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  1. For dry herb, the best portable is S&B's Mighty. No other vape produces the clouds and flavor. For concentrates, they offer a pad that you place in the chamber, but I don't like it. I use the puffco plus or if I want a bubbler, I use the carta focus. My two cents.

  2. They look suspiciously too dense. Did you get it at a Dispo? Is this BM bud? It looks very PGR. But then again, I'm no expert. It could be a really good trimming job.

  3. If the pawns are burning, could you imagine the poor dog's paws?

  4. Sure the pawns are burning, but what about the dog bishops or dog rooks?

  5. Their dog queen has been taken. She's now the bitch of the opposing dog King.

  6. I used to work at the lodge there, it’s honestly one of the most beautiful places in the world.

  7. All that area of the Canadian Rockies is breathtaking. Congrats on a beautiful picture. Perfect mirror.

  8. Enex says:

    I'm older than you by about a decade and I'm an EE student. According to Google, the average EE is early 40s. I'm not too concerned with ageism. (And it's what I want to do and I can't change my age, so it's not worth worrying over, imo.)

  9. I took on an IT master's program at Harvard Extension while I was in my middle 50's. Some classes were really hard. I had to take a class on Functional programming twice because the first time I got a C. Harvard does not count C's as a fulfilled requirement. It was really hard. At that age, all college kids avoid you. So, you're on your own. But I finished. Hardest thing ever. But it was all for naught. When it was time to look for a job, I already had a full time job as caretaker for my wife. That was the end of my college and studies adventures.

  10. I'll answer with the story of a friend of mine. He was a production plant manager (he studied something like that). When he was in his mid 30's, he decided he wanted to be a physician. Quit his job as soon as he was accepted into med school. He could have been the dad of some of his classmates. He didn't care. That was about 30+ years ago. He's been a successful physician for many years. Does that answer your question? Follow your dreams. No regrets.

  11. Put it all into a pot with water and bring the a boil, stir it for a minute or two, and then let it cool back down into a disc.

  12. This is sound advise to remove unwanted flavors. Follow it.

  13. That sounds reasonable. Did you decarb the bud before infusing? Might have a lot of chlorophyll left in it. Walk us through the process. Granted, the butter will taste different but not nasty. It'll taste like whatever strain you use.

  14. Acordate que en USA, ingeniero eléctrico incluye electrónicos también. Así, que como es la pregunta?

  15. Electrónicos? Vivo en los Estados Unidos y esta es la primera vez que escucho esto

  16. No hay ingeniería electrónica como major. Solo Electrical engineering. Show me a program in the US where they specifically have Electronic Engineering. Tienen ingeniería eléctrica y ya uno escoje que va a estudiar. Power generation, transmission, communications, digital electronics, computer architecture, chip design, etc. Pero todos son ingenieros eléctricos.

  17. When the ENT comes back down to earth, not even him/her will compute.

  18. If you can, the indigo hotel in Newton is by the last station on the green line (Riverside). Is a nice hotel, not as expensive as downtown and has some nightlife activities. Is by the intersection of I-90 and I-95. Easy to drive north to NH, Maine or VT for the foliage activities.

  19. It always is the first time. Is like having s.....well, you get the idea.

  20. Idk why a strain would matter . I just buy a RSO that comes in a needle to skip the extracting process

  21. Strain matter because it'll give you an idea of potency. One gram of 30% grease monkey does have twice the THC in a gram of pennywise. That's why. Of course if you buy rso or distillate, there's no strain involved since the concentrate will have the THC content spelled out (unless is black market, in which case, all bets are off).

  22. Omg your’e the only one ive seen talk about this godly strain i miss it…

  23. Haven't seen those in a while. Last year I found some grease monkey in Maine. Haven't seen it ever since.

  24. I can’t imagine myself needing anything else from here on out I grow my own and then vape it up.

  25. That's what I thought when I got mine. A year later I was using the mighty. Don't get me wrong, the solo 2 is great and I still use it. Just not getting the same mileage.

  26. I used the silo for about 2 years. During those years, my travel vape was the DaVinci's Ascent. Now I travel with the mighty. The ascent is my backup. It'll soon be replaced with the POTV One.

  27. Yes, you don't have to make edibles. Just decarb and eat directly. Or fine grind and put it in capsules.

  28. Too much chlorophyll… will lead to stomach issies

  29. Decarbed bud? Most if not all is gone at that point.

  30. Yes, get a full spectrum. The red/blue (a.k.a." blurple") LED use inferior/outdated technology. Yes, you can grow with them but your yield will be much lower than with full spectrum.

  31. You're absolutely correct. Take it from someone that worked with lightning. Around the block I'm known as Mr Thor. Btw, user name checks.

  32. My daughter had a similar reaction when we showed like that. We are not white nor entitled. This is a wholesome moment. Doesn't have to be Paris. You are just a bitter sob that can't enjoy other people's happiness.

  33. You forgot to say that person’s also racist. What a waste

  34. Yes. That too. And the OP has a user name that perfectly describes him. He is a true pqek.

  35. I haven’t been part of this subreddit long enough yet—please tell me there are pictures of weed Christmas trees around the holidays

  36. Wait for December. Some people here will not shy away from a challenge.

  37. I keep seeing people say this and I don’t understand. Just grabbed 7 different strains from a myriad of growers and they’re all uniquely reeking up the jars I transferred them to, with maybe ONE exception (Chunky Monkey from High Road was a little subtle). You guys need to start going places that let you smell the nugs or something because y’all have some shit luck when it comes to picking nugs.

  38. How are going to do that in a Dispo. Almost everything is prepackaged.

  39. For example I go to captains, blossom, and stoner and co and they all let me smell the flower before purchase. Stoner and co even weighs it out from the jar you’re looking at…..

  40. Good to know. I'll check next time I need to stock up. Thanks for sharing.

  41. How do you do a water cure? I've heard using a French press among other ways I'm sure! I'm always open to learning!

  42. That's what we're here for. We help each other.

  43. This is the best advice. Follow it. If you don't have any, go to a gas station. CBD is everywhere.

  44. You're talking about pre-80s. That's the reason my wife used so much film. For her, it was like unlimited memory. I had to keep an inordinate amount of film at hand. I didn't like being called a scrooge. A sight of relief when we got a Sony camera that uses mini disks. Hot hundreds of those waiting to be transferred to a cloud service.

  45. Curious. How much was that? I try to stay away from pre-ground unless is a price you can't ignore.

  46. We're going to see sales like this during the next two or three months. Harvest time is coming. They need to unload old stock to make room for the new batches. Also, there's s lot more cultivators and NJ competition is fierce. Good times ahead for us stoners.

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