Report card from my great-grandfather in 1926

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  1. -"On one day, after spending the night with Hu at his house, Cheng began to worry that his wife might return home soon and thus urged his mistress to leave. To his dismay, she was still sleepy and overall unconcerned about the problem, preferring to do her make-up instead... At some point, Cheng noticed a pipe wrench placed behind the door, and while Hu was not looking, he picked it up and hit her on the head, killing her instantly."

  2. Haha! I clicked the video to hear the "hyups" but it has no sound. Spot on!

  3. I saved this gif and sent to my mom saying “Hector Salamanca reborn as a bird”. And sent Hector angrily tapping his bell.

  4. A man was out on his boat. He had a pack of cigarettes but nothing to light them with. He tossed one cig into the water so the boat became a cigarette lighter.

  5. Not even close to the horrors the Ukraine CIVILIAN, non military, didn't sign up for this shit population has had to witness and endure.

  6. i just realized i dont whisper as much as did as a child.

  7. Little man at 0:33 looks like the viral Asian guy who does ridiculous trick videos (often involving his nipples) then makes that super serious evil villain face at the end.

  8. But what if I want the hot lifeguard to kiss me?

  9. Like shooting fish in a barrel pond.

  10. Halo 3's launch was the biggest one in my time. I mean I was around when San Andreas came out, but Halo 3 was the first time I was old enough to understand and follow the hype leading up to it. G4 had a whole launch party coverage thing going on for it. I imagine the lines outside of other stores were just as crazy. I remember watching every second of each new piece of promo material. It was intense.

  11. I didn't know this is where 5 pence come from

  12. What are you talking about? 5g should just be completely frozen. Literally every time my phone has switched to 5g (full bars of service too) everything completely shits out internet-wise. Youtube won't load, reddit barely loads, videos and gifs won't play. I'm lucky if a picture opens. 5g is horseshit but my phone doesn't seem to have an option to turn it off.

  13. James Franco attempting to play a spanish character...this may be the real life version of Vinnie Chase in Medellin.

  14. Phil Collins is slightly out of frame just waiting for his que.

  15. Oooh the power to-be-strong! And the wisdom to be wiiise! All these things will come-to-you in tiiiiime!

  16. Lol Ridiculousness was a knockoff of Tosh.0...which was a knockoff of America's Funniest Home Videos.

  17. You forgot the soup with Joel Mckale. I think I spelled that wrong.

  18. I did have that in my comment at first actually lol. But then I looked back at one of the episodes and I thought it was different enough from AFV that I couldn't honestly say it was a knockoff. Tosh.0 was kinda just a knockoff of both of those shows.

  19. She’s only ever done it one time but I’ll never forget it.

  20. Well you clearly have a dog bed, so I'm not surprised the cat doesn't like to sleep in it.

  21. Hands vermillion...start of five. Bright cotillion...ravens die. Nightshades promise...spirits drive. To the living, let now the dead....come alive!

  22. The only way they can actually keep track of you is by using the cookie. When you incognito, yes they can track the incognito browser but the tracking will only last that session. When the incognito browser is closed if a new one is started because the cookie isn't stored on your end the server has no way to identify you from before.

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