NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg making it very clear what's at stake

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  1. I was stripped naked and spanked with a belt or switch starting at age 3.

  2. Same here. My dad would make me go get his belt and then he’d pull my pants down and just whip the shit out of me. Born in ‘89, I guess that’s just how things were.

  3. I was born in 2000, so idk how much things have changed

  4. This is really immature and sounds like a bullet has been dodged here

  5. The sea giveth and the sea taketh away. And this time it taketh.... Ukraine

  6. These players give up so quickly. There is no chance of scoring now that we’ve conceded.

  7. I have a face shape really similar to yours (widest at the temples) and I have short hair. I find it really flattering! I would say go for

  8. I love this! So pretty, and such a good idea

  9. The fact that he says “used” instead of like hired or something slightly less degrading…. Ew

  10. I feel like I see at least one version of this post every single day on Reddit.

  11. Is this question just getting slightly reworded and reposted hourly?

  12. sigh I feel like I see some variation of this post at least once daily

  13. It;'s weird because people say "women don;t owe you sex" then also say "we all deserve love"

  14. You think having sex with someone is equivalent to loving them????? That’s an interesting take

  15. You think having sex with someone is equivalent to loving them????? That’s an interesting take

  16. You look sooo ethereal and beautiful 💕

  17. Every neckbeard on Reddit seems to have appeared in this comment section.

  18. Ah yes. Because men are lions and women are gazelles. The predatory animal comparisons seem to be a favorite of yours.

  19. This is sooo flattering! You look so good, definitely will be a good purchase 💕

  20. Tonnes of really beautiful femme women are very small-chested. I don’t think it bars you from seeming femme, it just makes it easier to seem androgynous if you want to 💕 sorry if this post made you feel bad

  21. The most compliments Ive ever gotten in my life was when I cut all my hair into an androgynous style. I have basically 0 boobs, wear little make up and while small had a lot of muscular appearance at the time. I identify as female but I could have appeared either way especially one outfit to the next. Literal strangers would come up to me to complimen not just my haircut, but general « look/style » comments, and honestly the two fed each other: confidence begets attractiveness and cycles around, I think. I think having a more « general » but confident look appealed to more people, andthen boosted me feeling good, yes

  22. This is a great point! I’ve felt the same way since cutting my hair

  23. I'm not sure if it's the correct scientific term but I couldn't find a better word.

  24. It is the correct term btw! And yeah it describes it perfectly

  25. I think it’s because it’s generally understood that a) men have more privilege in this arena so punching “up” is more acceptable and b) most of the time when women say something about men there’s nuance behind the meaning, just like ppl who support “defund the police” mostly don’t mean “abolish the police” but rather more nuanced meanings.

  26. Is no one going to mention the heavy-handed use of the skin-smoothing filter?

  27. They grow back. I think it would flatter your face! Try it and see if you like it

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