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This is the first imagery we have of tiny cuboid crystals made of tens of molecules of NaCl emerging from the chaotic mixture of separate sodium and chloride ions. In other words, the first-ever atomic resolution video of salt crystals forming in real time

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  1. We should using our knowledge of DNA to cure diseases like herpes. Instead we get this.

  2. I rarely see skaters wearing helmets these days. Why is that?

  3. The far left is functionally powerless in US politics today. They're useful idiots to the Dems every election season and are always unceremoniously dumped after election day. Bitching and moaning are all they can do.

  4. No way man, anti American leftists are in effective control of the Dems and are DEMolishing the country at breakneck speed.

  5. I’m sure they are that’s why Biden has been able to pass exactly zero hard left policies

  6. He's using executive orders to forward his EXTREMIST AGENDA

  7. And apparently it was a refugee. In the comments on another post people are talking about how this happens often with refugees, they’re loud on the street and the locals are scared of them.

  8. Well he's screwed now... he'll probably get DOZENS of hours of community service.

  9. OOOOH MAN we never should have legalized crime! BUT WHO COULD HAVE FORSEEN THESE DISASTEROUS RESULTS??

  10. That guy is an amateur. I travelled to 6 countries and 9 US states using 5 different aliases including fake Romanian, Indonesian, and Paraguayan passports (and even a counterfeit Cambodian heavy equipment operator’s license) to get the following: 2 Pfizer, 2.5 Moderna, 3 Sinovac, 1 AstraZeneca, 3 Covishield, 2 Sputnik V, 3 COVILO, 4 1/2 Medigen, 1 Sputnik Light, and 2 Covaxin. Topped off my world tour with a Johnson and Johnson booster-victory-lap at my local CVS.

  11. I'm just saying, a little bit of percussive maintenance made Japan go from imperialism and isolationism to novelty vending machines, bullet trains, and hentai.

  12. Dude you're on a sub documenting the antics of guys who dedicate their lives to creating as much misery, chaos, and death before their wild lifestyles inevitably claim their own lives.... But I'm the wierdo.

  13. It’s going to take a revolution. We need to show up with pitchforks and torches at these liberal hack judges and DA that let these people off the hook.

  14. I mean where in LA are you going? You’ll only get banged on in specific and easy to avoid neighborhoods, if you’re just sight seeing you won’t run into gangbangers

  15. In the army they have 'boot." Is there a term for that phenomenon when observed in LE?

  16. They could just put some bang ads and badge bunny waifu’s on the back and id sign up

  17. You gotta make peace with the idea they will never have to leave if they don't want to. She has an equal right to be there as much as you do with or without paying the rent. There is nothing so wonderful about this place that you can't just abandon it in the next week.

  18. Did I miss the dog part? Also if you bail out on your lease can't you be sued by the LandChads? And it will probably nuke your Socal Credit Score credit rating like not paying any bill would am I wrong?

  19. Dog is in another comment. Breaking the lease, saying you're leaving tomorrow, will hurt your credit but it's not nightmarishly awful. There's some penalty you pay out of your deposit and then the rent will be on her. She can leave as well or stay but you're out of it. The hit on your credit won't be that bad. I had to break my rental lease when I bought my first house and did not really see a big issue in my credit report a year later. Being paralyzed by a 12 month lease with six months left is stupid. When you gotta go, you gotta go and people deal with this all the time.

  20. Ok I had no idea it was such a minor thing. He should definitely bail out then immediately! How could you even sleep in a house with a psycho like that. It would be like an insane asylum but with knives available to every inmate

  21. In very very simple words : by bouncing electrons on atoms. You see objects with your eyes when lights bounces off them and into your eyes.

  22. It's completely mind-boggling. You're telling me that electrons bounce off different atoms in different ways? And that you can bounce electrons off atoms without them interacting with the atom in a way that messes up the atom? It's incredible I can't believe they did it that's just amazing I never thought I would see atoms!

  23. Lmao he never said Fidel castro is good guy. He praised Fidel castro for “educating the kids, gave them healthcare”. Nobody is 100% good or 100% bad. We must praise the good and condemn the bad. Fidel castro was a bad leader because he was extremely authoritarian not because he wanted to teach kids how to read and write and give them healthcare (which is the only thing Bernie defended him for). Here’s the comments from him addressing “praising Castro”

  24. I like Bernie as a man who I believe is well intentioned. But he's never had a real job in his life and he definitely took the commie pill.

  25. Bernie is literally a commie who has never worked at a real job. If a person like that honeymoons in the Soviet Union after praising innumerable communists, communist dictatorships and having redistributive politics, yes it's important that honeymooned there.

  26. Awesome! Do you just roam around the neighborhood doing cat stuff?

  27. Stray. My cats don't react to it a lot, but I love the game.

  28. It’s real.. very disturbing. There’s also a tiny detail in the last slide, the characters are DOUBLE masked. Been staring at these signs on the subway for months now

  29. There's still conservatives on Facebook? I thought zuccerberg's Red Guards had gulaged them all

  30. Honestly the dad is a major coward and I’d never leave him with my kid again. He climbs to safety and leaves his kid on the floor then while she’s crying for him tells her to stop crying? Smh. Also owners like that one should face jail time.

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