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  1. Yes it's true. I got kicked out of Computer Science/Electrical Engineering after 8 semesters for failing Maths IV.

  2. If you took 8 semesters to get your Vordiplom, then maybe it wasn‘t for you?

  3. $400 price target from such a big investment bank. I love it.

  4. Deutsche Bank has been in troubled water for some time now. Stock price deteriorated by 75% over ten years, multiple investigations into shady business practices.

  5. Im conflicted on whether to start a ng+ UH playthrough cuz ive seen some guides for it and they all suggest using legendary weapons that take up a lot of sludge. Feel like my experience will be ruined if I constantly have to farm for resources. I just wanna kill machines man, not play a farming simulator 😅

  6. The first thing you find out on ultrahard is that you need to pick your battles. Fight when you have to, just avoid it when not necessary.

  7. And that is quite an achievement, getting people to buy them despite that Bucky McBucktooth front grill.

  8. So, pension funds collapse when a relatively small percentage of people want their money back?

  9. Tim Apfel wenn man Onkel Trump glaubt

  10. If you‘ve ever seen Enemy at the Gates with Jude Law which is set in Stalingrad: In the first scene, they pack the conscripts into cattle wagons and padlock the doors. Then upon arrival they give every second guy a gun and order them to storm a German position. „If the guy in front of you is killed, pick up his weapon“.

  11. One thing changed dramatically: they're on the offence now.

  12. You could argue that the Soviets were trying to take back the occupied city of Stalingrad, and it was an offensive operation? Well mostly it was a siege.

  13. Nice sleeper. Looks totally stock on the outside. I‘ve seen hotter engines in first generation Golfs but still, with it weighing almost nothing, it must be a frisky drive.

  14. No kidding, the passat engine makes 134 hp and the car weighs < 2000lbs. Not a rediculous power to weight ratio but definetly enough to be entertaining.

  15. Gen1 GTI had 115 HP IIRC and the later 16V had 136 HP. It‘s going on the front wheels only so there‘s a limit to what makes sense in that vehicle.

  16. I dunno, I‘m an adrenaline junkie too but wingsuit flying would just pucker my ass too tightly by far.

  17. Can you imagine what an absolute pain in the ass it would have been to build that? Absolutely crazy.

  18. I saw a documentary about one in the Swiss Alps, basically it‘s all airlifted up there, concrete and all. Expensive af.

  19. Nope. Track bikes are very unique. They are the original fixie bikes because the rear wheels don‘t have a freewheel - it would simply break under the load. Hell these guys and girls regularly tear chains.

  20. Ah the windows shall see much use this season.

  21. That‘s why the senior guys are complaining. They have less to lose.

  22. Yes, quite cleanable, Az is dry, so you need to check chain wear to see how badly it has worn and get a double-cogged fixie and free wheel cog set, as it is often handy to have a low gear free wheel - unless like like steep hills on a fixie? Most bike shops should have what you need. Brake lines might have rusted too badly via steel fiber breakage = snap time on a steep hill load. All inner gears will be fine, just clean/grease.

  23. I think you misunderstood, they‘re not trying to make it a fixie, just asking if it‘s worth „fixing up“ aka repairing.

  24. Just don‘t go there anymore and tip off the police anonymously that people are employed there illegally. It‘s quite likely the whole operation is a money laundering scheme.

  25. It‘s so funny when that happens. I‘ve also had the drop pod kill a Crassus unfortunately so there wasn‘t as much gold as you‘d hope to get from it.

  26. Ripped my knee open 4 inches long on my own handlebars (brake lever bolt actually) despite wearing knee protection. Now I have knee /shin pads with Velcro that stay in place. That, ankle high shoes (Five Ten Impact Pro Mid) and a helmet are my go to for everyday riding. It‘s also kept my shins from catching flatpedal strikes, and weeds and branches can be ouchy too. It only gets tricky when colder weather starts and I want to wear long pants, but the shin guards don‘t fit under or over.

  27. they did so good with the map and soundtrack with this one. so atmospheric.

  28. Yeah I was watching a documentary about Nepal and when I saw those coloured pennants flying in the wind and the mana wheels, I said to my wife „Damn now I gotta play Far Cry 4 AGAIN“.

  29. Just platinumed it. Fantastic game. Which game in the series would you all recommend next? I'm leaning towards 5

  30. Can‘t go wrong with 5. The bullet drop takes some getting used to. But it‘s also extremely beautiful and the story is well done.

  31. Who remembers Max Biaggi almost crashing when he wheelied so hard winning his first 500 race? That was also in Japan I think.

  32. Have a look at The Box with Cameron Diaz. A box with button appears on somebody’s doorstep and the note attached explains that if they press it, they will get a million dollars, but also a random person somewhere will die. I thought it was great but also creepy.

  33. Carbs are the hack, keto is just a normal part of human metabolism. Remember we never relied on carbs before the agricultural revolution.

  34. People did eat fruits and roots and such, but of course it wasn‘t available year round, and it certainly wasn‘t supposed to make up the majority of your calories.

  35. The last sentence is key. Nvidia stock took a dive from an all time high of 346$ to now 136$, amid supply problems and the now completed Ethereum merge. He‘s trying to tell investors that Nvidia will be doing good business.

  36. he should shut the fuck up and do actual good business by lowering those retarded prices.

  37. He‘s going to learn that demand drives price even in a quasi monopoly. People will just not buy if they feel the product is overpriced.

  38. If you‘re buying liquid washing detergent you‘re just paying for someone to add water and ship it to you.

  39. Don‘t go full throttle all the time. Taking it slightly slower will still let you make it on time and take tighter turns.

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