AITA for making a real life Pokédex of girls at my university?

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  1. My name is Willard and everyone calls me Willy and has called me Willy for lots of years and there is not really any problem with it. (But i am also from the Netherlands and our king is also called Willy so maybe its different) NTA

  2. "Attempt to rotate you in".. those sumbishes rotate my heaviest frontliners out half the time. Really pisses me off :P

  3. Its getting more common, especially in FFA, some are blatantly obvious, like in the lobby of an 8 player FFA two players joined at the same time called 'Salt'n' and 'Pepper', I was like come on.. these guys are clearly a team.. then I got kicked by host because I didn't click ready.

  4. In defence of this i often join ffa games with my friends because we dont really like the 802 rush everytime. And we certainly don't team, more like the opposite of killing eachother first. But yeah there are often a lot off ffa teamers );

  5. Not an advice, but a question. Doesn't game seem to always give you random/umbra or wurmkin? Since I started random/random I always get fucking wurmkin!

  6. In my opinion its quite even randomized. Maybe Wurmkin stays with me a bit longer because i find it quite easy with wurmkin to pass the first few rounds, but find it harder to scale into the final boss. But with other clans i have the other way around. So my overall playtime with wurmkin is a bit longer i think

  7. I don't really know how much your friends are in to games or to what degree they like games, but what i did with a group of 4 friends which both really like drinking and really like games. When we went away for a weekend we made a wheel of fortune and whatever game it landed on we played it. We had only two rules!

  8. I am to poor to otherwise afford this, so might as well try

  9. Middle tile, upgrade buildings, altar of kings, do not put harbors on fame, lore is more important for sustain, and every lore you discover gives 15 fame.

  10. This, the lore bonuses help me way more in getting fame fast than fame on the harbors. And learn to time the altar rush and get the stone and iron lore for more upgraded buildings always gets me there pretty fast

  11. Goeie mie, She serial killed between 30 and 150 people including a lot of family members.

  12. Ok this was my worst one and i did pay it, but its been my favorite story since. So i was drunk and went to get a kapsalon with this guy, but he could not finish his kapsalon so he asked me if i wanted the rest of it. So I ate the rest of his kapsalon and the next day he sended me a tikkie for half a kapsalon.

  13. NTA I always announced to my expartner when i needed to poo so she could use the bathroom before me when she needed to. And in my student home i would always say to al my roommates not to use the bathroom in which i pood. It is common courtesy to not let other people sit or stand in your smell. (And mine quite sucks by the way)

  14. I am Dutch and so i am just amazed how a 13 and a 11 year old did not have a bike. I had 3 when i was 13. Here it is normal to borrow peoples bike when you have none (when yours broke down or you are visiiting somewhere else). So my biased opinion makes it NTA!

  15. I thouht your girlfriend was right. I do not have the rules with me right now, but i will come back to this topic later.

  16. YTA, you have been married for 6 years and should trust eachother and you violated this when you showed up unexpectatly when she was in an trusted environment and she communicated with you what she was doing. Even drunk people can make decisions for themself and you should have comminucated with her that you could pick her up and if she wanted it to.

  17. You as a player have limited options but one thing that can have big impact is to think your actions in combat while others are doing their things so that you're ready to go when it's your turn. Worst thing is to day dream and start thinking only after DM turns to you. So, be prepared and ready.

  18. If you didnt have a plan within a few seconds my dm would just let you do a basic attack to te closest enemy as a houserule. It really speeds up te procces and i really loved it!

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