1. You look Eurasian, I’m surprised at the almost lack of SSA

  2. Interesting, I’ve never gotten Eurasian/Eastern Asian before. They’re gorgeous, so definitely a compliment, thank you (:

  3. You're pretty asf! And you kinda remind me of Jim Lee's youngest daughter

  4. I’m bi, and I feel like she used to be sexy in her king Kylie era, now there’s nothing sexy about her huge diaper butt and pillow face

  5. Hm.. I have a long oblong face so i’m concerned a middle part would make it look even longer tbh.

  6. I only trust my eyes and I believe there's yet to be a camera as precise as the human eyes, but I noticed that I used to be way more photogenic when I was younger, and something about having people that I'm not close to take pictures of me make me feel awkward and it ends up reflecting on the photo, and plus I have a babyface, so now I always practise my poses and faces before going to any outing where photos are potentially being taken, even I though I know I'm gonna end up looking hella awkward 99% of the times

  7. I don't believe he likes women, I believe he likes pu$$y and unfortunately women are attached to it, as bizarre as it sounds

  8. She doesn’t even try to make it look like she really got caught

  9. Cute photoshoot, now I wanna see the real paparazzi pictures

  10. Surprised pikachu face, I mean, it would not shock me at all..

  11. She’s giving Tim Burton character and I’m here for it

  12. I'm sorry but I just hate seeing this man happy, the last story put a bad taste in my mouth

  13. With these amount of ingredients she must feel like playing papa's pizzeria

  14. What’s with these sisters and having heads so out proportions with their bodies? Like Kylie with her tiny head and huge bbl body and now Khloe with her tiny body (also most probably photoshopped) and huge head 😩

  15. Kanye’s got great genes I see and the rosé suit is 🤌🏼

  16. The first photo, I’m guessing 2017(ish?) was chefs kiss, just perfect, she was stunning at this point in time.

  17. It’s actually from July 2015, and I agree she was gorgeous and I also miss this type of makeup on her

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