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  1. Drones are fuckin everywhere. Totally random where they will spawn, just like everything else.

  2. 3.875% here. Could be worse.

  3. Why not refinance? I went from a 4.25 down to a 2.875. Didn't even need an appraisal.

  4. I might cry in 3.5% but I was sitting at 4.5% before I refinanced last year, no appraisal needed because two of my neighbors sold their houses for a shitload of money so I had easy comps.

  5. Yeah man, out here in CO the market jumped 50% in my area. Had the equity to get out of mortgage I insurance, and comps high enough to skip the apprasial.

  6. What does it mean by 4moa in reference to the optic? I thought that was a measurement for the gun.

  7. Moa stands for minute of angle. 1moa = about an inch over 100 yards. 4moa= about 4 inches over 100 yards. Essentially it's how "accurate" the sight is.

  8. It is the size of the dot. It has nothing to do with “accuracy”. The dot covers 4 MOA which, as mentioned, is roughly how a 4” circle looks at 100yds.

  9. That's why I put quotes around accuracy. Just figured it was an easy way to explain it, though yours is better.

  10. Yeah, I haven’t tightened the tailpiece when this pic was taken. It’s on there properly now.

  11. He means to say when you glue the 45 on, make sure it is tilted up very slightly.

  12. Lol. At its widest it maybe 10ft or so. This is Manhattan so people cram things a little more here. Ph on a 40+ story building in midtown Manhattan.

  13. I do not envy your job out there. I'll stick to my easy stick frame houses out here in CO.

  14. If it came down to it how do you properly discard ammunition? Trash can seems like a bad idea

  15. I'll dispose of them for you-- free of charge.

  16. Just a simple Hi-Point C9 I rattlecanned with a little urban camouflage. Guess I should find a good holster for it, need to start carrying it. It’s always entertaining to bring to the range.

  17. Camo is only gonna work if the owner is a massive dick. So... does it work?

  18. idk when my second trip will be tho. i’m kinda scared to go alone

  19. Well, it's a bit more expensive, but if you're serious about the hobby, think about taking a class at your local range. 1 On 1 time with a pro is invaluable as a newbie. Then, maybe, once that's complete you won't be worried about going alone.

  20. I'd refuse the work. Call it a biohazard. Fuckin disgusting people.

  21. Nothing of value was lost, except a bullet.

  22. Wrong. Pretty sure it's closer to 15 bullets. Assuming it's 9mm, that's damn near 5 bucks for (cheap) range ammo.

  23. If I go with a straight tailpiece does anyone make one that can be solvent welded on the other end? I have limited depth for a slip fitting below the floor

  24. Well, these are a real PITA. What we used to do, before switching to the rough in tub flange, was to glue a 1.5in trap adapter onto the stand pipe, and then thread a flanged tailpiece onto the tub. Then, with a few 2x4s holding the tub up above the drain, align it with the drain and attach it. Slowly remove the 2x4s, and have it sit on the ground. Then give it a test. Run it for a bit, check below. If no leak, fill the tub entirely and check again.

  25. It's not fun, it takes way too long, and requires a helper. But I can say it does work. If you need to set another free standing tub in the future, these are a lifesaver.

  26. The gauge is for the inspection. Out here in CO, we test to 20psi, and actual gas pressure is way less that 1psi

  27. How about throwing some flex tape on it until the plumber arrives? I thought the commercial shows that type of application?

  28. If I were the plumber going in to fix this, and it was wrapped with flex shit, I'd have to double my price. Soldering requires a clean metal surface, and that flex shit doesn't clean easily.

  29. I never seen anything come out of that before. My old water heater also had that. Not sure if its a violation, I live in NJ.

  30. Honestly, it doesn't matter. That valve will only go off the temperature or pressure in the tank gets too high. And even then, it's just a pipe to get the water to a floor drain, and not all over the floor. Pex, copper, pvc, cvpc, anything will work

  31. Yeah, I'd say it looks decent. Although he didn't pipe the pan to the floor drain (assuming you have one) which kinda defeats the purpose of the pan. If you don't have a floor drain close, just disregard this, and it looks good

  32. Around here (WI), it's purple primer that gives it away. It's not code required, but they really sell you on it at the big box stores for some reason.

  33. It's opposite out here in Colorado. No inspector will pass you without purple primer.

  34. That would be a replica of a 1863 pocket remington with a brass frame, sold by CVA which If I recall correctly don't make there own guns they just sell rebranded Peitta or Uberti. Here is a link to one.

  35. Hell yeah, thanks. Thats exactly what I need.

  36. I inherited this little guy a while ago, and its been sitting in the safe ever sense. Its marked "CVA" in the brass frame, and "ASM BLACK POWDER ONLY MADE IN ITALY" on the barrel. Hoping to get some info on what it is exactly, as well as an approximate value.

  37. Thanks! I considered that too. I keep thinking he had a reason, but more and more I'm not sure what he was on about. I think he knows how to run a drain but supply lines not so much.

  38. Did he have an ice maker and dishwasher line ran already? Maybe he was planning on putting a 3/4x1/2x1/2 tee for them.

  39. I appreciate the insight, this is my first house and the only experience I have with pipes is playing Mario. What's the ballpark price of replacing pipes throughout a house with two bathrooms? We have a subfloor that I imagine would make reaching the plumbing relatively easier if that's much of a factor in labor.

  40. Well, pricing is against the rules, and honestly is impossible to give without seeing it in person.

  41. My bad. That makes sense though. The house was built in the late 60s so it's definitely gonna need updating.

  42. When you install the new valve, be sure to use teflon tape on the pipe. Install it in the same direction that the valve will thread on. Youtube will probably explain it better than me.

  43. Thank you both so much! I'm clearly new at this and I appreciate both of you helping me out! I have what's probably a headed question... Am I understanding the compression sleeve thing right? There are no threads on the pipe itself for the valve to screw onto. Instead, this sleeve and nut system works by tightening into the smooth pipe itself to form a seal as I tighten the nut?

  44. That's correct. The sleeve literally compresses around the pipe.

  45. Thanks! Cutting copper sounds like a job I'd need to bring someone in for, right? So, best case scenario is that I can screw the old one off and the new one on. Will it be obvious if the sleeve and nut are in good shape or not? Something specific I should look for? (And again, thanks!)

  46. Yeah, or just go to home depot and buy a cheap pair of copper Cutters ($20 or so). The sleeve shouldn't be damaged-- but look for any sort of gash in it. As for the nut-- it can crack and that'll be super obvious.

  47. The top part unscrews from the flat part. Will reveal a flathead screw to remove the rest of it.

  48. Been plumbing for 8 years, and I've never come across one. Why not just get a standard one? You don't need tools to tighten a slip joint nut-- they are designed to be hand tightened.

  49. Agree with the author that it’s hardly an epidemic. And reports often fudge perception by stating ghost guns were part of an arrest because somebody who got arrested had a ghost gun. Not that it was used in a crime by the convicted. And then there’s counting deserialized guns as ghost guns in the same story that says host guns are self manufactured. But seriously, where can I get one that takes 30 minutes to build?

  50. Watched my buddy build a GST-9. If the timer started once the drill bit hit plastic, that was a 30 minute build easy.

  51. Red likely leads to your hose bib(s) being that there’s a drain downstream of it. Blue and black are your main shut offs. The brass bell is your pressure reducing or regulating valve. Keeps your water pressure somewhere below 80 PSI as not to damage fixtures and plumbing in the event that it could raise higher than that.

  52. I'd wager a guess that the red goes to an irrigation system.

  53. Thank you all for the replies. I made this post to show my girlfriend that they aren't flushable, but she still won't listen. I tried lol

  54. Price is impossible to give from a single picture, not to mention it breaks the subs rules. Anything is feasible, as long as the local jurisdiction allows.

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