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  1. "Right to work" only refers to the prohibition on a closed shop, it has nothing to do with laws that prevent public sector workers from striking.

  2. What kind of loophole are you looking for? The ability to strike on your own (i.e., not show up for work until demands are met) or..?

  3. Honestly, as I guess messed up as it sounds, it's not your responsibility. As I said, it sounds messed up, but it's true. I can 100% guarantee there will be multiple other people with latex as a part of their cosplay. Just like in any other situation, it's up to the people with the allergy to be the more careful one. If you really wanna be the more careful one, then you might as well just never use latex in any costume. Since there is a high risk of latex being in the area, then people with the kind of allergy that flares up due to breathing air in that latex has been in should be wearing a mask of some kind at all times, because I can almost guarantee that the cleaning staff will have latex gloves, which would flare up their allergies too, so it's on them.

  4. I have a latex allergy and haven't had a reaction when at conversions. But mine is a touch allergy and only to the liquid form. I haven't heard anything about people getting reactions at conversions due to latex before. I would make sure it's not flaking and that way getting airborne to be on the safe side.

  5. Reminds me of that Stewie scene from family guy. Mom, mom, mommy, mother, Louis

  6. I have an instagram if you want to follow it. Lexlexcosplay

  7. Nice 💙 but You need something for your ginger, remember? 💅

  8. Yeah I forgot. Let’s just pretend it was her left hand pinky 😂

  9. Yes I was thinking silicone mold. Well, I’ve never actually molded anything like this before, but I want the final sculpts to be flexible enough so I can glue them to a foam chest piece which will have subtle curves here and there. That’s why I was originally thinking clay foam, but if you think it may not dry correctly I’ll definitely keep that in mind. I’ve never heard of plastic formula, do you think that would be flexible enough to suit the small curves on a breastplate? Thank you so much for the input. This is my first time doing cosplay so I’m very much a fish out of water.

  10. You can always try and heat the plastic with a heat gun so that you can bend it. I personally haven’t tried it with that plastic formula but I’ve done it with other plastics.

  11. I was definitely going to buy a heat gun before I started. In your experience, what do you think would be the best plastic formula for something that’s roughly 10 inches long and has some flexibility?

  12. You could always try it and see. Worst case, it doesn’t, but you still have the plastic formula for other things. Best case, it does!

  13. best bet would be attending as many Cons here and in Orlando as you can. Orlando has a bigger market than Tampa, but I'm sure there are some great artists here too

  14. I do already, there just aren’t any big ones until march-May. I wanted to start as soon as I could

  15. It looks like you have downturned eyes, similar to me. I would place your wing further down! Also something that helps with the crease from the eyelid is actually creating a Smokey wing where you blend it up past the crease

  16. Oh hey I saw you at that con great cosplay

  17. You should @ Brian Pullido and Coffin Comics on social media!! They’re hella cool and constantly engage the fandom. Who knows, you might score a cosplay cover with them!

  18. I really appreciate that! I would eventually like to use medical references for my makeup so they’re more realistic… Just takes a bit of getting used to first lol

  19. Emerald city! We haven’t gone out of town for a con yet I’m super stoked

  20. That’s so fun!! Wow they have a lot of good guests. Say hi to Matthew lillard for me 😂😂✌🏼

  21. Holy shit how did I not see you?!?! This is amazing

  22. Aw man :(( I’ll be wearing Vanitas at Katsu if you’re going!!

  23. It took me a sec to figure out which one was you!! Great job. I bet she'd be proud.

  24. Is it just me or when Elvira signed off saying "unpleasant dreams" one of the hottest phrases?

  25. sooooo with Avatar 2 coming out I had to hit you up again, and your Na'vi Cosplay is archived. lol

  26. I’m so freaking hyped! Gonna update my cosplay and wear it to another con soon

  27. This is beyond great. This is absolutely fantastic!

  28. You rocked them both! Only art i can make with my hands is thru writing, so I admire people with craftsmanship powers.

  29. Hey, that’s an art form as well! You make things come alive with words. I know that sounds cheesy, but it’s true!

  30. Sorry if that last comment was awkward! It was meant as a joke about the character and my admiration for tall women, and had no other implications!

  31. People who cosplay are so cool. Help us all lighten up and have fun. Hope to get to one myself some day.

  32. Haha hopefully this coming year. Seems like the perfect antidote to grueling hours.

  33. You got that right…. The cosplay community is full of awesome people! Everyone has been so kind and supportive. I highly recommend :)

  34. You can gain weight without people noticing as much lol

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