1. I dont believe religion is evil , i believe people are the source of evil. If any thing i have seen severe punishments for things that we consider evil in various religions.

  2. If you want to put the cloth I would suggest digging it down evenly all the way around so that they're is a little bit of space to feel back in with rocks or bark after you put down the weed cloth. Maybe artificial grass. One nice bush in the center something that flowers or fruits.

  3. I think it's mostly about preference some people would say watering the grass is a waste of money.

  4. It totales out at 60 mg you're going to be fine

  5. Hope you're enjoying your vacation

  6. When you say they can’t evict you all, that is wrong. If you choose to do something that can cause an eviction, they will. On top of that are you going to explain how their credit and future rental options are fucked up? That’s the devastating part. They listen to someone on Reddit who didn’t say why they are so smart to think of such a plan, then their credit is messed up, so even if they want a car loan it will be a very high interest rate. In addition to, they will not be able to rent from anyone who checks their credit or background, so they will have to hope for some slum area and probably a run down building.

  7. Getting together and collectively bargaining for fair rent is something we absolutely need. We need to get together help people who have been evicted. Coordinate to make sure that unit someone was evicted from is not rented for more money.

  8. Good luck with that! Just don’t complain when you are stuck renting all of your life

  9. People are stuck renting their whole lives because there are slumlords, for profit people and corporations out there hoarding more property than they need artificially inflating rental prices. Then trying to tell people the problem is them not working hard enough, not enough housing stock.

  10. You asked “what American politician isn’t begging”. He is not an active politician.

  11. Are you trying to say Trump isn't a politician?

  12. Trump is still holding political rallies, campaigning for donations to his political career.

  13. I would not be surprised if one of the documents seized said something about a specific judge being in Trumps pocket. Neither she, not Trump, would like such a document to see the light of day. There is no doubt that Trump sold her the appointment and the price was future considerations. She was Specifically put in this location for situations just like this.

  14. I wish we could get someone to take advantage of the system in our favor. like get instilled in a place of power for favors later down the road, but instead of doing those favors they laugh in their face and do the opposite.

  15. Seems like a very lucrative long term business arrangement with the powerful senator and the super wealthy Asian family, but what the hell do I know?

  16. No way anybody should be defending Mitch McConnell he's sleeping in the bed he made. McConnell should already be in prison for the special treatment he gives his wife and her family.

  17. Only people who want to prevent other people from reproducing should be prevented from reproducing

  18. Is there a place we can see China's Rover pictures of Mars?

  19. Remember what happens when you do the correct thing. To stand up against people taking advantage of power. To expose the truth knowing you will be attacked and imprisoned.

  20. She could fuck the Republicans if she ran 3rd party in 2024. She only needs a percent or two of the vote to swing the election, like Ross Perot in 1992.

  21. The stupid gullible voters of 92 gave us the shitty timeline we have today imagine if a third party was able to take power things would be so different. he wanted to give the power back to the people with electronic direct democracy.

  22. The hard truth is there is no best movie of all time. There are great movies In Time but how you feel about the movie is going to depend about where you were in life when you saw it. Teenagers today watching movies from 20 years ago are going to have a different reaction. I really like angels with dirty faces and the original Scarface for top 10 best movies. But it seems like critics or the people making these top movie choices have never even seen them.

  23. That’s not how vaccines work dingus, and if you think it is that’s just one more reason you should keep your kid out of public schools all together.

  24. You are completely ridiculous if someone is so uneducated that they think vaccines are leaking out of the skin and infecting people you think their children should not go to school.

  25. So to be clear in your mind every other parent has to everything possible to keep their kid from giving your kid a disease, while you and your kid have to do nothing at all and if you get other peoples kid sick well that’s just their problem?

  26. Every child should be allowed to go to school to suggest anything else is highlighting one of our biggest problems education deprivation.

  27. but the reality show was about being a top performer in business.. which he was... he knew how to run businesses, which is what the country needed and not a career politician. Sure, you can point to a few failures he had, like the university, but he had lots of winners. He was good at making deals and networking with people... great for a president..

  28. The Only Winners he had were all government contracts he got through his dad everything else was a failure. he even managed to turn a profitable Casino into a failure once he took control.

  29. He lost the popular vote the first time he should have never been president.

  30. Are we at the point where we are pretending trump wasn’t openly skeptical of fauci and the cdc?

  31. Trump appointed fauci, rushed the vaccine and got the vaccine before anyone else. In pushing the vaccine through at warp speed Trump gave the drug companies immunity from any future side effects. When you're openly skeptical of somebody you've appointed that is manipulation.

  32. No he's not you are 100% correct we have to remember the doctor he appointed was fauci.

  33. You mean Republicans. Democrats have been pushing for campaign finance reform. The article even points this out.

  34. It’s been a common push here by the diary and cattle industry to make any protein alternatives seem bad.

  35. Growing anything to feed 7.8 billion people is going to leave an impact. Big corporations are trying to push the responsibility of climate change onto the consumer. When in reality they are the cause. The flaring of 3% of all natural gas is just the beginning.

  36. Okay. Let's see how the "everybody does it" defense flies in court. You know that both sides have their watchdog groups with lawyers sniffing around for dirt on the opposition all the time. Most of what they do is technically legal. Especially after SCOTUS legalized bribery.

  37. This is the good content this sub needs again I wish it would make it to the top.

  38. SS: Fourteen days after being injected with an AstraZeneca “vaccine” a 25-year-old woman suffered a transplant rejection. Almost four and a half years earlier she had a successful kidney transplant and she did not report any difficulties until after “vaccination.”

  39. So this is her second kidney transplant? Seems like there's more going on then just the vaccine.

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