1. The only thing missing in this shit show is Crusader Enclaves along the Syrian coast.

  2. NGL I think way too many of us get into serious conspiratorial ideation.

  3. Your first mistake was living in Crown Heights. I'm a frum (geir) chabadnick and I'm pretty sure I hate most of the people that live there. I think the neighborhood has improved a lot since I lived and went to school there 10+ years ago. I remember it being just a cesspool of bigotry, open racism, anti science, hypocrisy, and sweeping shit under the rug.

  4. My god maybe we are just an atom in a bigger beings body

  5. That possum has a cool gait... I wonder if that's novel / species specific, or it's common and the photographer just made a lucky shot

  6. I used to watch my carpenter Grandpa strop chisels on his palm when I was a kid. He did it way faster than I’d ever try!

  7. Everytime we lose one of those old school MADLADS we are much the poorer.

  8. Of all the convicted criminals who should be publicly named, rapist murderers is at or near the top. Not sure why that's a bafflingly stupid neanderthal regressive Ameritard thing to expect LMAO

  9. NONBINARY Asexual Transgender Organization ✈️('-')7 ✈️

  10. I feel like amphibious landings against a modern army may be pretty much impossible. 160,000 men crossed on D-Day with 10,000 day 1 casualties, and that was without any type of PGM. There's no cover in the ocean, so you are exposed for miles, and if a Javelin can hit a tank, it (or something with slight modification) can sure as hell hit a troop landing ship. It would be a turkey shoot.

  11. How about a naval blockade? They could "just" seal off a hundred or so miles around the island and dare us to have an epic naval battle with another nuclear powerer and see how it goes.

  12. I don't really think that would work. US could send in ships with supplies (no weapons) and China will face the choice of sinking the civilian ships and starting a war with the world's biggest navy, or back down in humiliation. So a really high risk move for them. Less so for the US because China is unlikely to have a navy that can take the US head on at least until 2050.

  13. These prospect of two big nuclear powers going up against each other militarily is an interesting possibility... Aside from being terrifying, it would be kind of a funny dance where each side has to not use them I guess. For example, What if China really has some ULTRASONIC MISSILE BARRAGE that actually will take out carriers and they wack a couple? Hard to imagine us just slinking back to port, but what's the alternative? 😬

  14. Please don't take this as racist but.... I thought black people had more common sense than to get into the whole gender thing.

  15. What happened is, LGBTQ+ pro max community merged with black movements because they knew it would be better than standing alone, that's why you see pride flags at any black movement or protest and the race hustlers are now trying to pander to them, average black people have more important things to worry about than LGBTQry* max community

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