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