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  1. Not at all. Lots of creators use Patreon as a tip jar, with no benefits.

  2. You can refund him from the relationship manager, but honestly, if you have content posted, and just aren't currently posting, I'd let it ride.

  3. That's what i did. I made 4 notices (month before i stopped, week before i stopped, when i stopped, and a week after i stopped). Noticed one dude hadn't unsubsribed, sent him a dm, and let him ride it out for 3 more months with a clear conscience. I tried but at the end of the day i had other things to worry about (hence why i stopped).

  4. I did that with a friend of mine. I was his lone patron for months, and he didn't post content. I figured I'd just hang out until he was ready to launch for real. Maybe this dude is just hanging out, hoping you'll start up again.

  5. The community tab isn't available to all creators, and yes, it's for patrons only to post. You can comment on their posts, but you cannot post there yourself.

  6. Yep, I can’t post there… but I can’t even find it! So I can’t neither reply.

  7. You should absolutely go to HR, and contact the hiring manager of the new position, and alert both that your current manager is holding you back from advancing.

  8. Creators generally don't block someone who pledges $100 for no reason.

  9. How am I supposed to work it out with them if they blocked me and I have no way to communicate with them?

  10. Contact them through social media. They should have their accounts linked on their page.

  11. Is the card you're using an actual credit card, rather than a debit card, a prepaid card, or a gift card? Sometimes, those other cards get their batch numbers flagged, and once that happens, Patreon will not accept them as valid payment.

  12. It's a prepaid card! Why would its batch number get flagged though? I have never had any issues with it before...

  13. The batch number is identified as a prepaid, rather than an actual credit card. Sometimes, that takes a while. Once it happens, it's no longer a valid form of payment on Patreon. They really want a real credit card.

  14. Their password is "from the womb to the tomb".. does this mean they're anti women's rights?

  15. RedBubble prints on metal, but I'm not sure how large their largest size is.

  16. Click the slider to turn on scheduling, and the date and time options will appear.

  17. Yeah, I had a "what is this fuckery" moment the first time I saw it, too.

  18. As long as your payment information is correct, do nothing. Patreon will rerun the charge on its own.

  19. Are you using a VPN? If so, turn it off. Patreon doesn't play nicely with VPNs.

  20. That's weird. I've had a VPN for almost a year now and nothing like this happened before. But I tried turning it off and it did fix the problem. Why has it only been doing this for the last week or so?

  21. no, not gonna waste my time searching about this shit, but I will ask.

  22. Wait until Monday afternoon. The weekend always throws a wrench in payment processing, because some banks leave payments pending until Monday morning. I have a patron in the EU whose bank does this, and I've noticed it's pending all weekend, but when I wake up on Monday, her payment is processed.

  23. The creator has the option to refund you. Explain that you meant to leave before the end of the month (politely), and ask if a refund is possible. It's up to them to decide whether a refund is appropriate.

  24. Before you paid, there was a screen that said "you will be charged X today, and X on the first of the month".

  25. I have an external hard drive. My work files back up to it automatically once a week, while I'm sleeping.

  26. Are you a witch? Do you want to smash the patriarchy?

  27. "Allow multiple choice" has to be turned on by the creator in order for you to vote more than once.

  28. I live in Texas, where most of my neighbors don't think Greg Abbott is a little piss baby, but really, I think they know that Greg Abbot is a little piss baby at heart.

  29. First, turn on charge up front, so patrons are charged the moment they pledge. That will end the whole "are they even charged" dilemma.

  30. My brother. Artists should be least worried about AI.

  31. Agree with this 100%. AI is just another tool to integrate into our workflow. Or not. Every artist picks and chooses.

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