1. It was indeed cute but i also felt double elim vibes from it

  2. I loved, but also, double elim. If you want to perform and a pair and be judged as a pair, then you should also get eliminted as a pair.

  3. Come through Nancy Sinatra!

  4. The twins knowing all well that they'd be put up against each other in a lip sync and thus choreographing routines, to probably every song, and thus out-producing the producers, is fierce af idc lol

  5. The OG "overly dressed GF // casual wear BF" couple

  6. Why would I not sharpen my pitch fork in response to hearing that someone tried to mess with a workplace safety rule created in response to a very infectious disease that can bring fit, young and healthy adults to their knees???

  7. "I can't believe I have to clarify what I thought was a funny story"

  8. This reminds me Raja worked with Tyra and Miss Jay, she has a post graduate runway degree.

  9. Her 'I have a masters degree in fierce' line inspires me every day tbh

  10. 69'ing - if you're good at oral, your partner shouldn't be able to focus enough on giving you good oral, and vice versa. Just take turns!! If you want to maintain some personal arousal while going down on your partner, use a toy.

  11. Was anyone else turned on during Anetra's performance or???? She is just that good at performing. Also, she's smoking, in and out of drag. Wheeww!!!

  12. Honestly (and unfortunately) this was straight out of the packet! I think I maybe shortened it an inch or two because he’s a short king but besides that no alterations. My tips for good fitting regardless is learning to read the wrinkles—always very important when making mock-ups!

  13. Thank you for the reply! I was meant to write print-matching. I can't stop looking at the yoke, it lines up all so well. How do you match the prints of the fabric so well?

  14. Ahhh that’s a different ballgame! Cutting accurately is very important and having transparent pattern pieces where you can see the actual seamline is crucial imo! Then pinning the crap out of it.

  15. Thank you for the advice!

  16. Also not just shit talking but also having more of an actual conversation between queens. With the current set up especially early on its basically just a shouting match to be heard or get camera time

  17. I love GaGa but I am not forgiving her for starting the pattern of guest judges spending time with the queens backstage. Gaga gave good, individual critiques, but it feels like most guest judges go backstage for a mini meet and greet, taking away time from the queens

  18. If we started to charge for ambo rides like they did in the US people would be FAR less likely to call but at the same time it would ruin those who genuinely need it.

  19. I've been into the franchise for a long time and this is my first time hearing about Chad and Raja. How did they come to meet and have Chad be Raja"s mother? I remember Raja alluding to first learning to do makeup from her high school friends, learning drag amongst punk and fetish artists, etc. but can't recall Chad in the stories.

  20. The shoe attachments make it look like she's got a MAD case of cliffhangers, if you don't look closely enough

  21. What a good day to have eyes

  22. Look into the following topics:

  23. Beatiful colour, and work!

  24. If there is a "commotion" or "issue" (in this proverb, clapping), then it takes two people (two hands) to make it so.

  25. ... I love this so much

  26. A telephone directory of therapists for him, and an address book of friends and safe spaces for yourself so you can pack and leave ASAP

  27. Yeah….ngl kinda worried about that….

  28. I agree, sometimes it's ok to gatekeep

  29. The more I study biology and quantum physics, the more I fully believe these TERFS have no fucking clue what theyre on about.

  30. Ooh, as somebody familiar with the biology arguments (I study/work in a clinical health field) I'm intrigued by the role/take that quantum physics plays against TERF arguments - do you have any papers or concepts for me to look into so I can learn?

  31. This is wet moulded leather (dampen veg tan leather and manipulate on body/mould).

  32. I wore Solovairs with greasy leather to this year's Splendour (lol) and they did very well. I did tape the laces though, which I am sure helped immensely.

  33. Detox’s entrance look is TIMELESS 🕰️ it’s still wearable for 2022

  34. Detox is an underrated fashion and performance queen, imo.

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