1. I can't speak to weightloss, but I feel great when I take ACV. I drink mine in water. Hope you benefit from yours. It's good stuff

  2. Friend works ground crew for major airline that mandated, so he was fired for a year over it. 16/~400 of his local coworkers (ground crew) passed away during that year, or roughly 4%. Young people under 50, causes of death heart attacks, strokes, aneurysms, died in sleep etc. Notably, they all get free flights as a job perk, which may affect clotting. He's worked there for over a decade and said average was 1 death per year from his team (in a range of 0-2)

  3. It’s that time. We have red tails over here and they love to scope out my loft. Hope your cuties heal quickly! I have two from my loft that were messed up. One I think had a deficiency of some sort, another baby passed. Rest are all healthy and thriving. 😭💜

  4. Ooooh, you have achieved serious status with this. You have their attention in a good way. All kinds of things can happen.

  5. idk shortly after another crow tried to steal my hair clip off my head and drew blood. The clip was very shiney and it looked like a seashell

  6. The shiney, it calls to them. We'll assume that was an aberration and be optimistic for for the future 🐦‍⬛

  7. they are funny little birds. they remind me of humans

  8. Omfg you were the person to make the bug tumbler! I saw it and it was gone and I was like nooooooo!!!!!! So that’s gonna be my April 25th present to myself this year! Heck yeah!

  9. Whenever someone tells you they care about mental health, you can be assured they’re a liar or a grifter, and are not to be trusted.

  10. I agree. The people who helped me were those who talked to me as one person to another. A couple of those were professionals, but the vast majority were friends, family, aquaintances, and even strangers.

  11. It was so messed up when people knew the suicides were happening, but believed they were justified.

  12. so sorry for your loss. what a sweet way to remember him

  13. sorry to hear you are going through this. Praying for God to work in your life

  14. Happy birthday!!🎉🎉 🎉 (today is my birthday too!)

  15. Honestly, this is the biggest flaw in my mind. Pfizer unblinded their trials, so we have no long term data from their trials. We don't seem to be tracking who is vaxxed, how many vaccines if they are vaxxed, and what their COVID cases have been like if they got COVID.

  16. there was also that girl who was paralyzed and had to be unblinded so they could diagnose why she was paralyzed...

  17. great idea! everyone should pass this along to their networks

  18. welcome to the world, Little Molasses! Omg so noisey already

  19. prayed for your goals and prayed for healing your heart and hope for the future

  20. He was the most hard working person I’ve ever known. Everyone complimented him for that. He was a very calm and collected person and never liked conflicts.

  21. he sounds like someone everyone would like to be around

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