1. They list that they were in a Bachelor of Arts program. Linked in asks for the school and program of study. You can enter dates if you choose. There is no checkbox to say whether you graduated or not. I think you’re reading way too much into it unless they specifically have an added note that they graduated

  2. There is a box that you fill in on your profile titled “degree.” It’s right above the box marked “field of study” For degree, they wrote “bachelor of arts”

  3. I interpret that “degree” can also be a way to tell what level of study you did. If it’s a Bachelor, a Master’s, etc

  4. We’ll just have to disagree on this. I think if someone puts on their profile, “Bachelor of Arts, History” that they are telling people who look at their profile that they have a Bachelor of Arts in history.

  5. This is a common theme in OCD. Not trying to diagnose or stigmatize you - I have OCD myself. I would give this link a read and, if it seems familiar, bring it up with your therapist -

  6. No. Most of the people at my college and in my community have stopped wearing masks, and so have I. I understand and accept the risks.

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