1st sea turtle nest found on Mississippi beach since 2018

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  1. I picked one up off a sidewalk in Mesa az. Back in 1990. Had a phone # in it, nice book, called and turned it in. They fucking descended on my apartment. 3 of them. Told them to gtfo and leave me alone. Got a phone call over my 'rude' behavior from the bishop? Local ecumenical council head? the next day. Next one I find goes straight in the trash.

  2. Man, back in the 1990s calling the 1800 number for a free Book of Mormon was a great way to get back at someone. They were relentless.

  3. To be fair, he also gets that way when he sees a brown person on TV.

  4. Tell them (name of least liked coworker) agreed to cover and is on their way.

  5. Lol so now when books are found with bullets they ask what the books did wrong to deserve it

  6. Sea egg challenge--tourists and teens trying to get Insta fame for holding an egg in their mouth the longest.

  7. Hell nah. Cletus and Billy Bob have a hankerin' fer sum turtle soup.

  8. I like the "pay it back when you can" bit. They are trying to get you to believe that good times are right around the corner.

  9. And many a Stop Sign will become bullet riddled.

  10. That's what I was doing and now I'm fired lol

  11. That's bullshit. Your boss did not adequately plan for the day's labor and demands you stay beyond your scheduled time to remedy his mistake? Fuck that guy.

  12. With all that scrutiny, I hope the lion can sleep tonight.

  13. The term "solopreneur" is a euphemism for masturbation and not a real thing.

  14. If the left starts being more abrasive and aggressive, then they'll lose respect from some of the public. Being as diplomatic as you can is the best way to earn the respect and favour of the right people.

  15. As an extremely left leaning liberal, I think I speak for most who believe what I believe when I say, whatever party wants Bill Maher can have him.

  16. Yes. Hopefully, with out the rapey stuff.

  17. She can tell you which came first: the chicken or the egg as she was there when it happened.

  18. Important question: Do you work for a company that engages in contracting for the Federal government, or which involves the use of heavy equipment or firearms? Those employers are still allowed to test for weed and can legally rescind a job offer that they've made to anyone who tests positive as part of their onboarding. , Now, if you're already a full-time employee, and there is no stated drug testing policy, they can still institute one (if they have a reason to do so), but they have to give employees ample notice that such a policy is being implemented.

  19. Very good post. The information is balanced and the problem absolutely lies at the federal level. There is absolutely no reason weed should be a Schedule 1 drug.

  20. I don’t get why some people having giant snakes like these and reticulated pythons in their homes as pets.

  21. Same reason people want animals like shitbulls as pets. Some people don't care about the consequences.

  22. Emerging Micro Penis. You have to be around the signal for 8 hours a day to grow your manhood.

  23. Probably more like just being a veteran. You are keeping the bar too high.

  24. This not the "Come Up" Macklemore spoke of.

  25. Ben Garrison is this generation's Jack Chick.

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