1. OP, one good thing about her character is that she and her friend deliver some of the funniest lines of the series. So you can dislike her but hopefully you'll still enjoy that :)

  2. Definitely enjoyed her scenes haha. The family dinners were so cringe and I love it

  3. I work for a fairly conservative company. Facial piercings wouldn’t be allowed (the “dress code” specifies it). Visible tattoos the same. I know most of the senior managers in companies I’ve worked in wouldn’t use a law firm if they met staff of that firm who had facial piercings, and most law firms probably understand that.

  4. My piercings are a few months old, so I’d rather keep them. I’m going to wear them and if they don’t hire me then it means it wasn’t for me. I’m someone that likes to express themselves through clothing, so I hate to put myself in a toxic environment.

  5. Thanks. If I make it to the final round, then I’m keeping it in. Don’t care to work at a place where I can express myself

  6. I outline a product/service/information and the audience we’re trying to reach. For example, Hispanic teen boys with information about abstaining from marijuana.

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