1. It's kinda valid though. When I first started I made a 7 bar loop for a song because I "couldn't think of anything else for the last bar" and the entire song was written in sections of 7 bars. I learned through YouTube and my friend candidly pointing out my mistake

  2. What mistake? There's nothing inherently wrong about a 7 bar section. Everything doesn't have to be 8/16/32 bars all the time.

  3. The n + 1 rule is fake, I wouldn't expect the highlighted proton to show up as a singlet

  4. I believe it’s based on the number of carbons, if the benzene is bound to a chain longer than 6 carbons, it’ll be considered a substituent

  5. Depends on what else is on the chain. Consider phenethylamine (2-phenylethan-1-amine) for example.

  6. ssris are highly addictive and have very little proven clinical benefit, if not a laundry list of debilitating side effects. fuck off

  7. SSRIs have helped me personally so you can suck my dick sir

  8. Yea? They're not supposed to be a cure for being rude to people saying stupid shit on the internet lol

  9. get that mid turnt UP applebottom jeaaans

  10. damn, that man really said mulldog was out there sipping on sherwin williams.

  11. Tom trying to be chill and side-step the question about the Cum Town guys at first and then just reverting back to expressing his seething hatred of Nick was one of the funniest chapo moments in recent memory

  12. I hate that this is what they’re teaching in college, nobody cares and you’re never going to use this skill. You will use a software to name this if you ever make it. Teach chemistry students why you use an acid modifier in reverse phase chromatography.

  13. I believe the proper nomenclature is using apostrophes for substituent carbons. So anthracene would be 1’, 2’, 3’, 4’, 4a’, etc and if there was a second ring system, 1”, 2”, 3” etc. you’d pronounce it as one prime, two prime or one double prime, two double prime etc

  14. Holy shit the madlads went and got Tom Myers. TAFS in shambles!

  15. I'm so confused, I thought Tom Myers was just a figment of Mullen's imagination

  16. Ricky LaFleur tells better knock knock jokes than the Clintons.

  17. “Knock Knock Lahey.” “Who’s there Ricky?” “Fuckin’ shitty fuckin trailer park supervisor that hangs around with a big gutted drunk elf thinks he getting’ us thrown back in jail but he can’t because he’s got no evidence. He’s dumb as fuck. He’s got this other thing goin’ on in head that’s flyin it turnily around and… fuckin get… different…fuck!”

  18. "Track out" is not a thing everywhere or with everyone. Heads-up.

  19. If people use that terminology to communicate and there's a mutual understanding of what it means, then yes it is a thing. Language prescriptivism is stupid.

  20. Wayback machine, there are several archives of it. It's a good series of articles.

  21. BMF in MMA history?? Lol, I love Penn fanboys. You guys are so delusional.

  22. It means not Penn. It means better, badder fighters who backed up their big mouth better than Penn did against GSP, Rory, Diaz, Ryan hall.. back to Fitch in 2011 which was a draw and his last 'not loss'. Also, a few parking lot losses as well. :)

  23. See, the term you're looking for is "GOAT". There's a reason the "BMF belt" was awarded to the winner of Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal (not GSP, or Anderson, or Fedor). Remember? You seem weirdly emotionally invested in this "BMF" thing, it doesn't actually mean anything so you can relax.

  24. Yes, double-checked it just now, C:\texlive\2022\bin\win32

  25. There are very few hills that I will die on in chemical education, but this is one of them. A covalent bond is a region of electron density between two nuclei that attracts both nuclei and holds them together at the given bond length.

  26. Huh, don't think I've heard about this one before but interesting, thanks

  27. "After a while it just stopped being fun because you've got your sulfur chlorides which smell like shit, and you've got your ammonia which smells like piss, and you're fucking just putting them together and you're just getting your starting material back, and you're like what am I doing with my life, I smell like piss and shit, and all I have is fucking sulfur." One of the greatest quotes, and absolutely hilarious at the same time.

  28. Don't forget about tars, sludges and weird precipitates

  29. Hello, wallet inspector here, can I please see your wallet?

  30. Or cast to a smart TV or chrome cast. Homeboy is just too lazy or doesn't wanna learn how to do any of it.

  31. Doesn't wanna admit he's a mark lol, imagine paying 75 dollars for every shitty ppv on top of a monthly ESPN+ subscription, you might as well have just given all your money to the wallet inspector

  32. "The DEA is lying" is always followed up with "you're just niaeve" but honestly I can never get any of you tweakers to respond with any credible data whatsoever other than those two vauge personal attacks....

  33. Don't bother with this person, just some unhinged tweaker who has deluded themselves into believing sucking on a pipe gives them scientific "data" from which they can deduce the chemical properties of a substance.

  34. keep sliding away from the real issue. you speak of delusion, yet your mind is closed. if this wasn't a thing, it wouldn't be a thing. it's plain as fart in church -unless you have an agenda of some sort, or an axe to grind. good luck out there.

  35. This smells like bs, who is this twitter account run by? I'm gonna need five neutral third party chechen speakers to translate this word for word independently of each other before I believe anything lol

  36. Chechen here. Translation seems right to me.

  37. I'm sure you're right but because of how chaotic everything is right now, I feel like everyone is trying to fool me lol

  38. Oh yeah fuck the ufc for giving him one of the biggest names in the company in a basically #1 contenders fight. Never understood this narrative. Nate had nothing to lose and all to win in this fight.

  39. Yea that's definitely what this was, just looking to see who is next in line for a title shot, so naturally you put the number 3 guy vs. an unranked guy looking to get out of his contract to go do celebrity boxing. Just match making 101 here.

  40. The reflexive monarchist ass kissing in here is embarrassing

  41. Insensitive Crypto greed strikes again. The whole space seems to be populated with sociopaths.

  42. oh no so insensitive how could they, have they no sympathy for her majesty the queen

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