My girlfriend humiliated me in front of my parents

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  1. I’d want to fight you if I was driving behind this shit… you’re putting other people in danger

  2. Maybe it’s time to be a big boy and stop worrying what mom and dad think? How old are you?

  3. My personal (long shot) conspiracy is that bin laden was the first deep fake

  4. Some little 5 year old deliberately kicked my dog and his parents were “gentle parenting.”

  5. People act like it’s crazy, but she could easy get that amount though life insurance

  6. I'm glad all of this is resurfacing and more light is shown on this situation, but is there something driving these posts coming up out of no where? I feel like within the past couple days these sexual scandal type conspiracies have really taken off again. Is something going on that I'm missing in the mainstream?

  7. Someone is bankrolling the marketing campaign promoting the normalization of pedophilia

  8. Always felt like the "ape" image was one we got painted with to make us look dumb. Never expected the community to take it and go balls to the wall with it. Honestly though the pro sticky floor twitter bots are unbearably cringe with it, I imagine as part of that engineered image they want to paint the "meme stock" investors as

  9. That they have the ability to censor things off the internet and chose not to….

  10. Who the fuck is bank rolling the push to normalize pedophilia?

  11. It’s the inconsistencies, parents, staged photos taken on different days, the list goes on. Several popular posts rn with the Alex Jones news going on covering these in detail

  12. I did, he was making shit up so I let everyone know. If his statement was different it could have been true but that doesn’t make his wrong statement right.

  13. He’s not 100% correct but you’re being petty and arguing language. His premise stands, even if it wasn’t communicated correctly. It was pretty obvious he was talking about EUA’s and not the definition of pandemic…

  14. Pyramids generating energy is so interesting to me I can see it being legit 🤔 also alot of what your speaking on could be tied to ley lines I could go down this rabbit hole for days

  15. I’d say WEF is the “top” of the list that will be allowed to be known to the public

  16. Vaccinated people cannot get vaccine derived polio

  17. To point 2, would you say the same thing occurred with the Covid vaccines?

  18. a polish man received a oral vaccine (not used in the usa, typically used due to it being cheaper and easier to store, so if the normal vaccine isn't available, the oral one can be), which is made from a live virus and is briefly capable of shedding after receiving the dose. the polish man spread it to an unvaccinated man who then spread it to other unvaccinated people, particularly religious anti-vaxers. this is all one simple google search away.

  19. So it’s the unvaccinated guys fault, for catching a polio virus that only exists bc it’s man made by their vaccine?

  20. This is why we need a smaller government with self regulation /s

  21. You’re right, the big gov we have now totally has our backs! /s

  22. Say what you will but saggin’ has lasted as a fashion statement. It’s been pissing off middle aged white women since I was in second grade back in the early 90’s. Bell bottoms sure didn’t last this long.

  23. Women still wear bell bottoms in 2022… popular well before sagging

  24. These comments are fucking hell bro so many people on here are miserable as fuck , the video is of three all time greats and influences in their fields feeling elated together . So weird

  25. It’s laughable someone out there considers Travis Scott an “all time great”….

  26. No, it WAS. We’ve long since stopped using live virus inoculation. It’s not the 1950s anymore. Your chance of getting polio, or even the flu, from those vaccines is about the same as you getting mauled by a dead bear. The chances of you getting COVID from the mRNA vaccine is about the same as getting mauled by a bear skin rug.

  27. The July 2022 NY polio case was confirmed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, showed the patient was infected with polio Sabin type 2 virus, indicating he or she was infected by someone who received the oral polio vaccine, which is no longer used in the United States.

  28. Ok, point made. However, in the US this shouldn’t be the case. Only idiots would get polio because the sane people were VACCINATED!

  29. I’d like to understand how you got to the logic it is the unvaccinated guys vault…

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