1. This happens when you connect the game with your Facebook account.

  2. I thought so but I connected with my facebook but it didn’t happen :/

  3. Hi! I just started a new guild, it’s in the wooden league since it’s still new but I’m extremely active and we’re so ahead we’re going to win the quest for sure and go to the bronze. You’re more then welcome to join, you’ll have built a guild from the ground up! :)

  4. I know it's a little late, but next time you can open a new restaurant, don't do it. Hit the "x" in the upper righthand corner of the pop-up window. Stay in your current restaurant for a while and build up resources like gold and rubies. There's an unlimited amount of levels for each restaurant (I hear the current record is 10,000 levels in the same restaurant). That way, you can save up enough to upgrade everything ASAP. It will also keep you from hitting those endgame levels so fast, where they overtune everything to get the whales to spend.

  5. If I refuse to open the new restaurant will I be able to open it later on?

  6. I asked them on their Instagram DMs and they replied: “Hello Chef,

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