1. This was actually a really interesting episode, why all the hate? His worst offense was "EYEtalian" and that fucking jersey accent

  2. I hate to be like the Rick and Morty guy meme but this subreddit is filled with low iq chucklefucks who dropped out of hs/ college and haven't touched a book in years. They would rather gobble up the bs that alex jones spews because it fills up their dopamine instead of listening to someone like yarvin logically explain how the deep state actually operates.

  3. This guy is literally one of the stupidest people on twitter.

  4. I went to a competitive high school with a bunch of upper middle class Asians/Indians and yeah, this was the mindset. It's baffling because they get totally screwed by affirmative action and even if they get in, they would be paying 3x more than the state school. And after covid where everyone was sent back home for a year, I don't understand how these kids still think the same way. Now that most of my friends graduated college, it literally didn't affect the outcome much, in fact for med school, my friends who went to didn't go to top schools had a better time while even for investment banking, I have friends who made it from an average state school.

  5. I just pulled yoimiya and got c6 benny in the process of doing so; haven't activated it yet but I just might

  6. I'd say it's worth it if u use xiangling as the 15% dmg bonus is nice for her.

  7. I can't believe you are saying this especially with the results from the Kansas Amendment vote.

  8. There was still way more people who voted for Republicans in the Kansas primary than Democrats. The reason the amendment passed was a significant amount of Republicans voted for it.

  9. I dont think democrats would do it with such a slim majority. I think they would only try doing it if they had a 55-56 seat majority and a were in a favorable media climate like January of 2021.

  10. He's basically just throwing a bunch of shit at the wall and hoping something will stick. Not a bad idea to try while his podcast is bringing in $$$

  11. It literally says FIRST IMPRESSION in the video title and you took that as the conclusion to shame tenten...

  12. The hate wasn’t organic. It was perpetuated by the media/social media. The rhetoric was pretty the same, in fact there’s are video clips of many media outlets saying the same thing, word for word, day in day out. That same establishment loved him decades prior. Only thing that changed was that he ran as a Republican instead of a Democrat.

  13. Have you considered that most people don't vote logically and a significant amount of people will vote a certain way because of social pressure and not liking mean tweets? Also try wearing a MAGA hat in any big city and see the reaction you get.

  14. Saying it's all "bots" is a comforting narrative to tell yourself. The more likely answer is lefty brigaders with nothing better to do.

  15. from what I've read, it's only bad for Ayaka, razor, keqing. which i don't have or plan to use

  16. If u use xiangling, then I would say c6 bennett is definitely worth it since it gives her a 15% dmg bonus.

  17. Eye of Perception takes that title IMO

  18. Public health necessarily needs to consider more than the science. At the end of the day, one of their principle principal aims is to mitigate public health risks. That inherently involves more than just the hard science, as pretty much every measure to address public health risks includes behavioral considerations, as well as is dependent on cooperation from all sorts of other parties including governments. You can't divorce public health guidance and communications from those considerations.

  19. Where was that consideration when schools were being shut down for over a year?

  20. Believe it or not, Biden is actually doing the best with boomers and the silent generation.

  21. I haven't played since the last albedo banner (except wishing and getting some new units). It seems a lot of the stuff that was added was permanent so I'm having a blast but is there any big limited thing I missed?

  22. How many pulls can I do on his banner in 1 attempt cause I've heard rerolling can take around 40 minutes for 1 attempt so is it worth it?

  23. Right wing media (RWM) has made it so that we don't even agree on the problems.

  24. Lmao at the script to move keyboard/mouse. I did the same thing at my last job lol. Would just turn it on and take a nap or do literally anything else all day and my manager was like “how do you get so much done”

  25. Bruh reading this thread as someone who isn't in data science makes me want to switch careers so bad.

  26. Wow they investigated themselves and found no wrongdoing!! I totally trust the Florida DOH!! She is still fighting those accusations considering the only people who have sided with Desantis are the ones who did it.

  27. The 1st link is heavily outdated and the 2nd link is misleading as it only talks about case rate and even then, 10th isn't the worst, but go ahead, keep wearing your mask outside.

  28. Ahaha, this reminds me of an event where techno used that command to reach his opponents, can anyone help me recall which event that was from

  29. It was battle arena. Vikkstar was sooooo pissed off lmao

  30. Would be bad if it actually happened but the most unlikely part of this prediction is biden winning 84 million votes over desantis. I'm sorry, that's just not happening.

  31. Joe apparently has 4 phones due to the amount of people that try to reach out to him and is ordered based on who his closest friends are where his main phone is phone A and he only checks phone D once weekly max. Kyle really thinks he's on phone A when hes likely on phone C or D.

  32. June 10th. They already had the funeral on the 22nd. They've had time to grieve and compose themselves before releasing their statement.

  33. It'd be funny if DeSantis wins the nomination over Trump, and Trump goes completely nuts, accusing the GOP of rigging that process against him, lead to him playing spoiler as a third party/write-in candidate, or convincing his supporters to stay home, and Biden winds up winning re-election in a walk.

  34. Even then, I would never underestimate Republicans ability to fall in line. In fact that might actually be the best way for Republicans to soundly reject trump.

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