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  1. This is the most brutal murder case that ever occurred in Maldives.

  2. It’s a sand tiger , they are not very big .

  3. That feeling of waking up early on Saturday morning in the late 90s/early 2000s and watching Cartoon Network is unmatched by anything in adulthood.

  4. You gave me nostalgia. And I’m from a middle of nowhere country where we had our first satellite tvs starting in the 90s.

  5. You can see the triangular fins and the tiny eyes that give away the species .

  6. How wozld you describe the experience??

  7. Was actually looking for him. He’s been sighted by the local dive groups for a few weeks now , and this is my first encounter with him. He’s much smaller than the average tiger sharks that we normally see there . I tried to put a tiger and this guy in the same frame, not too happy with results . But will post it now since I mentioned it .

  8. bro maldivian government is not getting bribes from corrupt governments abroad. however, when a Maldivian president convicted of terrorism after a regime change, Sri Lanka gave him amnesty. I guess it goes both ways there internationally.

  9. Time to call my Maldivian friends and ask them to a do a lil bit of trolling

  10. maldivian here, just found out the news

  11. The scary part is, nobody really knows. Every answer you get relies on belief . Belief is helluva drug .

  12. Where the hell did this travesty take place

  13. Maldives . Sadly . Have many idiots here.

  14. 100% of the Maldivian population is Muslim... because that is the law there. You literally cannot be of another faith. It also had the the highest per capita rates of citizens leaving the country to go fight for isis. Most of the folks there are wonderful and sweet, but there is a segment of the population that is very radical.

  15. Tigers regularly eat fish heads there. It’s almost impossible for a tiger shark to actually hunt tuna that size. Here , the fish waste of the island is dumped in that dive site .

  16. If you like seeing them captive . You are part of the problem .

  17. Not Maldives. Maybe Fiji ? Just guessing .

  18. Like the 100s of marine mammals they kill annually ?

  19. Thank you This bunch of Island bound fuckwits literally hack whole pods of pilot whales, including juveniles & babies, to death with giant blades. Fuck the Faroe Islands!

  20. It’s barbaric really . I heard it happens every year.

  21. One day I'd love to learn how to dive so I could see some sharks first hand.

  22. Learning to dive is super easy. You can get certified in after a few days of training depending on which association you choose, you have PADI, SSI and so on. The spinner sharks hangout together and in the blue a bit far from the reef . The dive site where we see them there’s a lot of fish waste being dumped so that’s why we can see them so shallow and close to the reef. Compared to grey reef sharks, they have more speed. They aren’t really interested in you but they are also not easily scared of you like grey reefs. It’s always cool to have them come to you during a dive .

  23. Fish factory, huvadhoo atoll . Maldives.

  24. And let’s create fear by posting this with a photo of the mechanised shark from the JAWS movies.

  25. This sub needs to categorize posts. And filter out bullshit fear mongering posts.

  26. Growing up in coastal Australia and being a surfer from a young age I’ve always been told the shark you need to worry about is the one you never see coming

  27. My experience with tigers sharks convinced me that they like sneaking up on you . If you are keeping eye contact, they don’t approach as close as to when you don’t see them coming.

  28. Okay but the average dinner shouldn't do this haha you wanna be more experienced for that

  29. Try not to touch them unless you really have to. Touching them will make them more susceptible to skin problems.

  30. A water monitor right? Isn't that a common sight?

  31. Not to someone who’s just visiting here

  32. If you are in the Maldives, when the tide is rising. The chances of success are better. Beware of the tax man. Especially when hunting on the outer reefs .

  33. My friend and I are from the UK and are planning to visit Sri Lanka in 2 weeks time. Is it safe at the moment? Is there anything we should be more cautious of? Will the curfews still be in effect?

  34. I’m currently in Sri Lanka as a tourist , today is a bit hectic but as a tourist, you are virtually safe. The hotel will do everything they possibly can to ensure you have all your needs met. The locals are very welcoming and friendly. I don’t see any reason not to visit .

  35. Yep. Just curfews nationwide . And the police do not stop you on the streets . All the big businesses are closed although family owned stores and small businesses are still open so you can get the necessities.

  36. I wouldn't call what she did in the video a pet as much as it was a push, letting the shark know it's too close. if she swam right up to the shark or used bait to attract it then I would 100% agree with you, because you shouldn't be encouraging interactions.

  37. Passive observation is the way to go. I am sure even if she had not touched the shark, it would have still turned away without contact. Some people just do this for the views and followers.

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