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  1. if you’re near the hyvee on 95th in overland park i just saw some yesterday!

  2. oh, i know. i’ll be extra careful 🫡

  3. disability isn’t a bad word and autism IS a disability.

  4. The sonic on 75th, right off i35 is the worst place to get food in the city. It will take 45 minutes, it will be cold and it will be wrong.

  5. went there last week and ordered a coke and nothing else. they brought me out a chili cheese dog.

  6. only had 5 kids and i even splurged and got the halloween pokemon booster packs to pass out :(

  7. i went not too long ago and a table near us only ordered dessert and drinks. the waiter didn’t say anything and actually seemed relieved that that’s all they got because they were so busy. i had a great experience (and my food was great too) and i’m sad you didn’t get to have the same type of experience :( i’m not normally a “can i speak to the manager” person but that definitely would have been a situation where i would have.

  8. i got the filet mignon and loved it! it’s expensive but i didn’t know if i’d ever be able to grab another reservation so i splurged.

  9. man i 100% agree with you about the racist ass chiefs stuff but unfortunately reddit is an echo chamber where if you speak up about actual racist things white people will downvote you and call you racist. football CLEARLY matters more than an entire group of people who have been calling this out for years /s

  10. it actually happened last time we went. i was trying to walk through the crowd after getting some food and a girl ran into me and dropped her drink. her entire family started yelling at me even though it wasn’t my fault. i even offered to buy her a new drink but that made them yell at me even more.

  11. Just so you know they’ve posted a post on their facebook page about you and…It isn’t very nice. I hope you get your puppies back :( Unfortunately a lot of animal rescues end up being just as shady as some breeders.

  12. to be fair this makes a lot of sense for gardner

  13. i second slaps. that baked potato casserole is god tier.

  14. i actually got something from the same place a few weeks ago. they got mad when i called them scammers.

  15. Maybe this is a localized issue but I have no idea how anyone has a legitmate "vaccine fatigue". As in, getting the vaccine is so daunting and challenging that people are exhausted from all the effort they have to put in.

  16. my booster shot knocked me out for almost a week and my arm was swollen for about two :/ i know i need the boosters and i’ll get them but it IS exhausting when i know i’m going to be incredibly sick afterwards. plus i’ve ended up getting covid four times now so it feels like it’s been a waste. last time i got it it was about two weeks after my booster, too.

  17. i worked at a small company that was all women who took advantage of women that were already being preyed upon by mlms (i didn’t know this when applying) and i lasted two weeks before the owner fired me for “breach of contract” despite me not doing anything. turns out she was just racist because she accidentally sent me an email calling me racial slurs.

  18. unfortunately no because it’s such a small business it’s not worth the money. i can’t afford a lawyer so it wouldn’t really do me any good.

  19. no normal ass person needs an assault gun.

  20. only had to wait a few minutes but i voted and hopefully everyone else voted no too.

  21. tao tao off minnesota is, hands down, the best chinese food around.

  22. I live right near this and haven’t gone but I drive by it daily. Any suggestions on what to try?

  23. their pizza and mozzarella sticks are incredible.

  24. chubby’s was always my go to place after concerts. the food wasn’t the best but you never knew what you’d see going on.

  25. i’ve lived here my entire life so far and i cant wait to get out either. this city sucks ass and it’s getting worse. i hope you can get out soon.

  26. I’ve been there. When I first got my puppy I thought I had ruined my life. I was so anxious and depressed I wasn’t eating, sleeping, I couldn’t focus on anything. It took about two and a half weeks until one day she somehow got off her collar while I was taking her out and I had to chase her and get her from running off. I think that’s when it hit me that I really did love her and didn’t want to give her back.

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